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Independent Hub Info MPB Today

Independent Hub Info MPB Today

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Published by ireland4u
Outline for initial qualifications for the MPB Today independent hubs.

More info Richard Ireland ireland4u@yahoo.com
Outline for initial qualifications for the MPB Today independent hubs.

More info Richard Ireland ireland4u@yahoo.com

More info:

Published by: ireland4u on Aug 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Please note the date 8/17/11. Information subject to changeLadies and Gentlemen,One of the BIGGEST announcements at the MPB Today National Conference in Atlanta was theINDEPENDENT HUB concept, dramatically accelerating the opportunity for IMMEDIATEdevelopment and opening of independently-owned and operated Hub Operations Centers ALLOVER THE COUNTRY
simultaneously!!!!As great as the news was for those Affiliates, customers, and outside interested parties who havebeen patiently waiting for distribution to get closer to home, EVERYONE needed some basicground rules, information, and guidelines so they would know HOW TO GET STARTED to
establish an Independent Hub in their market…..NO MATTER WHERE IT IS!
 In order to help you open that door, here are some fundamental basics that should help you takethose first steps:1.
The AGREEMENT that is being finalized with MPB Today/Southeastern Delivery’s
attorneys will be between our Company and the owner(s)/lessee(s) of the physical locationthatwill be utilized as the Independent Hub in your market. The purpose of this agreement will be:a.
To establish minimum standards of operation to insure consistent quality,handling and service that is provided to all our customers;b.
To confirm and insure the protection of the vested interests of our MPB TodayAffiliates, their uplines/downlines who are involved in the defined market, and theirunfettered ability to build their customer base and earn the appropriate commissionsfor doing so; andc.
To establish in writing how we will operate together, Headquarters andIndependent Hub. This will include specific details with regard to daily and periodicreporting and accounting for the business activities, and the sharing of revenuebetween Headquarters and the Independent Hub.2.
The Independent Hub will be a business SEPARATE AND APART from SoutheasternDelivery in every way except whatever is specifically described in the AGREEMENT. The
Independent Hub’s owner(s)/lessee(s) will be responsible for the purch
ase or lease, ownership,and maintenance of the facility to be used; the obtaining of all licenses and permits necessary to
operate in the market; the hiring and managing of all employees; the purchase or lease and theoperation of all delivery vehicles; the necessary business insurance and certifications necessary
in order to operate legally and responsibly in the market (workman’s compensation, liability,
vehicle, etc.)3.
The LOCATION of the Independent Hub is CRUCIAL to its success, even given that theremay eventually be several SATELLITE locations in outlying areas. The location should meet afew basic, common-sense criteria as it relates to the handling and pick-up of orders in themarket:a.
The location should be NEAR, but not necessarily right ON, a main artery orthoroughfare
somewhere that is CONVENIENT and also SAFE to pull off the roadand into some sort of parking area for quick and efficient pick-up. Our goal is to getan affiliate/customer in and loaded and GONE as soon and as safely as possible. The
 possibilities for both location site and type of building are open…it could be an
EMPTY building that can be cleaned up and utilized; it could be an EXISTINGbusiness interested in partnering with us, through the AGREEMENT, to make spaceavailable and to provide room for handling, processing, and pick-up and delivery of grocery orders.b.
The SIZE of the space will depend on the actual location and size of the market,and will depend EVEN MORE on the volume and activity level in the market. Wemight have more business activity in a SMALLER town or city than a larger one
 because of the number of ACTIVE AFFILIATES in the area…….so the SIZE of the
location will be driven more by ACTUAL VOLUME than by POTENTIAL. In somecases, 1,500
to 2,000 square feet will suffice, at least to begin……especially if there
are practical options to expand at the same location. In larger markets, it may require3,000 to 5,000 square feet to insure that there is enough room to process more ordersand handle more pick-up and delivery traffic. If you have a question, please send mean e-mail and we will look at the Affiliate/customer activity in the market to helpguide your decision.c.
There ARE some locations that may be available that already have some freezerand/or cooler space in place, which could be considered for an IndependentHub. However, we can also operate successfully in strictly dry, unrefrigerated spacewith the purchase and installation of regular residential refrigerator-freezer units, aswe have done in Orlando. The number of units will be determined by the volume of refrigerated/frozen business done, and can be increased TO A POINT by simplypurchasing and installing more refrigerators as needed.4.
Based on our initial experiences, we suggest that, if you will be LEASING space, youconsider a short-term lease. This will allow you to TEST the location and decide how well itworks to support the business at the outset. Sometimes, you may discover that the location isCLOSE
to ideal, but “NOT RIGHT HERE”; a short
-term lease will allow you to MOVE to amore ideal location sooner, even if the new location is very close.
In order to OPEN the Independent Hub, it only requires a few basic furniture, fixture andequipment items and supplies. You will need:a.
Several wide, strong, sturdy WORK TABLESb.
A few utility chairsc.
Refrigeration units (as described above)d.
A supply of boxes and bags so you can pack the orders to be picked up ordeliverede.
Large plastic totes that can be used by the Shoppers to transport purchased ordersfrom the local stores to the Independent Hub for handling.As we get closer to the opening for the Independent Hub, we can suggest a list of othersmall items and supplies you might want to use as a checklist to be sure you are ready toopen and operate.Since we ARE in the business of handling and distributing packaged food products, it is highlylikely that ALL states in the country require your location to pass a basic INSPECTION and toobtain and renew a license that permits you to handle these products for resale.The Independent Hub owner(s)/lessee(s) will also be responsible for obtaining and renewingALL inspections, licenses, and certificates of operation that may be required in your State orlocal government. Securing all these inspections and licenses IN ADVANCE will preventneedless delays in the opening of the Independent Hub.There are TECHNOLOGY HOOK-UPS. We at Southeastern Delivery will arrange to ship ordeliver and install a terminal which will allow us to communicate with each other; this must bein place prior to opening because it is through this secure terminal that ALL orders are sent fromHeadquarters to the Independent Hub for handling. A detailed training video will providecareful instructions on how to communicate through the terminal, how to process orders that aresent, and also how to use the hand-held scanners to scan and verify products for each customerorder, preparing them for timely pick-up or delivery.The cost for the Terminal and hook-up will be the responsibility of Southeastern Delivery. Thecost for the hand-held scanners used in the Independent Hub will be the responsibility of the

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