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Vocabulary of the Holy Quran

Vocabulary of the Holy Quran

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Published by: MubahilaTV Books & Videos Online on Aug 17, 2011
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ٌذْﻮَ ﻋ
to take refuge, to take protection2
ُذْﻮُ ﻋَأ
I take refuge, I take protection3
of, with, by, in4
ْﻦِ ﻣ
from, of, some of, since, then5
ٌﻢْ ﻴِ ﺟَر
stoned, cursed, damned6
ٌﻢْ ﺳِا
name, noun7
ُﻦَ ﻤْ ﺣﱠﺮﻟَا
Beneficent, Compassionate8
ٌﻢْ ﻴِ ﺣﱠﺮﻟَا
merciful, Compassionate9
ُﺪْ ﻤَ ﺤْْ ﻟَا
the praise, thanks, commend, admire10
for, because of, due to, for the sake of 11
َﻦْ ﻴِ ﻤَ ﻟﺎَ ﻌْ ﻟا
Sustainer of the worlds, Lord of the worlds/creatures12
ِﻚِ ﻟﺎَ ﻣ
owner, king, master 13
َمْﻮَ ﻳ
ﻦْ ﻳﱢﺪﻟَا
 judgment, religion, faith, creed15
َكﺎﱠ ﻳِإ
Thee alone16
ُﺪُ ﺒْ ﻌَ ﻧ
we worship17
ُﻦْ ﻴِ ﻌَ ﺘْ ﺴَ ﻧ
we ask for help, assistance, support19
َنﺎَ ﻌَ ﺘْ ﺳِا
to ask for help, succor, support20
ِﺪْ هِا
guide, direct, lead on right course or way, show the way, make aware21
ﺎَ ﻧ
us, our, ours22
َ طاﺮِ ﺻ
path, way course23
ٌﻢْ ﻴِ ﻘَ ﺘْ ﺴُ ﻣ
straight, upright, erect, correct, righteous honest24
َﻦْ ﻳِﺬﱠ ﻟَا
those, who25
َﺖْ ﻤَ ﻌْ ﻧَأ
you have favored, you bestowed grace26
ْﻢِ ﻬْ ﻴَ ﻠَ ﻋ
unto them, upon them27
ﺮْ ﻴَ ﻏ
other than28
ٌبْﻮُ ﻀْ ﻐَ ﻣ
those who earned wrath29
ﺎَ ﻟ
not, no, do not, don't30
َﻦْ ﻴﱢ ﻟﺂﱠ ﻀﻟَا
who go astray, who lose the way32
َﻚِ ﻟاذ
this, that33
َﺐْ ﻳَرﺎَ ﻟ
no doubt, no suspicion34
ِ ﻪْ ﻴِ ﻓ
in this, in, at, on, within35
َﻦْ ﻴِ ﻘﱠ ﺘُ ﻣ
those who ward off evil, pious, God-fearing36
َنْﻮُ ﻨِ ﻣْﺆُ ﻳ
they believe37
ُﺐْ ﻴَ ﻏ
unseen, secret, invisible38
and, and also
Vocabulary of the Holy Quran
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WordMeaningVocabulary of the Holy Quran
َنْﻮُ ﻤْ ﻴﻘُ ﻳ
they establish, they are steadfast40
ُةﺎَ ﻠﱠّ ﺼﻟا
prayer 41
ﺎﱠ ﻤِ ﻣ
of that, from that42
ﺎَ ﻨْ ﻗَزَر
we have provided, bestowed, blessed, endowed with livelihood43
ﺎَ ﻧ
we, us, our 44
ْﻢُ ه
them, they, their 45
َنْﻮُ ﻘِ ﻔْ ﻨُ ﻳ
they spend / distribute46
ﺎَ ﻤِ ﺑ
which, with47
َلِﺰْ ﻧُأ
revealed, sent down48
َﻚْ ﻴَ ﻟِإ
unto thee49
ﺎَ ﻣ
which, whatever 50
َﻚِ ﻠْ ﺒَ ﻗ
before thee51
ٌةَﺮِ ﺧاء
life after death, hereafter, life to come52
َنْﻮُ ﻨِ ﻗْﻮُ ﻳ
they are certain of, sure, affirm53
َﻚِ ﺋﻵْوُا
those / (these) people54
ﻰﻠَ ﻋ
on, upon, above55
ىًﺪُ ه
َنْﻮُ ﺤِ ﻠْ ﻔُ ﻣ
certainly, undoubtedly, doubtless58
اْوُﺮَ ﻔَ آ
they disbelieved, they rejected59
ٌءﺁَﻮَ ﺳ
equal, all the same60
whether (sign of interrogation)61
َتْرَﺬْ ﻧَأ
you warned / frightened62
or 63
ْﻢَ ﻟ
َنْﻮُ ﻨِ ﻣْﺆُ ﻳ
ﺎَ ﻟ
they do / will not believe65
َﻢَ ﺘَ ﺧ
sealed, closed, concluded66
ٌبْﻮُ ﻠُ ﻗ
ْﻢِ ﻬِ ﻌْ ﻤَ ﺳ
their ears / hearing68
ٌرﺎَ ﺼْ ﺑَأ
eye-sight, eyes69
ٌةَوﺎَ ﺸِ ﻏ
covering, dimness70
ْﻢُ ﻬَ ﻟَو
and for them71
ٌباَﺬَ ﻋ
punishment, torment72
ٌﻢْ ﻴِ ﻈَ ﻋ
ُسﺎﱠ ﻨﻟَا
the men / mankind / people74
ْﻦَ ﻣ
ُلْﻮُ ﻘَ ﻳ
he says / speaks / tells
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WordMeaningVocabulary of the Holy Quran
ﺎﱠ ﻨَ ﻣاَء
we believe, we have faith77
ْﻢُ ﻬَ ﻟﺎَ ﻣ
they are not78
َنْﻮُ ﻋِدﺎَ ﺨُ ﻳ
they beguile, they deceive79
ﺎﱠ ﻟِإ
but, except80
ْﻢُ ﻬَ ﺴُ ﻔْ ﻧَأ
their person / soul81
َنْوُﺮُ ﻌْ ﺸَ ﻳﺎﻣ
they don't perceive / realize82
ٌضَﺮَ ﻣ
disease, illness, sickness83
therefore, then84
ٌﻢْ ﻴِ ﻟََأ
ﺎَ ﻤِ ﺑ
اْﻮُ ﻧﺎَ آ
they were88
َنْﻮُ ﺑِﺬْ ﻜﻳ
they tell a lie89
when, whenever 90
َﻞْ ﻴِ ﻗ
is said / told91
ْﻢُ ﻬَ ﻟ
unto them92
اْوُﺪِ ﺴْ ﻔُ ﺗﺎَ ﻟ
make not mischief, act not wickedly / corruptly93
ِضْرَﺄْ ﻟا
ﻲِ ﻓ
on the earth94
اْﻮُ ﻟﺎَ ﻗ
they said95
ﺎَ ﻤﱠ ﻧإ
only, infact, verily96
ُﻦْ ﺤَ ﻧ
َنْﻮُ ﺤِ ﻠْ ﺼُ ﻣ
those who put things right, reformers98
ﺎَ ﻟَأ
be aware, be careful, better understand99
َنْوُﺪِ ﺴْ ﻔُ ﻣ
mischievous, persons, disturbance creators100
ْﻦِ آﻻ
اْﻮُ ﻨِ ﻣاَء
believe, become faithful102
ﺎَ ﻤَ آ
like, as, alike103
what (sign of interrogation)104
ُءﺂﻬَ ﻔُ ﺳ
foolish/insolent/stupid persons105
اْﻮُ ﻘَ ﻟ
they met106
ﺎﱠ ﻨَ ﻣاَء
we believed / became faithful107
اْﻮَ ﻠَ ﺧ
they went in loneliness, secluded in privacy, they are alone108
ﻦْ ﻴِ ﻃﺎَ ﻴَ ﺷ
devils, devil type behavior 109
َنْوُءِﺰْ ﻬَ ﺘْ ﺴُ ﻣ
those who scoff, sneer or laugh110
ﺪُ ﻤَ ﻳ
grants leave, gives respite111
ْنﺎَ ﻴْ ﻐُ ﻃ
contumacy, wickedness112
َنْﻮُ ﻬَ ﻤْ ﻌَ ﻳ
they wander blindly in confusion
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