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Bo Sanchez - Rewards of Tithing

Bo Sanchez - Rewards of Tithing

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Published by Dratini Henry

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Published by: Dratini Henry on Aug 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I have a confession to make.When I was a kid, I didn’t like taking a bath.It was my unique solution to the water shortage of theworld. I felt that taking a bath was totally unnecessary—a vanitythat modern people invented.When I studied history, my hunch was confirmed.For example, the monks of the middle ages felt it was vainto take a bath. St. Francis of Assisi believed that to be dirty was asign of a holy person. Even St. Benedict recommended that thosewho are young and strong should seldom take a bath. It was saidthat St. Catherine of Siena avoided washing. And St. Agnes, whodied at the age of 13, had never taken a bath.Queen Isabella of Spain was proud to say that she only tooktwo baths in her whole lifetime.And Queen Elizabeth of England was seen as a very vainwoman during her time. Why? Because she bathed once a month.I argued that I was even more vain. I was willing to take abath once a week.But Mom told me, “Take a bath everyday or else!” So I
to take a bath. “Mom is so cruel,” I told myself. “Here I am, enjoying myfavorite cartoon, and just when the 5 spaceships are about to “volt-in” and morph into a giant robot and slice the enemy withhis saber sword—she calls me to take a bath!” In the Sanchez household, it was a law that I take a bath—or else. The consequences of violating that Law were deadly: Myfive angry sisters will chase after me with a pail of water, soap,and
. (I have no idea how to translate that word. It’sactually a rock that Filipinos use to remove their, uh,
Gee,this is getting more complex.)
From Law To Love
Thanks be to God, I outgrew that stage of my life.In a blink of an eye, it just happened. All of a sudden, Iloved taking a bath everyday.Why did I change?Because I had a crush on a pretty classmate namedMercedes, who had bewitching dimples and smelled of 
.Taking a bath was no longer a
for me.It was a
.Of course, no matter what I did, Ms. Chocnut never lookedtwice at me. Because I was still ugly during those days. (Indeed,your past does not define your future.)Still, her dimples gave me a lovely reason to shower daily.Let me now bring you to my main message…
Tithing Was An Old Testament Law
I’m a Catholic. (I love our Church—warts, sins, andblemishes. It makes me more convinced of God’s mercy.)In all the years as a Catholic, I’ve yet to hear a clearteaching on Tithing. Here’s why: Because Catholic Theology sayswe’re not bound by the Old Testament Law of Tithing, but by theNew Testament Law of Generosity.I agree. But we’ve failed in generosity too!Catholics are known as having the noisiest offerings in theworld. “Klang, kleng, kling, klong, klung…” Because everyonegives coins.One man said, “Catholics aren’t Tithers, they’re Tippers.” Many Catholics don’t even know what Tithing is.Thus, we’re missing out on the many blessings of Tithing.
A Failure In Teaching
Here’s my personal opinion on this matter: I agree in ourCatholic Theology that Tithing is no longer a Law. But from a “Execution” viewpoint, we’ve failed miserably in teachinggenerosity.I’m a communicator. I’ve been one for 30+ years. Andhere’s a rule in communication:
 Always be specific, never vague.
I’ve learned that whenever I teach people somethingvague, they’ll have a hard time doing it.Yes, we’ve been teaching Catholics to be generous. But whatdoes “generous” mean? The options are endless. And the moreoptions you give, the more confused people are. And the moreconfused people are, the more inaction there’ll be.What does generous mean?Does generosity mean that Catholics pull out (at least) apaper bill? A friend told me that before he joined the
(ourweekly prayer meeting on steroids), he felt very proud he gaveP20 every Sunday, even if he was earning P100,000 a month.Does generosity mean that Catholics give until it hurts? Untilthere’s pain? Well I know of a millionaire who felt pain when hecouldn’t find P20 in his wallet, he was “forced” to give P50.Here’s my point: Even if Tithing isn’t a Law anymore, weneed to teach Tithing as a
. Laws are about fear. Loves areabout desire. Because it will bless their lives abundantly!Instead of giving good but vague instructions like… “Give whatever you can give cheerfully”  “Give as the Holy Spirit inspires you to…”  “Give what your heart dictates…” Why not just teach:
“Give 10% or more of your income.” 

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