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Published by Bobby Pitch Page

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Published by: Bobby Pitch Page on Aug 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lycan Special rules.Lycanthrope
All Lycanthropes are considered to be frenzied, and immune to panic.All Models with this special rule also cause fear.Spells cast by the Lore of Beasts targeting a model with this special rule treats it as though the it wastargeting Beastmen.
Thick Hide
All models with this special rule have a natural 6+ armor which can be combined with other equipmentas normal, including armor. This save is increased to 5+ vs. shooting that does not count as magical.
Ancestral Hatred
All models with this special rule hate all models from the Vampire Counts Army book.
Unnatural Origin
All models with this special rule will attack using two claws, counted as though the model was using twohand weapons. They cannot be provided a shield, nor magical weapons. However their claws count asmagical attacks.
Blood Clan
Members of the blood clan were the original Lycans who made their way out of the clutches of thevampire lords to create their own nation, as result of years of slavery, abuse, and at the hands of theVampires they have a special place in their hearts for the undead lords. However with age also comeswisdom. All members of the Blood Clan get +1 to the leadership in their profile.Models who belong to the blood clan have the special rule Hatred Everyone for the first round of eachcombat. They also hate any model from the Vampire Counts Army book on every round of combat.
Rageclaw Clan
Members of the Rageclaw clan are generally younger Lycans, less experienced but filled with the rageand and fury that made the lycanthropes famous.Models who belong to the Rageclaw Clan can reroll all rolls to wound on the first round of combatThe bonus stats will however always take effect in the first round of any challenge.
Kanthra------ 315
 Special rules
Blood Clan, Lycanthrope, Unnatural Origin, Ancestral Hatred, Thick Hide
The current queen of the Lycans, powerful and wise beyond that of all other Lycans. A powerfulcaster, and warrior in her own right.
Loremaster Beasts.
Kanthra is a level 4 caster and knows all the spells from the lore of beasts.
Crown of Blood
The crown gives Kanthra and her unit a 4+ ward save vs magic and magical attacks.
Prince Kelvin--------- 250 points
Special rules
Rageclaw Clan, Lycanthrope, Unnatural Origin, Ancestral Hatred, Thick Hide, Stubborn
Son of the late King Keadian, Prince Kelvin is the heir to the throne of the land. Still young and rash hehas yet to be given the crown, however his support is growing as war with the beastmen is becomingmore and more of a problem.
Prince Kelvin if included must be your armies general, unless Queen Kanthra also enters thebattlefield.Equipment
 Heavy Armor
 Amulet of eternal rage
For every wounds suffered by Kelvin he gains 1 attack to his profile. These attacks will notremain should he be healed in anyway. Regardless of who strikes first or even if he would die incombat (unless it's a killing blow) he will still strike back.
Beastial Crown
Taken from the general of a beastman raiding party, the crown itself does not actually containany magic, however the means in which the prince recieved the crown is of most importance.After savagely killing off the raiding party Prince Kelvin took the general in front of all of hispeople, and savagely tortured him. This raid marked the declaration of war by the Lycan Peopleon the beastmen.Any unit the prince joins is considered stubborn.

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