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32118872 Where Are We Now in Prophecy

32118872 Where Are We Now in Prophecy

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Published by osiris2112

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Published by: osiris2112 on Aug 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Page1: Originat extby Herbert W. Armstrong'!892'1986)@1982Woddwide Church of GodPage 3: Original ext byRonald D. Kelly@1983WorldwideChurch of GodPage 7: Original extbyHerbert W. Armetrong1892.1986)@1957 WorldwideGhurchof GodPage 18: Originalext by HermanL.Hoeh@1985 Worldwidc Church of GodPage'19:Original Ext byLeroy Neff@1982 WorldwideChurch of GodCover:Aseemblageby MatthewFaulkner.Photo by Hal FinchAil Rights ReservedPrintednU.S.A.
properlyhandle, because hisworldofourshasprogressedtoorapidlyin thewrongdi-rection!"Oh,Iwouldn'tsay that!"manywillexclaim.No,people
don'twantto believeit! Theyseemtopreferto deceive them-selveswithwishfulthinking.Buttherein liesthedanger!Most men are afraid to face thefacts!But these are facts nonethe-less.The developmentf engines fmass destruction has far outpacedthedevelopmentof man'spowertocontrol them.Man has built the awesomeFrankenstein monster that threat-ens to destroyhim. Manhasreached thatstage ofdevelopmentand "progress" where he is utterlyunable to save himself!Theserelentlessorces now set nmotion wouldcontinue until the fearso franklyexpressedby top scien-tists of the blasting of human lifecompletelyout of existencewouldbecomea reality, if it wasnot foronething-the interventionof almightyGod to saveus from ourselves!Shocking? Maybe to some. Butthank God! Hisintervention issure. It's time millions werebe-comingalarmed-yes, fright-ened-aroused by what's happen-ingtoday and a little more thancuriousto learnwhat'sprophesiedfor the not-too-distantfuture.Trouble AheadFor the immediatefuture-thenextfive,l0or 25years-thesoberingrevelationof Bibleprophecyshowshis world willgofrom badtoworse.World confu-sion,hatred,strife, warfareand ter-rible destructionwill increasewithrapid acceleration.t's the naturalcourseto expect.TheUnitedNationswon'tbeable to bringpeace.The aggressornations-andweare sogulliblewenever recognizethemuntil aftertheyplungetheworldintoanotherwar-willgorighton withtheirschemingand diabolicalplanningfor worldrule.
The dreaded nuclear war wehave all feared for so long willcome-not because Godwillsit,but becausemenwillchoose o un-leash his destructivepoweron oneanother.Thegreatest prophetwhoeverlived looked down intoour timeand thenow-imminent futureanddeclared:"Andthere shallbe . . . distressof nations,withper-plexity...Men'shearts failingthemfor fear,andfor lookingafterthose thingswhichare comingonthe earth-And then shall they seethe Son ofman comingin a cloudwithpowerandgreat glory.Andwhen these hings begintocometopass...knowyethat the kingdomof Godis nighathand. VerilyI sayuntoyou,Thisgenerationshall notpassaway, till all be fulfilled"(Luke2l:25-32).WorldGovernmentNeededWorldgovernmentis needed,butthrough human leaders it issim-plyimpossible! Whatman livestodaywho hasthequalifications-whocould safelybe entrustedwiththat muchpower!What manwouldnot abuse such vastpower,exalthimself, wieldit for his ownambitious and selfishpurposes?Whatman has the wisdomtoexecute suchpower,to save thisworld from itselfand to adminis-terhisgreatoffice for thegoodofthegoverned?Human civilizationhas"pro-gressed"adversely to thepointwherenow it is utterly helplessosavethe world from itself. Theworld'ssole hope now liesin thesupernatural interventionof God!We'reso hopelessly nvolved andentanglednthe type ofpaganized,competitive-governmentiviliza-tion built upon earththatwe can-notextricate ourselves.Let'sfaceit. We're in the deathgripof anevil system, and only God can saveusfromextinction.But God will intervene.Hewillsend Jesus Christonce again toearth, and this time notas alamb-like,gentleteacher,but inallthesupreme, supernaturalpowerandgloryof God."Andheshall sendJesusChrist.whichbeforewaspreacheduntoyou:Whomthe heaven must re-ceive until the times of restitutionof all things"(Acts3:20-21). esushimselfsaid,"IfIgo...Iwillcomeagain"(Johnl4:3). And hiscoming happenso be theworld'sonly hope.WorldGovernmentThroughChristFewseem to have understood thepurposeof either Christ's comingto earth more than 1,900yearsagoorhisprophesiedSecondComing,now imminent.He came the firsttime as a di-vinemessenger,bearing a messagefromGod. That messagewasthegoodnews(gospel)of the kingdomof God-a future worldgovern-ment.That messagewas Christ'sgospel.In other words, it wasthetruegospelof Jesus Christ-theverygospelhe commissionedallNew Testamentministers topreachto alltheworldthroughoutthis age. Yetalmost universallythat truegospelmessages rejectedtoday,and men have,asprophe-

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