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Media Pulling the Strings

Media Pulling the Strings

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Published by GrFrnk

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Published by: GrFrnk on Aug 19, 2011
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The Mainstream Media Reaction tothe Attacks: Who's Pulling theStrings?
by John Sharpe
"When statesmen forsake their own private conscience for sake of their 
 public duties, they lead their country by a short route to chaos." 
- St. Sir Thomas More, in "A Man for All Seasons"
"Until now, we have had no experience of what the U.S. Government has so often inflicted onothers. Now, at least, we have an inkling of what it feels like." 
Joe SobranReaders are thanked for their patience in waiting for a Part II which we can only hope will prove tohave been worth the wait.Since Tuesday things in the American mind have become worse, rather than better. Confusionand blood-thirst reigns supreme, now, in this country, and there is no sign of either those twinplagues going away any time soon.So, we're pleased to present these further thoughts in the hopes, nay with a plea, for sanity andclear-headedness in this time of unprecedented confusion.Some further thoughts on Sanity.
Justice vs. Revenge
There is now an unprecedented thirst for blood in this country. The common people, the punditsall across the political spectrum, the politicians, the press generally - all are calling for "war" and"war now!" The question as to who is to be bombed into the 22nd century or what exactly will beaccomplished by so doing is still, largely, irrelevant.Catholics used to use phrases and terms like "just war," "chivalry," "non-combatants," and the"Peace of God and the Truce of God." Of course, those were in the good old days - days reallygood, and so very, very old at this point that for most they are not even a distant memory. But inman's frantic search for the relics of antiquity (Dead Sea Scrolls, Atlantis, and a host of other questionably relevant "treasures" of the past), perhaps the medieval laws governing combatshould be among the things "resurrected.""So many innocent lives lost!" goes the cry which supposedly justifies not just justice but revenge."Nuke the bastards! Who cares if civilian lives are lost!" goes the response. Well, the point aboutinnocent lives is at best an imprecision. Only God knows if they were innocent in the mostCatholic sense of the term. Of course, the spin-masters do not use words in their Catholic sense.But it should be noted that Serbian civilian casualties are always that civilian casualties.
 While American non-combatants are innocents! and the more innocent they were, the
 more murderous the attacks and thus the more revenge is justified.If the WTC attacks were truly the result of anti-American terrorism (and not the Mossad or theU.S. Govtit's possible!), then the angst-filled aggressor should have attacked a military target in
 an act of open, and honorable, warfare. That the attacks were not honorable nor open makes, tosome extent, the WTC victims innocent innocent of involvement in a military conflict. But
 we normally refer to that type of innocence and the innocence of a non-combatant. In this
 vein one could even argue that the attack on the Pentagon was an attack on a legitimate militarytarget. This is not to undervalue the lives of the men and women who serve in the country'sarmed forces. But it is to say that those who maintain the American military machine, which hasbombed - just to casually name the ones that come to mind immediately - Iraq, Serbia, and theSudan in the last three years, must perhaps be prepared to make "the supreme sacrifice indefense of the Constitution" which they promised to make, even if bombing those and a host of other targets has NOTHING to do with defending the Constitution - and therefore our White
House and State and Defense Dept. officials are guilty of CRIMINAL imprudence and negligencefor placing American lives in harm's way to spread "American values" around the reluctant globeand force them upon unwilling populations.There can be no doubt that most of what SHOULD motivate the anger and sadness of Americancitizens over these attacks is the loss of civilian (vs. innocent) life in what may very well be thefirst skirmish in a far greater and more bloody war.But "let he who has not sinned cast the first stone" - or drop the first bomb. Loss of civilian life asa result of wartime operations is certainly not an area in which the U.S. has distinguished itself -and we cannot act surprised, shocked, and horribly offended at the thought that non-combatantsoften perish in the battles of modern war. We might even be able to claim the distinct honor of having taught the world a lesson on that score, a lesson which evidently Tuesday's attackers tookto heart. Sherman sure taught the South a lesson as he burned a wide swath through Georgia;Dresden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Belgrade, Baghdad, and countless other cities were unfortunateresults of the style of warfare which this savage excuse for an honorable military man hadushered in at the end of America's Civil War. One might even remember the callous reaction tothe death of Khadaffi's daughter as a result of the Lybia bombing - "them's the breaks," we mayremember the Americans saying. Not to mention Madeleine Albright's sensitive reaction (on May12, 1996) to comments by Lesley Stahl of CBS that 500,000 Iraqi children were killed by USsanctions in an attempt to get Saddam: "We think the price is worth it." Well, that's easy to say if it's not our children. And if we've lost all civilized sense of what is and is not allowable in aconflict. Perhaps we as a people now have a better sense of how it might feel to loose relativesand friends...relatives and friends who are being asked to pay the ultimate price in a war whichthey didn't intend to fight, but which their government may well have provoked.The dismay over the attacker's audacity in transcending all moral limits in knocking down twobuildings filled with civilians, dismay so cogently expressed by Tony Blair on 14 Sep - these"hideous and foul" events showed that there were no longer any moral limits on their methods of killing or the number of victims... - is a little hard to cope with in light of the West's consciousabandonment of the medieval "rules of war." The notion that war is a necessary and evenhonorable thing in defense of the rights of a nation (or even the rights of God!) and thereforeMUST be waged honorably, is a notion that we have willingly, purposefully, and knowinglydiscarded. It shouldn't come as a surprise to us that - just like the poor family store which isforced to cut wages, stiff employees, and decrease quality and customer service in order to keepup with the economic imperialism practiced by the local WalMart - other nations or individualsresort to less-than-honorable means of combat when provoked thereto by a nation that has longsince itself dispensed with those honorable means.Which brings to mind something else Americans would do well to contemplate in the wake of theWTC and the Pentagon With the exception of the Civil War, we haven't really ever been exposedto bloodshed on American soil, and certainly not at the hand of a foreign power - at least since1812. We have never been "occupied" or had our country invaded by "peacekeepers." But for others it is a way of life. Macedonians, Serbians, Iraqis have; and that at the hands of the U.S. or its international front, NATO. Which is not to say that Macedonia, Serbia, or Iraq are flawlesscountries with populations that have a spotless track record. We can hear the response now -"they deserve it!" Well, what's good for the goose is good for the gander, and if we're capable of sitting in judgment of just what kind of punishment these various populations may or may notdeserve, it may then be a classic sign of American hubris that we cannot conceive of someoneclaiming the right to sit in judgment of us - whether they truly have that right or not. But ultimatelythe guilt or innocence of the victim populations - ours, or those that are victims of Americanmilitary might - is not the point. The point is that the weeping and wailing that surrounds thisevent, justifiably called horrific and shocking, must ring just a bit hollow for those who live throughwarfare on a daily basis. Belgrade in June of 1999 looked a lot like Manhattan, and yet Americansympathy for the war being waged on Belgrade against those attempting to defend themselvesfrom Marxist and Muslim aggression in the form of the terrorist (though US-backed) KLA wasnon-existent. Not to mention the scenes from Palestine which are eerily similar to WashingtonD.C. But more on that later. If we lived in a sane country, then, we'd be shocked and appalled atthe slaughter of non-combatants, and we'd live by the rules - the violation of which is the sourceof our anger - by ensuring, as best as reasonably possible, that our response avoided the very
crime which provoked our ire. But, as we said in the last issue, this degree of introspection andlogical consistence is not part of the American
oday. The American mind prides itself on being anti-dogmatic, which is to say, that no Truth above the frail and fleeting world in whichhumans live and work exists or can be known with certainty to exist. Truth, for Americans, ismade by circumstances and necessity. It's NOT true that we cannot bomb Serbia into oblivion "toweaken the Serbian spirit," as General Clark explained back in 1999, but it IS true that we willNOT accept the commission of an act of war against ourselves which claims civilian lives. Thisinconsistency - simply put, a "double standard" - is so characteristic of the American mentality asto be almost gut-wrenching should we stop to consider it too seriously and too intently.
The "Amen Corner"
Lest some readers think that we are over doing our assessment of the blood lust which has takenover the American people and leadership, just a few samplings should serve to illustrate our point. We also should note that in a good many of these press samplings, there are thepredictable references to all kinds of things that should give the discriminating reader pause.Some of these include: sentimental reference to WWII and the "Greatest Generation,"comparisons of the "terrorist foe" to Hitler, and the association of these attacks on the WTC andthe Pentagon with "attacks on America and the world's commitment to freedom." Thecomparisons get sillier, broader, and more meaningless as the days roll by. Which is somethingthat should alert all of us that rational thought and clear and concise thinking is NOT the order of the day. Clearly, we are being subjected to a barrage of psycho babble designed to throw us intoa full scale war with someone whom we can't even identify. The consistency of the messagebeing broadcast by "folks" (as our President says) across the political spectrum is either amazing(what a coincidence!) or eminently predictable. Too much consistency by the puppets can meanonly that there is someone pulling the strings.
(quotes follow the colons...THIS IS A LONG, THOROUGH SUMMARY. IF AND WHEN THEREADER HAS HAD ENOUGH, HE IS INVITED TO SKIP PAST THE PRESS SAMPLING ANDCONTINUE READING...)- The President: This enemy attacked not just our people but all freedom-loving peopleeverywhere in the world...We will rally the world...This will be a monumental struggle of good versus evil, but good will prevail. [Is the "good" the ruthless financial mightembodied by the WTC or the callous force of arms employed by the Pentagon for theadvancement of the U.S.'s diplomatic agenda?]...and again at the national "prayer" service: In every generation, the worl d has producedenemies of human freedom...They have attacked America because we are freedom's homeand defender. And the commitment of our fathers is now the calling of our time... Our responsibility to history is already clear...To answer these attacks and rid the world of evil.[Rid the world of evil! Well now, does that require Congressional authorization? What itdoes require is a Constitutional Amendment, because the 1st amendment guarantees thatin this great nation good and evil are whatever you want them to be. And it is of courseperfectly evident that we were attacked because we defend freedom. Of course. Thefreedom of every nation to follow America's lead and do whatever she wants them too. ThePalestinians were, no doubt, very impressed with our attempt to rid the world of evil anddefend freedom by walking our of a U.N.-sponsored conference which threatened tocondemn Zionism and Racism.]- Colin Powell: this was an assault not just on America but on civilization. [If this is true itwas an attack on civilization, it was an attack on Jewish civilization, and an attack on thetwin pillars of money and physical force...two things which the Jews have used against theChristian world for centuries. That is a civilization NOT worth defending. It would be hardto demonstrate otherwise, i.e., that it was an attack on Apple Pie and Motherhood, which iswhat America USED TO stand for.]- German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder: "They were not only attacks on the people in theUnited States, our friends in America, but also against the entire civilized world, againstour own freedom, against our own values, values which we share with the Americanpeople." [One wonders what values the WTC and Pentagon are supposed to represent?]- Hilary on the Senate floor: We also stand united behind our resolve -- as this resolutionso clearly states -- to recover and rebuild in the aftermath of these tragic acts. You know,

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