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Things and People i 'm Grateful for

Things and People i 'm Grateful for

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Published by xtra
Its all about gratefulness, first i'm gratefull and next I'm happy.
Its all about gratefulness, first i'm gratefull and next I'm happy.

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Published by: xtra on Aug 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Things and people I'm grateful for
Gratefulness is the key to abundance.
I'm grateful for the people who constructed the things that make mylife a loth easier. Like the workers who constructed the streets. Andthe houses that give me shelter, they may not remember how they feltwhen they put down the stones that I walk on. They may even belong gone, I hope they rest in peace or live happily ever after.I'm grateful for the sun, the light off the sun clarifies my world andvision, it lightens up my day in many many ways. It dissolves myfears.I'm grateful for the inventor(s) off the wheel, I couldn't imagine mylife without wheels! I think it was invented by someone who wasvery lazy and didn't want to carry to much stuff, I can easily love this person(s) for being lazy.I'm grateful for being born in this time, it's the best time in history sofar. I wouldn't liked to be born any other time, here and now is animmense field off possibility's.I'm thankful for being a man, I know it's political incorrect to behappy to be a man, and to feel better than other people but still I’mgrateful for being a man.I feel grateful for the existence off women. They are and always will be a source off inspiration, surprise, frustration, life and seduction.I'm grateful for my life.I'm grateful for aviation and all the people who made it possible tofly. Thank you very, very much!
I'm grateful for the invention off money, it's a paper potential off things I don't have to by because i can by them.I'm thankful for every child that bothered me and pulled me out off splendid isolation, I hope all the children have a fantastic life.I'm grateful for all my friends.I'm grateful for all my dysfunctional friends, they make me feel notalone in my daily struggle! They make me a richer person foshowing me alternative way's to deal with problems. I wish them awhole lot off peace off mind.I'm grateful for all the adventurers and discoverers. There exampleswill always be a great inspiration for me, I wish them the reward off a fulfilling life.I'm grateful for all the artists who shared stuff with me, without evenknowing me, without getting any recognition. For they were still ableto touch me and make me feel.I'm grateful for all the scientists for explaining the world to me, itgives me the possibility to be understanding and have compassionfor myself and others.I'm grateful for spring, because all the women dress lighter andtighter! And off course also for the flowers and other spring-stuff.I'm grateful for being able to kill mosquito's, for I really, really hatemosquito's, it makes me happy to kill them. If this makes me a psychopath, I'm grateful for being a psychopath.I'm grateful for being me, I am the best me I could imagine myself.I'm thankful for the trees with leaves for bringing me in contact withthe seasons, I’m thankful for pine-trees for giving me the color greenin the winter. I'm thankful for palm-trees for reminding me that thereare always new thrilling things to discover.I'm grateful for all the discovery’s I’ve done. I know people tell menot to analyze everything, but that's me and I’m grateful for it.I start to understand myself and all the others.

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