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Catholic Lifetime Reading Plan

Catholic Lifetime Reading Plan



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Published by eloquor
This is a Catholic Lifetime Reading Plan
This is a Catholic Lifetime Reading Plan

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Published by: eloquor on Aug 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Abandonment to Divine Providence Jean-Pierre de Caussade$11.95
Description: In this concise spiritual classic, Jean-Pierre de Caussade explains that the key tothe Christian life lies in loving God and abandoning ourselves completely to His providence inevery moment. This, he explains, means embracing the present moment as an expression of 
God‘s will, and embracing all the tasks of this moment, however dull, wearisome, or irritating,
with love and humility. In this way, the ordinary experiences of everyday life are ...More
Abba Father Bonaventure Perquin$9.95
Description: In this engaging book of spiritual conferences, Bonaventure Perquin unlocks the
mysteries of God‘s Fatherhood: God wants to be a Father to all. All through history, God has
revealed Himself constantly as possessing those qualities that are generally associated withfatherhood. As the author discusses th
e Father‘s power, merciful love, wisdom, providence,
faithfulness, will, and much more, he illustrates how God the Father leads His people to ...More
All for Jesus Rev. Fredrick William Faber$16.50
Description: In this book, Fr. Frederick Faber sets out to inspire the reader with ―plenteousreasons‖ why he should serve God out of love. For if he did, Faber maintains, "Years would
seem but days, for the greatness of our love." With beguiling enthusiasm, he teaches the readerhow to remember God throughout the day and to offer his love to Him. He demonstrates, withnumerous examples drawn from the lives of the saints, that the more you grow in love for ...More
Description: In one of the most influential theological works of the past several centuries,Newman explains that Christianity has undergone many changes over the centuries, andconfronts the problem of whether or not there has been any continuity of doctrine since thetime of Jesus. He claims that for various reasons developments in doctrine and worship havebecome necessary over the centuries. For Newman the Church of Rome
and no longer theAnglican ...More
Apologia Pro Vita Sua Ven. John Henry Newman$17.00
Description: John Henry Newman‘s spiritual autobiography, which concludes with his brilliant
defense of Catholicism, was a turning point in English cultural history, successfully challenging
the dominant tradition of ―no Popery‖. Frami
ng his work in reply to a grave and gratuitousslander made by Charles Kingsley, Newman produced one of the masterpieces of spiritualwriting. With it he not only convinced a suspicious public of the sincerity of his beliefs, ...More
Brideshead Revisited Evelyn Waugh$14.99
Description: Widely known for their satirical brilliance and wit, Evelyn Waugh‘s novels also
posses a profound depth and wisdom, displaying both an insightful sensitivity to fallen humannature and a keen understanding of holiness and the workings of divine providence. InBrideshead Revisited, widely considered his masterpiece, Waugh relates the experience of Charles Ryder, an architectural painter and officer in the British army, as he recalls his ...More
Description: One of the most important fruits of Vatican II, the Catechism is an authoritativecompendium of Catholic teaching, fully integrated with Sacred Scripture, the teachings of the
Popes and Councils, and the Church‘s public prayer in the liturgy. It also draws richly on the
writings of Fathers and Doctors of the Church throughout the ...More
Christ is Passing By St. Josemaria Escriva$9.95
Description: This first published collecti
on of St. Josemaría‘s homilies is a handsome pocket
-sized book, making it perfect for individual spiritual reading and for anytime
on line or in thewaiting room
that you can grab a moment for your soul. In these homilies for Advent,Christmas, Lent, Easter, and other highlights of the Church year, St. Josemaría consistentlyemphasizes the great truth that your most ordinary, human interests can and should ...More
Christianity and Culture T. S. Eliot$14.00
Description: In set of two essays, T.S. Eliot provides an invaluable tool for analyzing andunderstanding the nature of society, as he takes a poignant look at the very foundations onwhich societies are built - religion and culture. The essays address the organization of values,and a direction of religious thought, which must inevitably proceed to a criticism of political andeconomic systems. An appeal to the men of letters of Europe, who have a special ...More
Christianity and European Culture Christopher Dawson$24.95
Description: One of the most significant historians of the twentieth century, Christopher Dawsonwrote extensively on Christianity and Western civilization. In this collection, Gerald Russello
presents some of Dawson‘s most important essays, including the complete text of The Historic
Reality of Christian Culture, and selections from his The Making of Europe, The Judgement of the Nations, and Medieval Essays. Taken together, these selections provide an ...More
Description: In this book, the Catholic philosopher Peter Kreeft proposes Blaise Pascal as thefirst post-medieval apologist, an effective Christian apologist and evangelist to today's uprooted,confused, secularized pagans (inside and outside the Church). He was a brilliant man--a greatscientist who did major work in physics and mathematics, as well as an inventor--whom theauthor suggests was three centuries ahead of his time. Addressed to modern ...More
Companion Guide to Rome Georgina Masson$29.95
Description: This revised and updated edition of Georgina Masson‘s classic guide to Rome
remains an excellent introduction to the riches of the Eternal City, from the Capitol and the
Forum to the Catacombs and St. Peter‘s. Packed with rich historical, artistic, and cultural
details, this guidebook is also practical, suggesting possible walking tours of all the majorRoman sites, and offering advice on how to plan your trip to Rome and your daily tours of ...More
Conversation with Christ Peter Thomas Rohrbach$12.50
Description: This short, accessible book is an explanation for everyone of St. Teresa of Avila'steaching about personal prayer, especially the prayer of meditation. Though a mystic, St.Teresa was an eminently practical person, and that quality imbues her approach to prayer andthe spiritual life. Capturing her practical approach, Rohrbach clearly organizes and explains St.
Teresa‘s teaching on the nature and method of meditation, how to approach ... 
Covenanted Happiness Cormac Burke$9.95
Description: Drawing on especially on the teachings of Pope John Paul II, Msgr. Cormac Burke
outlines a truly Christian vision of spouses‘ relationship with each other and with their childre
n.He provides an incisive analysis of where our society goes wrong, and a roadmap for thehappiness that marriage really can ...More
Crossing the Threshold of Hope Pope John Paul II$15.00
Description: The Holy Father‘s ground
-breaking literary interview with Italian journalist VittorioMessori. Messori expresses the most difficult and urgent questions of all time and of our own
day, and Pope John Paul II‘s calm yet resounding ―Be not afraid!‖ urges us to open our hearts toGod‘s love, to cross the threshold of ... 
Dark Night of the Soul St. John of the Cross$11.95
Description: In this classic of mystical theology, St. John of the Cross explains the passive
purifications or ―nights‖ by which God purges and prepares the soul in sense and spirit for union
with Himself. In the form of a poem and spiritual commentary, the Mystical Doctor draws on hisprofound understanding of divine grace and human nature to explain how the believer mustallow God to transform the soul He has made, and lead it through various ...More
Description: Father Eugene Boylan writes for Catholics who desire to pray, but often findthemselves frustrated in prayer, feeling as if they are making no clear progress, encounteringdifficulties and distractions, and even finding their time of prayer distasteful and burdensome.Drawing on his life-long experience of prayer as a Trappist monk, Boylan aims to ease thesedifficulties by exploring the nature and practice of prayer, pointing out the sources ...More
Don Quixote Miguel de Cervantes$7.95
Description: In this masterpiece of Catholic literature, often called the first novel, Miguel deCervantes recounts the journeys and adventures of Don Quixote, a poor gentleman from LaMancha in central Spain, and his squire Sancho Panza. Don Quixote, who has a passion for thetales of chivalry, is inspired to become a knight righting wrongs and protecting the oppressed.To his fevered imagination, everyday objects seem to pose irresistible heroic ...More

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