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Epic Fail Live Chat Transcript

Epic Fail Live Chat Transcript

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Published by inkpop

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Published by: inkpop on Aug 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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inkpop_editor : Alright inkpoppers! Just a few ground rules before we begin. 1) Please don't answer questions posted by users. Thequestions are for Claire (obviously) so lets allow her to answer. 2) Lets try to avoid excess chatting. Woohoos! Andt
end to clog up the chat and make it hard for us to see everyones questions.05:01 PMdifferentcenturies :Hi everyone.05:01 PMinkpop_editor :Now I'd like to present Claire LaZebnik author of Epic Fail. Thank you for joining us today Claire!05:01 PMClaire LaZebnik :My pleasure!05:01 PMShattered Doll Parts :Greetings, Claire!05:01 PMMelissa (fairytaledreams) :Hello Claire. Thanks for being with us (:05:01 PMinkpop_editor :I'll start it off. Kita91 wrote on 08.15.2011:1. What was the hardest part about reinterpreting such a well known story?05:02 PMClaire LaZebnik :Staying true to Austen's spirit but making it very real and believable for now.Everyone loves P and P. You want to honor that05:02 PMinkpop_editor :Kita91 wrote on 08.15.2011:2. Where did the idea for Epic Fail come from?05:02 PMJami Montgomery :Hi Claire !05:02 PMClaire LaZebnik :I always say I was inspired by Amy Heckerling's movie CLUELESS, which is loosely based on Austen's EMMA. It'ssuch a brilliant update!Made me want to try doing something similar with P and P05:03 PMKatherine :Hi Claire.05:03 PMClaire LaZebnik :Hi, everybody! If you haven't seen CLUELESS, watch it.I love that movie05:03 PMinkpop_editor :How did you come up with the title for the book?
05:03 PM Angeni Mai :Good day, Claire. Thank you so much for being here today05:04 PMClaire LaZebnik :My husband's niece was living with us for a year. She and my son used to bleat "FAIL" at each other abouteverything. "Epic Fail" was of course reserved for true moments of embarrassment. I just liked the term.05:04 PMShattered Doll Parts :Clueless used to be my favorite movie!05:04 PMClaire LaZebnik : And the word "epic" is nice to work in!05:04 PMJami Montgomery :I used the word fail all the time too lol05:04 PMClaire LaZebnik :I really think Heckerling is a genius05:04 PMpossiblythere
:I say "epic failure"05:04 PMClaire LaZebnik : And I love Paul Rudd who stars in CLUELESS05:05 PMinkpop_editor :Does anyone have any questions for Claire?05:05 PMMelissa (fairytaledreams) :Wow, just goes to show inspiration can come from anywhere!05:05 PMinkpop_editor :or should I keep posting the pre-posted questions?05:05 PMJami Montgomery :What was it like when you received your "yes" letter from an agent? OR did you write straight to the house?05:05 PMClaire LaZebnik :absolutely, Melissa05:05 PMShattered Doll Parts : A lot of people say "Ooh! Epic fail!" in my town.05:05 PMinkpop_editor :Good question JamiWhat was it like when you received your "yes" letter from an agent? OR did you write straight to the house?05:06 PM
Claire LaZebnik :I submitted the first few chapters of EPIC FAIL first. My agent sent it around and Harper wanted itso it was good news to get the go-ahead--but meant I had to finish writing it!05:06 PMJami Montgomery :Thank you (:05:06 PMShattered Doll Parts :Who are your writing inspirations and why?05:06 PMJami Montgomery :That's amazing. Finding an agent is so hard!05:06 PMClaire LaZebnik :Well, Austen--obviously, I guess--because she just GETS romance, like no one elseBronte is amazing, too--so passionate and raw05:06 PMZoey Day :Do you have a specific reason why you picked to write a modern version of "Pride and Prejudice?"05:06 PMClaire LaZebnik :I love Dickens because he tells a good story and makes you want to be a better person just by reading him05:07 PMShattered Doll Parts :No Poe, or Hunter S. Thompson, or William S. Burroughs inspirations?05:07 PMClaire LaZebnik :I honestly just love P and P SO MUCH. It's always been one of my favorite books. And I think there's so much therethat works now. Some books feel dated. That one really doesn't (or at least not on an emotional level)05:07 PMMrRaccoon :Is it harder to do a rewrite of such a well known and loved piece than it is to just write an original, do you think?05:07 PMClaire LaZebnik :Nope, I'm sort of a 19th century kind of reader. Did my college thesis on JANE EYRE05:07 PMMelissa (fairytaledreams) :Exactly. P and P is timeless!05:08 PMpossiblythere
:When you were writing, were you ever worried people might think that you were trying to out-do the original?05:08 PMClaire LaZebnik :I'd say it's easier to update a classic than come up with your own story IN SOME WAYS. But you definitely feel the
ghost of the original author breathing down your neck!05:08 PMJami Montgomery :I actually haven't read it. I've tried, but I just can't stay focused on it.05:08 PM

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