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The MUTTERING by David Arthur Walters

The MUTTERING by David Arthur Walters

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Published by davidwalters
On so-called snooty academic driveling regarding dragon sexuality, Delphi, Goddess Trivia
On so-called snooty academic driveling regarding dragon sexuality, Delphi, Goddess Trivia

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Published by: davidwalters on Aug 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE MUTTERING by David Arthur Walters
On so-called snooty academic driveling REGARDING dragon sexuality, Delphi, Goddess TriviaIntroductionI have just received a message asking me to "translate the enclosed obscure academic mutteringinto plain English to determine if anything has really been said or if the words are merely thesnooty academic driveling of a frustrated ivory-tower humanist." Much to my embarrassment,the enclosed "muttering" was the first paragraph of my extended article on dragon sexuality, asfollows:The Muttering
"Where the three paths divide and migrate from their origin, where the decision tree first branches off in two directions no matter from what direction it is approached, ambiguity presides, there, in the streaming flux, by the cave where the dragon sleeps. At the spiritualcrossroads, or Trivium, the hysterical maiden perched on the tripod gives birth to ambiguousoracles for men to contemplate and swaddle in interpretive textiles of various designs andqualities. Some weavers become so entranced by their own designs that they ignore the goddessTrivia at the mundane crossroads where thugs often lurk, and go into the uniform business there,so that entire armies might glorify their logical designs. War then becomes fashionable, and the bewitched myrmidons march without scruple under delusions of grandeur divided, forgetting thatfashions are fleeting and that, in the cosmic scheme, soldiers are ephemerons, or short-livedinsects in the minds of their gods. As in war, so in its political substitutes, where ideologies based on logical dichotomies reduce the ideologues to a general ignorance of truth or to, in aword: imbecility."Statement of IntentHerculean as the task appears, I intend to interpret the paragraph. At first glance, its meaning is perfectly clear to me. After all, I wrote it. But to say something simply and clearly can be verydifficult. A ballet dancer or musician will tell us that it is no easy matter to perform the simplestchoreography or song perfectly. Indeed, I have seen professional performers fall apart in slowclasses because they do not have an adequate foundation: they have gotten away with rushingthrough things and glossing over fundamental weaknesses with fast and fancy footwork or fingerwork. Perhaps my intellectual calisthenics ran away from their foundations. Maybe there isno meat in the paragraph so rudely returned to me: that remains to be seen, so I will valiantlyattempt to interpret it and resubmit it to my readers so they can judge whether it really meansanything at all or is just much sizzling without any steak.PROSAIC PURPORT OF THE MUTTERINGWhen men have difficulty making crucial decisions, they consort privately with women, thenembark on various adventures according to their selfish interpretations of what has transpired.DISCUSSIONCultivation of Hysterical Women and Reasonable MenSince time immemorial, men have enjoyed the right acquired by might of making most of theimportant decisions for their families, clans and nations. No doubt prehistoric women were fierceenough to put up a good fight when their lives were threatened, but men had the definite physicaladvantage. Control of the womb, the primary private property, went to the men who battled for italong with the rest of the ground of life.
Although the respective roles of men and women have varied and reversed over time and place,the civilization imposed by men kept women at home and in garden, and men in the politicalarena and in the battlefield. This gender segregation was conducive to the development of twoforms of communication, or languages. It is no great leap to the eventual conclusion that menwound up speaking the public language of "reason" while women spoke the private language of emotion, or that men are more objective and women are more subjective in their affairs.Given their intimidating circumstances, it is hardly surprising that females relied on tacticalweeping, sulking (including suicide) and on throwing fits to get their message across rather thanresorting to direct confrontation. These seemingly irrational and spontaneous outbursts were of course associated with the bloody secrets of birth, menstruation and other occult subjects better avoided by men, hence the feminine mystique deepened over time into a mystical sort of religion. We have here the "hysterical" (hystero: uterus) woman as opposed to the "reasonable"(ratio-calculating) man. Not that woman was a fool, not by any means: she was as wise as theserpent. Men wanted her and needed her. She was, first and foremost, their mother. As for her hysterical mystical power, later associated with romance, men worked on appropriating that for "reason" until they were able to convince themselves that enthusiasm (god-possession) isreasonable in a man, but in a woman it is mental illness: "hysteria", "uterine furor", and even"nymphomania", the teenager's favorite myth. Cultivated men would eventually get away withromantic weeping, with wearing makeup, gowns, wigs, frilly blouses and such, while retainingtheir reason and machismo.The PythiaBe that as it may, the occult powers of so-called hysterical women were respected and feared inancient times, which brings us to "the hysterical maiden perched on the tripod (who) gives birthto ambiguous oracles for men to contemplate" mentioned in my "muttering" here discussed. I amreferring to the prophetess at Delphi in ancient Greece, called the "pythia". She was so namedafter the female (later poets performed a sex change operation on her) dragon Python, whomApollo slew when he seized the temple from the Earth Mother cult. The dragon was guarding theusual treasure, the Egg ir Navel of the universe. The office of the pythia was established after theseizure as a sort of compensation to the old matriarchical interests. The pythia was originallysupposed to be a young virgin because virgins allegedly retain their innocence and can deliver unstained messages from the glorious god. Since the oracle at Delphi, located in the center of theGreek world, symbolized the unity of the Greek states, the pythia was the untouchable nationalvirgin. However, a Thessalian named Echecrates fell in love with her, swept her away and hadhis sacrilegious way. After that, it was duly decided than only a matron of fifty could fitly serveas the pythia.

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