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The Quantum Theory of Investment

The Quantum Theory of Investment

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Published by Chandan Mundhra
The Quantum Theory of Investment presented by Ultra Rich Organisation , India
The Quantum Theory of Investment presented by Ultra Rich Organisation , India

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Published by: Chandan Mundhra on Aug 20, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The QuanTum Theoryof InvesTmenT
No distributioN cost
  and only 
Mutual Fund
2Quantum Advisors Pvt Ltd: Proud Sponsor of India’s first and only direct-to-investor mutual fund.
Most of us have beenmade to believe thatsending a man towalk on the moon is alot easier than makinga decent return onour savings.That putting aside a portion of our incomeevery month and then using these regularsavings to build a nice sum of moneyfor our future use when we retire (or formeeting our obligations as sensibleparents who wish to educate our children)is a really difficult task.The Quantum Theory of Investment defiesall this bunkum. Investing is easy and isnot complicated. Building a sizeable poolof investments to take care of your child’seducation or marriage is easy, and not rocketscience. And selecting a basket of productsto achieve these goals is something that youcan do in 30 minutes.But, the financial geniuses who run the largeinvestment firms and brokerage houses, willnever tell you that investing is easy. Because,if they did, they would not get their oversizedsalaries and fancy bonuses. The squadronsof smooth-talking geniuses who run thesefinancial conglomerates need to frightenyou and scare you into making investmentssound complicated. Landing a man on themoon is made to sound easy. Showing you apath to follow for your long term investmentsis shown to be complicated and fraught withdanger. Frightened by their quick-talking,MBA-suited (or short-skirted) armies, theindividual investor meekly surrenders with
The Quantum Theoryof Investment
3Quantum Advisors Pvt Ltd: Proud Sponsor of India’s first and only direct-to-investor mutual fund.
these famous words:
 Arey, baba, this all  sounds too complicated, why don’t you just decide what is best for me! 
The battle has been won. The war is over. Andno bullet was even fired. Victorious in theirconquest – and with the full freedom to do asthey please – the battalions of financial salespeople go about demolishing the savingsyou have built up by mis-selling youinvestment products that earn them thebest commissions. These products maynot be suited for your needs, your timehorizon, or your ability to absorbthe wild swings in the stockmarkets. They don’tcare. They have madetheir money. Its everyperson for themselves.You, dear reader, arethe victim born everysecond for them to feed on.I started Quantum in 1990, with the simpleobjective that good research linked withgood common sense would generate goodreturns for our clients. I was not smartenough to be a doctor or an engineer. Mymediocre grades at school allowed me tolearn economics, accounting, and businessmanagement. Quantum was my way of tryingto build an honest career. But, over the years,I have realised – and experienced – the bittertruth that the financial services industry isthe most corrupt industry in the world. As afriend of mine who works for one of theselarge “global financial companies” in NewYork told me:
the closer you get to the money,the more it stinks.
And there was a global stink in 2008. Thecollapse of some of the largest financialcompanies in the world after the bankruptcyof Lehman Brothers in September2008 is only another example ofthe blatant greed that brought theglobal economy to its knees.For all their sins, the blatantcorruption in the systemallowed the power of thesemasters of the universe toconvince governments to givethem your taxpayer money tobail them out. The flag-bearersof capitalism had gambled withyour money, lost the bets – butstill wanted their jobs to be safe and theirbonuses to be secure. Their greed andwillingness to swing their bats at you inbroad daylight was there for you to seeat the recent World Economic Forum inDavos, Switzerland. The CEOs of thesefinancial juggernauts were out there pattingthemselves on their backs over the calm andthe recovery – the recovery of their bonusesthat is. Not the recovery of the money thatthey lost for you.

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