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Neglect by Geological Data

Neglect by Geological Data

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Published by Free-Reader
Young earh theory proven wrong.
Young earh theory proven wrong.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Free-Reader on Aug 20, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Neglect of Geologic Data by Daniel E. Wonderly
http://www.ibri.org/DVD-1/Books/Wonderly-Neglect/Wonderly-Neglect.htm (1 of 7) [5/30/2008 9:03:13 AM]
Neglect of Geologic Data by Daniel E. Wonderly
Geologic map of the westernmost county of Maryland, showing that a broad, very thick area of theMississippian and Pennsylvanian (younger) rock systems has been worn off by extended erosion.For additional explanation, see pp. 59-61.Titlepage design by James I. Newman.
Sedimentary Strata Compared withYoung-Earth Creationist Writings.
Copyright 2006 Edna (Mrs. Daniel E.) Wonderly. All Rights Reserved.Published by the Interdisciplinary Biblical Research InstituteHatfield, PA.ISBN 0_944788_00_9
 This work is an attempt to enlist creationists in a serious studyof the actual characteristics of the earth's sedimentary strata.Creationist organizations are emphasizing some important truthsof creation, but they have neglected the data of earth-scienceresearch to such an extent that disgrace has now descended uponthe doctrine of biblical creation throughout the nation. In thiscarefully documented book the author encourages evangelicalChristians to take an interest in the real data of earth science,and shows them how they can use such information to alleviatethis problem.
To The Reader
 In keeping with the purpose of this book, it is necessary that thetitle be somewhat negative in character. However, ou will findthat most of the chapters contain large sections of 
 information on various aspects of the earth's sedimentary cover.
http://www.ibri.org/DVD-1/Books/Wonderly-Neglect/Wonderly-Neglect.htm (2 of 7) [5/30/2008 9:03:13 AM]
Neglect of Geologic Data by Daniel E. Wonderly
About the Author
 Daniel E. Wonderly has brought to this work almost a lifetimeof study in Bible-science relationships. He holds graduatedegrees in both theology and science and has had extensiveteaching experience in both of these areas. Wonderly has spent amajor part of his time in research-science studies during the past15 years and is the author of God's Time-Records in AncientSediments(Crystal Press, 1977). He is an active member of TheGeological Society of America and of several other professionalsocieties.
 I want to express my appreciation particularly to Dr. George W. Andrews, an invertebrate paleontologist employed by the U.S. Geological Survey, and to Dr. Stephen O. Moshier, a carbonate sedimentologist who is an Assistant Professor of Geologyin the University of Kentucky. George Andrews supplied helpful guidance and checked the parts related most closelyto paleontology, and Stephen Moshier thoroughly checked practically the entire manuscript, making many specificsuggestions which were appreciated and used.Both Dr. Andrews and Dr. Moshier have been closely involved in the work of the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship,in addition to their professional work in the earth sciences. Before joining the faculty of the University of Kentucky,Dr. Moshier was extensively involved in the Applied Carbonate Research Program of Louisiana State University afterhaving served as a petroleum geologist in the Mobil Oil Corporation for three years. He has now received his Ph. D. degreein geology from Louisiana State University. His dissertation was on one phase of carbonate petrology.I also wish to express special appreciation to the following: Dr. Robert C. Newman of Biblical Theological Seminary formany useful suggestions; Dr. Edwin Myers for his willingness to allow extensive use of his thesis in the early pages of this work; my wife Edna for her constant interest in and help with this project; and SPCK/Triangle Books, of London, fortheir permission to quote the extended section from Alan Hayward's
Creation and Evolution: The Facts and the Fallacies,
1985, used in the note 3 of chapter 2 of this book.
D. E. Wonderly
For nearly two centuries now Christians have been debating the age of the earth. Is it merely some few thousand years old,as the Bible seems to tell us? Or is it some billions, as science seems to indicate?Some have used this conflict to cast doubt on Scripture; others have come to view modern science with suspicion.Among evangelical and fundamental Christians in particular, the debate has been especially sharp. Charges of compromise with evolutionism or of obscurantism have frequently been flung back and forth by proponents of young andold earth, creating more heat than light, and raising emotions when careful consideration of methodology and evidencewould have been more appropriate.How are we to handle the biblical and scientific data? If we believe in the inerrancy of Scripture (as do the author andmyself), does it follow that we must reject any scientific evidence that points to an old earth? We think not. And in this weare joined by many evangelical and fundamental leaders past and present who are old-earth creationists.
http://www.ibri.org/DVD-1/Books/Wonderly-Neglect/Wonderly-Neglect.htm (3 of 7) [5/30/2008 9:03:13 AM]

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