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Published by Shahira Nasir

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Published by: Shahira Nasir on Aug 20, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SECTION AQuestion 1-4Choose the best word to fill in the blanks.1.
 Najmi wears gloves to protect his _______ while gardening.A.
face C. toesB.
legs D. hands2.
Aisyah wipes her face with a _________.A.
handkerchief C. blouseB.
skirt D. trousers3.
Mei Lin wears a beautiful _______ on Chinese New Year.A.
sari C. sweater B.
cheongsam D. baju kurung4.
My grandmother is my ________ mother.A.
 brother¶s C. grandfather¶sB.
cousin¶s D. father¶sQuestion 5-7Study the pictures carefully and choose the best phrase to complete the paragraph.I must take my breakfast every morning. I usually have a ____5____ with ___6____ . Sometimes, my mother gets up early to prepare a ___7____ for me.5.
A. cup of teaB. glass of milk C. can of drink 6.
A. two slices of breadB. two karipapC. two slices of cake7.
A. packet of noodleB. a bowl of soupC. plate of fried rice
Question 8-10Based on the pictures, choose the best sentences.8.
A. He is wiping his face.B. He is combing his hair.C. He is brushing his teeth.D. He is taking his bath.9.
A. The football team received a big hamper.B. The football team lost in the match.C. The football team cried sadly at the field.D. The football team received a trophy.10.
A. Jane is putting on her skirt.B. Jane is buying a blouse.C. Jane is washing her trousers.D. Jane is buying a pair of trousers.SECTION BQuestion 11-15Choose the best sentence to fit the situation shown in the pictures.11.
A. Those are the dustbins.B. You have a lot of rubbish.C. Phew! The rubbish is smelly.D. Let¶s throw them into that dustbin.12.
A. I like fishing.B. A few times a week.C. We keep a lot of fish.D. The lake is nearby.
A. Go and wash your hand, Ravi.B. Ravi, please get me an apple.C. Do you want apple, Ravi?D. Why are your hands dirty?14.
A. It eats sugar cane.B. It is a carnivorous animal.C. I am not sure.D. It is the biggest animal on land.15.
A. Please take my seat.B. This chair is yours.C. Please sit with me.D. Nice to meet you.SECTION CQuestion 16-21Choose the best answer.16.
January is the _______ month of the year.A.
first C. thirdB.
second D. fourth17.
We went to Langkawi Island and stayed in the ______.A.
studio C. hotelB.
garage D. restaurant18.
Why are you _______?A.
cries C. cryingB.
cried D. cry19.
Syahir ______ to the mosque every Friday.A.
go C. wentB.
goes D. going20.
 _______ old are you?A.
How C. WhatB.
Why D. Which21.
Mariam _______ her teeth every morning.A.
 brush C. brushesB.
 brushing D. brushed

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