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8th Sphere

8th Sphere

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Published by pogo2u

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Published by: pogo2u on Aug 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Noble Realmsspirituality - physics - conspiracy - philosophy - wisdom - and more...* Index <index.php>* Homepage <http://noblerealms.org>* Help <http://noblerealms.org/forum/help.php>* Search <search.php>* Login <login.php>You are not logged in..AnnouncementNoble Realms Forum Is Now Closed. It Will Remain as a searchable onlinearchive of posts spanning 3/25/04 to 2/22/08. Members May Still log into use email functions, goal There Will Be No Further posting activity.Thank you to Everyone Who Has Contributed Over the Years. - Tom / montalk*Happy NRversary! It's Been Two Years, hope everyone's doing well. Iwish all of you The Best for 2010! - Tom*Pages: 1 <viewtopic.php?id=3841&p=1> *2* 3 <viewtopic.php?id=3841&p=3> 4<viewtopic.php?id=3841&p=4> * Index <index.php>* " Conspiracy <viewforum.php?id=5>* "The Machine-Planet: Our future? Darth Vader as Ahriman# 16 2007-02-17 9:45:41 <viewtopic.php?pid=52703#p52703>*Winston Smith <profile.php?id=1248>**Outer Party Member*From: OceaniaRegistered: 2006-12-26Re: The Machine-Planet: Our future? Darth Vader as Ahrimanthe33tim33 wrote:This sounds just like light & sound brainwave Entrainmenttechnology, Which uses digital audio signals and flashing LEDs toHarmonize The brain hemispheres and Induce Specific brainwavestates. Interestingly, Two popular models Marketed by Nick Begich atearthpulse.com are named The Sirius & the Orion.http://www.earthpulse.com/epulseuploads/sirius.jpgLess Effective Than The combination of light and sound, Is the useof only sound, in The Forms of binaural beat MOST famously
Frequencies Used by Robert Monroe in Hemisync historical recordings,and emulated by Hundreds of New Age musicians and meditation CDrecorders today. I wrote my thesis about it, Which Is a bitfrustrating because i Spent Many Many hours listening to beatsthesis, Interesting reading All the Scientific Literature about theTechnology Which There Were insisted beneficial effects, goal neverreally experiencing Much in the Way of "deep relaxation ","Heightened awareness "or" enhanced learning / memory "From therecordings. As usual, I chalked it up to my own personal failings.When you really not experiencing Anything Mentioned Were You ReferringTo The cd's, The Sight and sound devices or Both ?.... And If You WereOnly Referring To The cd's do You Have Any Experience With The Siriusand Orion devices?Thanks in advance.WinstonPSI found about this from Nick Begich Interview That You May findInteresting. The first half IS Mostly about mind control & the negativeeffects of this technology and In The second half he talks about ThePositive Effects. Here Is The Link:http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid ... & hl = en<http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2497840938718341112&q=radio+show+manchurian+candidate&hl=en>------------------------------------------------------------------------DOWN WITH BIG BROTHEROffline Seventeen # 2007-02-17 2:15:34 p.m. <viewtopic.php?pid=52717#p52717>*Adama**Guest*Re: The Machine-Planet: Our future? Darth Vader as AhrimanHello DruidCould you just post What You want us to know and post texts was The LongBlog or Something like this?It's very hard for me to read all your text (my mother language GlossaryIS;) Eighteen # 2007-02-17 2:46:50 p.m. <viewtopic.php?pid=52719#p52719>*druid <profile.php?id=1063>*
*Member*Registered: 2006-08-05Re: The Machine-Planet: Our future? Darth Vader as AhrimanMy mother tongue is French too.Unfortunately, there are not many references in French ...If you want, I'll send the articles I have written about it, as well assummaries of books like 'Gund Shapur in Silicon Valley'. I firstconnected to Anthroposophy, but I recognize the quality of work and someMontalk psychic sources such as the C's. Their perspective is different,but Montalk recognizes the validity of Steiner's work.If you allow, I will send it via email, unless you want me to post onthe site.I do not blog because I rather fear of being traced by the new Gestapo.In addition, these texts published violates the copyright, then I cannot do that.It is not easy to sum it all up, then I would send you more articles Iwrote ...Offline # Nineteen 2007-02-17 2:51:33 p.m. <viewtopic.php?pid=52720#p52720>*druid <profile.php?id=1063>**Member*Registered: 2006-08-05Re: The Machine-Planet: Our future? Darth Vader as AhrimanSubsurface1: earth mineral (metals change their appearance at various levels of depth)2: land off fluid life3terre air off the feelings - associated with feelings (soul sensation)4: land form - source substancialité (form-critical of everything)5: soil seed: primary source of life6: ground fire and passions (the other side of morality)7: Earth Mirror: negative for everything that happens on earth8: Explosive earth (Cain the fratricide), division, fragmentation9: earth center source of all evil spiritualHierarchies fallenThe seduction of Atlantis by the fallen angels also refers to theshenanigans of elementals. The Giants were rakshasas, hybridhuman-elemental nature of angels, poorly adapted to the physical world.The elementals are often called fallen angels. Hierarchies will forfeitgouvernenent elementals fallen, so it is the same: they arecomplementary. Today, the Angels have withdrawn their supervision on theelementals and they are all mixed together, they bend easier for plansAhriman.

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