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Chatlog 21st August 2011

Chatlog 21st August 2011

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Published by debbie_seed

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Published by: debbie_seed on Aug 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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(19:12:16) Willie: Kinkyclawz enters the channel.(19:14:24) Kinkyclawz: Ohh, hiya Willie! How are you? Feelin' the lurve, our little ChatGhost? ^^ *eyes the recently repaired nose on Fang's awesome statue andleans forward, just to touch and see if the glue has set properly...*(19:19:47) Willie: Degnne logs into the Chat.(19:21:23) Kinkyclawz: DEG! *turns quickly and accidentally knocks the nose offthe statue of Eileen again* Oh blimey, erm... *picks the nose up* How are you Deg?(19:21:47) Kinkyclawz: *tries not to look guilty*(19:22:16) Degnne: Hi KC.(19:22:22) Degnne: I'm good. How are you?(19:22:54) Kinkyclawz: I'm fine thanks. Been up to much, m'dear?(19:23:10) Degnne: not really(19:23:41) Kinkyclawz: How're you doing on your new place, it is feeling like home now?(19:23:51) Degnne: yeah(19:24:07) Kinkyclawz: great stuff!(19:24:21) Kinkyclawz: *thinks she might be overusing the :d icon a little*(19:25:14) Degnne: possibly(19:25:53) Kinkyclawz: There are worse icons to overuse, I guess. ^^(19:27:03) Kinkyclawz: Soo, any news on the BH front? I've heard Lee Ingleby won't be in S4... which is weird 'cause I thought Wyndham was going to be a major character. :/(19:27:19) Willie: Eileen enters the channel.(19:27:38) Kinkyclawz: Other than that... EILEEN! *hugz* Hello there suesse! Wiegehts?(19:27:43) Degnne: I haven't been keeping up with any BH news(19:27:47) Degnne: Hello Eileen(19:27:57) Eileen: *sneaks into room hoping she can scare someone*(19:28:08) Eileen: Gah! They discovered meeeeeeee!!!(19:28:08) Kinkyclawz: To be honest, there's been little BH news TO keep up with.(19:28:11) Eileen: *takes cover*(19:28:48) Eileen: Hello KC and Deg(19:28:50) Kinkyclawz: *looks guilty and hides the statue's nose behind her back, hoping Eileen doesn't notice*Where'd Eileen go? She was here a minute ago. *frowns, confused*(19:29:20) Eileen: *comes out of hiding and realizes that something is wrong*(19:29:47) Eileen: I'm fine ty how are you two?(19:30:04) Eileen: *scratches head* Did something happen? It feels strange.(19:30:04) Kinkyclawz: It doesn't even seem like Russell & Sinead will be in itmuch. Tom and Adam seem to have some kind of larger role but it remains to be seen what.(19:30:25) Kinkyclawz: I'm great thanks. *a bead of sweat rolls down her face*(19:31:13) Eileen: but they are two main characters. would be strange for them not to be in it much. *goes to check what could be wrong*(19:32:20) Eileen: Oh!(19:33:03) Kinkyclawz: Yeah, I'm finding that strange but also slightly worryingtoo. I dunno if you know who I mean but the vampire Wyndham isn't in S4 either,apparently. I'm wondering if they're sidelining the original cast in favour ofnew blood (pardon the pun) so it will free Sinead, Russell and Lenora up for other work?(19:33:40) Kinkyclawz: OR if they might be winding the series down?*subtly throws a towel over the head of the statue so Eileen won't see the re-broken nose*(19:33:41) Eileen: THE NOOOOOOOOOOSEEEE!!!(19:33:51) Kinkyclawz: Damn not fast enough.(19:34:00) Kinkyclawz: I mena, ooh, what happened there?(19:34:05) Willie: Fang enters the channel.(19:34:09) Eileen: ... is running! I need a tissue!
(19:34:20) Fang: Hello everbody *hands Eileen tissue for some reason*(19:34:24) Eileen: Faaaaaaaaaang!!!(19:34:24) Kinkyclawz: Tut tut not good.FANG! Hallo there! *is overly nice* Are you well?(19:34:28) Eileen: thank you, Fang!!!(19:34:44) Eileen: Why is there a towel over the statue's head?(19:34:51) Kinkyclawz: Aww, you're a good Twoyfriend to Eileen, Fang.(19:34:52) Fang: *suspicous look* I am well KC, and you?(19:35:33) Eileen: Just told KC that my nose was running. A sec before she threwa towel over the statue's head(19:35:36) Degnne: Hello Fang(19:35:38) Fang: I didn't put it there EIleen, I would never cover up such halffinished beauty(19:35:51) Kinkyclawz: *overly chirpy in replying* Fine, I'm great thanks!Erm... oh I think it rained on the statue so I was drying it off.(19:36:15) Kinkyclawz: *tries not to look as guilty as Hell*(19:36:33) Fang: *confused, tired but not guilty*(19:36:39) Eileen: I see, thank you KC! I think it stopped raining now. We should really repair the roof though* *pulls down the towel*(19:36:49) Kinkyclawz: *cringes*(19:37:10) Willie: Aubergine enters the channel.(19:37:13) Eileen: *notices that the nose is missing* Huh?(19:37:20) Fang: HI Genie!(19:37:20) Eileen: Genie! Hello!!!(19:37:25) Kinkyclawz: GENIE! Hiya!! How are you?(19:37:32) Degnne: Hello Genie(19:37:32) Aubergine: hello who is missing a nose?(19:37:59) Eileen: the statue, strange(19:38:11) Eileen: must have been cheap clue(19:38:11) Aubergine: Hi Fang, Eileen, KC and Degnne(19:38:27) Eileen: or glue(19:38:52) Aubergine: ah you've picked up from last week I see(19:38:53) Fang: that glue wasn't cheap, it can cause some sticky situations(19:39:08) Fang: shame it fell of though as it was at such a nicely jaunty angle(19:39:12) Kinkyclawz: *waves friendlyly and tries to sidle out of sight beforeanyone asks any awkward questions**(19:39:53) Kinkyclawz: Hehe, we're just one long storyline in here, Genie.(19:40:06) Kinkyclawz: *****(19:40:33) Eileen: KC, are you okay?(19:40:36) Fang: we need a "Previoulsy on the being human chat" segment before we start the chat, Willie can do the voiceover, or Kame as she's a superstar DJ(19:40:54) Fang: yeah she does seem different doesn't she Eileen(19:40:58) Aubergine: wonder what Willie sounds like(19:41:03) Eileen: yeah a tiny bit(19:41:09) Eileen: me too(19:41:21) Kinkyclawz: I'm fine! << See, overuse of happy icon means I'm fine.*blinks a lot*(19:41:30) Eileen: does he have a kiddy voice or a strict commanding voice(19:41:51) Aubergine: or maybe a high pitched voice(19:41:52) Eileen: *strokes her non-existant beard*(19:41:55) Kinkyclawz: *sniggers* I can't imagine what Willie sounds like. He'sa ghost so he must moan a lot. *looks innocent*(19:41:58) Aubergine: like he's on helium(19:42:07) Kinkyclawz: *giggle*(19:42:10) Fang: I think WIllie sunds like patrick swayze(19:42:22) Kinkyclawz: A nice drawl?(19:42:33) Aubergine: Patrick Swayze?(19:42:37) Eileen: *wispers in Fang's ear* Does it look like KC is hiding something behind her back?(19:42:41) Kinkyclawz: Or maybe he sound slike the movie voiceover guy?
(19:42:42) Fang: hmmm KC seems to be acting more like her normal self(19:42:49) Eileen: like patrick(19:42:52) Eileen: hmmmm(19:43:11) Fang: yeah, back when Swayze was a ghost, it was a movie, I forget the name...(19:43:26) Kinkyclawz: Dirty Dancing?(19:43:28) Eileen: yeah, i remember that movie(19:43:37) Kinkyclawz: Point Break?(19:43:38) Fang: yeah it does Eileen, maybe she has a present for us?(19:43:39) Eileen: Dirty Ghost Dancing?(19:43:45) Aubergine: Ghost(19:43:50) Eileen: a present? yay!(19:43:58) Fang: floating/banging on the ceiling?(19:43:59) Aubergine: now that was a creepy movie.(19:44:09) Aubergine: from a dying point of view(19:44:17) Kinkyclawz: LMAO Sounds like one of Willie's porn films. Heehee.*suddenly looks veyr guilty again and 's to hide it*(19:44:17) Eileen: ghost are allowed to have fun(19:44:30) Aubergine: with those shadows coming out of the ground to get you.(19:44:41) Eileen: ghosts too(19:44:49) Eileen: *shivers*(19:45:01) Eileen: *looks at KC suspiciously*(19:45:22) Fang: Eileen - when the chat is finisshed do you want to make a new nose using this handy pottery wheel EIleen?(19:45:37) Fang: hmm there was an extra Eileen in that sentance(19:45:49) Kinkyclawz: You mean Ghost, Genie? Can't recall the shadows coming toget them in that. Haven't watched t for a while.(19:46:08) Eileen: yeah, that would be a great idea. but i have to remember whatthe old nose looked like.(19:46:29) Eileen: was it near the end of the movie?(19:46:31) Kinkyclawz: BRB folks, Dad's got a technical emergency. *is not sneaking away to avoid questions about what she's hiding behind her back, not at all*(19:46:48) Eileen: HB KC!(19:46:54) Fang: just to relate things to a bh topic http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fâ
5UlB4Yw1wQ(19:47:10) Aubergine: when bad people died...the shadows rose from the ground and took them. Wasn't that in Ghost?(19:47:12) Eileen: cannot watch(19:47:13) Fang: yeah I don't really remember the shadows(19:47:31) Aubergine: or am I confusing it with something else(19:47:32) Eileen: I'm not sure(19:47:45) Fang: there was a train, and some poterry, and unchained melody, andWhoppe Goldberg and er... some corporate guy(19:48:30) Fang: you're probably right, we don't really seem to remember tghe movie very well, except Deg who is very queit so I'm guessing he's crying at the mere memory of it(19:49:11) Fang: did the shadow people have sticks and rope?(19:49:29) Aubergine: one guy died by the train and the shadows took him under.(19:49:41) Aubergine: who knows they might have had sticks and rope.(19:50:03) Kinkyclawz: BACK!(19:50:05) Fang: nobody seems as interested in McNair Sr singing as I am(19:50:11) Kinkyclawz: Ahh, Genie, are you thinking of The Frighteners?(19:50:16) Aubergine: Robson looks very young in that video(19:50:18) Fang: yes back KC, what is behind your back(19:50:35) Aubergine: No didn't see the frighteners(19:51:02) Fang: baby got back, back to back, back in black, back in the USSR, back to the future(19:51:07) Kinkyclawz: Dman, busted.Um, I have a small, tiny, very unimportant confession to make.

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