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Published by Craig White

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Published by: Craig White on Aug 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Th Dag Opra Hos has tamd p withth Dag Mtropolita Trasit Corpora-tio i a ort to pbliciz ad poplarizopratic prormacs i th city. Th m-tal bsiss agrmt was sigd arlirthis yar by th prsidts of th rspctivorgaizatios. Via th agrmt, Dag’ssbway statios will act as th opra’s wadvrtisig vhicl.This w campaig will atr th stag-ig ad prodctio of props ad sts sd iDag Opra Hos prormacs throgh-ot th Dag sbway systm. Both partishop that th istalla-Th city of Dagis ow promotig aw torism cam-paig dbbd thMICE (mtigs,ictivs, cov-tios, xhibitios).Th iitiativ hopsto brig toristsrom arod thworld i sarch ofdcatio, bsiss, ad halth car to Da-g. Th campaig strivs to propl Dagrom its crrt spot at th bottom of Ko-ra torism right ito th top raks. Withthr maor sportig vts to b hld iDag i , th city amd th yar thVisit Dag Yar. 6.5 billio wo will go to-wards th campaig i hops of xpadigth Dag “brad” i Kora ad abroad. Thcity xpcts to s pwards of two milliotorists visit Dag,
JUNE 2011
Daegu’s International Newspaper
Cot o pg 23Cot o pg 23Cot o pg 13
With th IAAF world champioships owoly a copl of moths away, th hyparod th city is oticably risig. This isgoig to b th biggst sportig vt Daghas s sic th World Cp i . Somwold v arg that this will b biggr,spcially sig that it is goig to b hldsolly i Dag. Th world’s gratst ath-lts will b o show, all hopig to mak agood imprssio bor th Lodo Olym-pics xt yar. Th star attractio, as has b th cas i th athltics world or thpast w yars, will o dobt b Usai Bolt.I was lcky ogh to pos a w qstiosto Ricky Simms (Usai Bolts agt ad l-low Irishma!) rctly. As wll as Bolt,Mr. Simms also rprsts crrt worldchampios Idow, Chriyot, ad Masai,alog with othr stars sch as Jaa-PittmaRawliso, Jrmai Gozals, ChristiOhrog, Mo Farah, ad Chris Tomliso,to am bt a w i a vry illstrios list. Iposd th ollowig qstios to Mr. Simms:
What is your current role within the athlet-ics world?
I am a IAAF athlt rprstativ. I amth Dirctor of PACE Sports Maagmt,which is o of th ladig athlt maag-mt compais i th world.
 Wrien by
enneh Quillinan
Exclusive Interview with UsainBolt and his agent, Ricky Simms
Opera to Hit Daegu’sSubway Stations
Translation by
Bosun im
Edited by
 aaon mury andein Peey 
Visit DaeguYear expects toattract 2 milliontourists by 2012
Translation by
Ke shin
 Wrien by
ein Peey 
Str Kbb StsfsTtlzg TlGoltROKBwroBPrkg
Th world’s astst ma ad argably thworlds gratst vr athlt is comig to Da-g agai i Agst. Atr sccsslly ‘stroll-ig’ to victory last yar at th Dag WorldCp Stadim, hoplly this tim arod, hca somhow maag to brak his  or mtr world rcords, both stadig at 9.58scods ad 9.9 scods, rspctivly. Lck-ily, ad with may thaks to his Irish agt,Ricky Simms, I was ortat ogh to posa w qstios to th ma, himsl, abot thpcomig World Champioships to b hldhr i Dag rom Agst 7th til Sp-tmbr 4th. Ths qstios wr aswrd by Usai o May 3th so h will hav com-pltd his thr warm-p racs i Erop byth tim this gos to prit: 
What is it like to be the world’s astest man?
It’s good – I hav oyd it so ar. I gt totravl all ovr th world ad mt grat po-pl. 
 Did you enjoy your trip to Daegu last year?
 Ys – it was good to rac o th track whrth World T&F Champioships will b thisyar. I got a grat rcptio i th Pma stori Dag wh I mad a apparac thr.
Who do you think will be your biggest chal-lenge at these games?
Evryo – I trat allmy oppots with rspct.
What is your daily routine building up tothese games?
At th momt, I am i Eropor thr comptitios – I ra i Rom lastwk, hav Ostrava this wk ad Oslo xtwk. I trai vry day ad hav a lot of PRgagmts – that kps m bsy. 
 How do you prepare in the fnal ew hoursbeore a race?
Dos yor dit still cosist ofchick ggts?? I will go to th stadimapproximatly 3 hors bor th rac, tryto rlax a bit bor startig my warm-p. Iam sally itrodcd to th crowd at sompoit atr I arriv. I will th do my warmp ad go to th call room 5 mits borth rac. I try to at a halthy dit owadays.
Who is the biggest inspiration in your lie?
My parts – thy hav b spportigm rom th start ad hav coragd mto work hard ad stay ocsd to rach mygoals. Hr’s hopig that Usai smashs a wworld rcords hr i Dag, this com-ig Agst ad mayb yo ca say to yorrids ‘’I was thr...’’
     P     h    o    t    o    c    r    e     d     i    t   :     J    o    s     é     G    o   u     l     ã    o
LeTTeR ROm The ediTORS
Cg Wh
xecutive ditor craig@in-daegu.com
InDaegu DIstrIbutIon
City Hall 
Dag Torism Kiosks 
LSE Eglish Acadmy 
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Kimyg Uivrsity 
Kygpook Uivrsity 
Ygi Collg 
Ygam Uivrsity 
Ovr 4 origlagag acadmis
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Dag PolicHadqartrs 
Dag Torism Kiosks 
Ssog-gGovrmt Ofic 
 WorldChampioships iAthltics OrgaizigCommitt
Us a
Camp Carroll 
Camp Gorg 
Camp Hry 
Camp Walkr
hh S
executive editor 
Cg Wh
managing editors
 MCh V BkM-ChS,Py SM
copy editor 
 Py,gd hg
 JyC k,J By
 g Wg
  My,xdP,C hgV, d WS, hg,Bd kB,Ch J,ChS hMPS,d M J,dSVBd,dVd MS,dVd BCh,ddCkS-WhSd,C gy, Py,gV  MB,J ’gdy, SW,khQ,MC PS,M dCkM,M Bg-BW,MCh Sg,MCh PW,QBCh,Shy d’Sz,Bh MB,y dg, WVy d B,WM hdS
  M,BS kM,Byg kW,d S,dy ,k kM,g-hy Sg,gyP kW,hyyg Sh,hyM ,J Sg,My CSh, Jy Sh,K hW  Sh,kh kM,M , M J,SgW kM,Sh ,S ,MM M, yJg ,yJ S
  hg,Cg Wh,J ,hy Cd
graphic andwebdesigners
 J M,B S,P d S 
     C     R     E     D     I     T     S
A woks ae copyghted by Gabjm Meda, 2008-2011, unde Ceatve Commons— Attbuton-NoDevs 2.5.Attbuton. You must attbute the wok n the manne speced by the autho ocensoNo Devatve Woks. You may not ate, tansom, o bud upon ths wok.
WiTh The undeRSTandinG ThaT:
Wave — Any o the above condtons can be waved  you get pemsson om thecopyght hode.
Seected atceshavebeen used bypemsson o Mae Shnmun, Daegu'sagestnewspape. A othecontentsaecopyghtpotected byGabjm Meda
Each month, we will announce new ways or people to win ood, prizes and contestsrom InDaegu. I you write, translate, take pictures, help network or distribute or us,you will be in line to receive benefts, sooner or later. But or all people looking ora way to get a chance to win something right away, here are this month’s contest terms: Add your Facebook Friends to InDaegu’s group on Facebook. Pretty simple. Just search or “In Daegu” group on Facebook. At the end o the month, we will be able tocheck our group wall to see how many riends you invited. The individuals who invitedthe most riends will receive the better prizes.
Prizes: We’re only just getting started. But here are a few that will be available to win:
100,000won bar/ood tab rom Travellers Bar and Grill. 
100,000won bar/ood tab rom downtown Bennigan’s. 
100,000won bar/ood tab rom Sydney Street. 
2 Buet tickets to SkyOnn 
Pizza Party rom Papa John’s. We’ll bring pizza to wherever you want to do it. 
Kebabs rom Star Kebab. 
Free tickets or our regular tours or paintball, rating, and also cultural excursions.I you have a business or service that you would like to oer VIP Promotion to our monthly contests, please emailus at ino@in-daegu.com.
Tahaad Robrtartwoof thmostsocialablad hardworkig stdts atKimyg Adams Collg. Thyalsohapptobbig hlprs or IDag ad ordirtprocts. For thir ogoig hlp,w’d liktotratthmtoa,wo br ad ood tab atSydyStrt,apoplar bar ithKimyg ara. SydyStrtad cabod othKimyg pagof IDag,ad alsood othmap osampag.MatthwVallis ad th ForigLagagIstittatYgamUivrsityhavbgratspportrs ad radrs of IDag. Thyhavaorigtachrs mtig iJad w’llbsdig thm4pizzas romPapaJoh’s,as ashowof or thaks.LartSwllis awadditiotoor tambthhas oid withabag. Hotolyhas articls ithis issof IDag btalsochckothis workior sistr pblicatioof FACE. Lartgts bttickts or SkyOBt. SkyOad cabod ithis IDag iss.KatHwaOShiis alog timvoltr btthis mothhas ltabig hlpighad doig alotof thtraslatioworkor this iss. A BIG thaks toKat!Katgtsa,wotab atBiga’s. Biga’s ad cabod latr ithis IDag iss.FraSatos addd atoof his Dag rids toor Facbookgrop (sarch‘IDag’oFacbook). For his hlp,w’rgivig himrkbabs romStar Kbab. Thaks Fr-a!Chris Hbb ad thrstof thmaagrialtamof Mookkag havbloyalspport-rs throgh thyars,ad srig thator pblicatiogts distribtd toallof thirorigtachrs atthir dirtschools. ,wobar ad ood tab gos toChris adhis tam,or allyor hlp. Thaks Chris!Travllrs Bar ad Grillcabod othbackpagof this iss.
Wereally wantto beFriendswith Beneftsandhaveyou getinvolvedwith our Face-bookgroup.Search or uson FacebookGroupsat‘In Daegu’.
Umm...InDaegu has been thinking a lot about you,these days...and uh...we want to be more than justfriends with youUmm...InDaegu has been thinking a lot about you,these days...and uh...we want to be more than justfriends with you
 MCh V BkM-ChS
Co-Managing ditor michelle@in-daegu.com
Py SM
Co-Managing ditor priya@in-daegu.com
Hi Evryo!Smmr is hrad this issof IDag is llofarticls thatwillhopllymakyor smmr iKorasomthig tormmbr.Whillovmotls archap ad covit,w’vgotsomadvicor thosof yo whoarad-vtros oghtotrycampig as aaltrativthis smmr. If yo’rotp or that,thtakalookatoof thpsios thatPohag has too-r. For thosof yo whoaritchig or aitr-atioaltrip,itmaybhard ottobyatickttoThailad atr radig abotwhatthis amazigcotryhas toor.If yo’ritoplayig sports,yo cafid ot sthowasy(ad chap!) golf iKoracab. Ifyo’rmorof aspctator,yo mayliktoharabotsomof thparticipats whowillbpod-ig thpavmtatthIAAF champioships i sttwoshortmoths.Trtoorm,walways havthlatstadgratstithwayof ood!Ithis iss,yo’llfidotmorabotwhrtooyvgtaria ood iDag as wllhas how tofid halalood ad Idi-aspics. If it’s Italiayo’ratr,thmaksrtorad abotthlimitd pizzaatBstFridrstarat. For thos of yo whoaralways look-ig or rmidrs of homithormof sacks,aAmricaavorit,AtA’s Prtzls maysatisyyor cravigs.Happyradig ad chrs toagratstarttosmmr!Hi radr!Thaks or pickigp thJissofIDag. This is th4thissof Dag'sEglishwspapr,ocsig ows,rviws,ood,sports,ad othr articlsabotDag. W'vgotsomwchags com-ig p thatw'd liktoshar:
IDag willsoohavasistr magazi!FACEmagazi(stadig or Fashio,Art,Cltr,ad Evts) is or wmagazithatocss othosthms,or Dag ad GyogbkProvic.IDag willstillrmaithsorcor ws,r-viws,ad othr articls,btyo’llowsashitof or art,cltr,msic,ad vtcottitoFACE. Mailagags willbEglishad Kora,iadditio,wwillhavarticlad vt smma-ris iChis. DistribtiowillbthroghotDag ad GyogbkProvic,btas thovr-allgoalis topromotor rgio,distribtiowillicldkytorismad trasportatiohbs iSol,Bsa,Dao,ad Gwag. ThChiscottwillotolybgard towards Dag’slargChispoplatio,btalsoor distribtiotworks warcrrtlyarragig withtravlagcis iShaghai ad Biig. FACE willhavits lachpartyoJ8ataartcaiDamy-og-dog,attdd byKoraad origartistsad artthsiasts. If yo’ritrstd iattd-ig or lachparty,shootamssagto FACE’sPRDirctor,Joyc,atoyc@galbiim.com.
Promotios!Som of or log-trmad loyalmmbrs artakig oladrship positios iFACE. Crrtly,w havovr 4ivrsityi-trs ad origvoltrs workig or FACE(xcldig mmbrs whoarhlpig romIDa-g) ad w'd liktothakthmor thhard workthy'vptitoor FACE mtigs ovr thpastwmoths. Btspcifically,w'd liktogivbigthaks toor FACE ladrship tam,cosistig ofthFACE Maagig Editors AiHog ad J-ghooRym,AssistatEditor ad ItrMa-agr,Skkyog Sog,ad PR/Evts Dirctor, JoycKo. Ad also,spcialthaks toKylRam,whois workig vrishlyodsig,whiltryigtomaagatamof Koraad origdsigrs.
Soo,yo willbgitoscstomizd ad kylookig magaziracks big dployd throgh-otdowtowad Dag,atrig IDag adFACE. Eachmagazirackdsigd spcificallytositthtasts ad itrior of thdistribtioloca-tio. If yo kowof aplacwhowats tohavacstomrackdvlopd or or distribtio,plasmails atio@i-dag.com.
Localizd sctios!Rctly,yo’vb s-ig somspcificsctios iIDag. Whavarglar KygpookNatioalUivrsitysc-tio;Dag ItratioalSchoolsctio,vrymoths;aKimyg arasctioidvlopmt;pls aw Ygam Uivrsityarasctio. Btwarbgiig tolocalizrthr. Warcr-rtlydvlopig maps ad cottor kysc-tios of thcity,whichwillatrws, articls,ad otworthyioabotdirtighbor-hoods iDag,ragig romSagi/Wolba/Dagok,Dasa/Yogsa/Igok,Chilgok,Sii/Sa-wol,Jisa/Hwaggm,ad mor!Althoghwhavsomwritrs livig ithsaras,wdtovolvpopltotakoSctioEditor rols,whryo’d bichargof th-4pagsctioof yor ara. Dvlopig cottidas,workigwithlocalwritrs/traslators,scotig distrib-tiolocatios or IDag ad yor localsctio,tc...Emailyor idastoio@i-dag.com,if yoliviaarathatyo wattocotribtor.
IDag Adio!This is iits arlystags,btwarplaig todvlop dowloadabladiorcordigs of allof or mothlyarticls,or th bfitof or Koraradrs. W'llaocoor Facbookgrop (sarch'IDag'oFac- book) whthsadiorcordigs arradyorthJiss.
IDag Jior!Aothr arlycocptwarworkig o. Waritalks withalocaldca-tiopblishr toprodcasbscriptio-basddcatioalormatof IDag,atrig articlsof varyig dificlty,iadditiotohavig sp-plmtarydcatioalcott,schas qizzs,tsts,adiodictatio,tc...This willalsovtallycoicidwithorigtachrs visitig schools,acadmis,ad cltrctrs whorcivorsbscriptio,ad or origtachr will dcatstdts,sig IDag Jior. ThspositioswillbavailabltoFad F4visaholdrs. If yohavaschool,acadmy,or compaywho is itr-std ircivig IDag Jior or yor st-dts,plassd amssagtoio@i-dag.com
june 2011june 2011
I Dag, Gyogbk provic, itra-tioal stdts wr slctd to bcom ho-orary ambassadors or a social mdia grop.Stdts rom Chia, Idosia, th Philip-pis, Amrica, Malaysia, ad Mxico whoar stdyig i Dag will writ blogs ads social tworkig sits that ca b si thir hom cotris.Thr ar 9 stdts rom GyogbkUivrsity, 7 rom Ygam Uivrsity,3 rom Dag Catholic Uivrsity,  romKimyg Uivrsity ad o rom DagUivrsity who ar participatig i th so-cial mdia grop.Th social mdia grop was cratd sothat itratioal stdts i Dag cashar thir cltral xprics with popli thir hom cotris via blogs, Twittr,Facbook ad othr sch sits.Mmbrs of th social mdia gropwill b dcatd abot Dag’s modr his-tory. Thy will tak a walkig tor romGyogsaggamyog park to Ji ally adto th Mdical Missioary msm. Thstdts will also gt to xpric parts ofKora cltr that ar iq to Dag. Atth Yagogsi Orital Mdical Ctr,th stdts will lar abot choppig adwrappig mdicial hrbs. At a traditioalta hos, thy will gt to sampl hrbal ta.Startig i April, or thr moths, thshoorary ambassadors will chroicl thirxprics of visitig arms, larig abotatral dyig, ad takig cltral tors.Thy will rcot thir tals o blogs adsocial tworkig sits sch as Twittr adFacbook.At th d of J, a priz will b award-d to th stdt who has do th mostotstadig work. Also, mmbrs or thscod social mdia grop will b slctd atthat tim.Kim YogDa, th Exctiv Dirctorof Dsig i Dag said, “Throgh th workof ths itratioal hoorary ambassa-dors, Dag’s positiv imag ca b asilyshard with th whol world throgh thitrt. This is a chac or Dag to maka am or itsl.”
At Gomochi Mi, a abadod mi iMgyog, Mr. Kim rom Chagwo iGyogam Provic, was od dad atr big aild to a wood cross. Mr. Kim (53),a ormr taxi drivr, was od o May arod 6 p.m. by Mr. A, a bkpr. “Whilgoig p th motai, I od th madad, hagig o th wood cross-shapdram st lik Jss was xctd,” statdMr. A. Th polic said that Mr. Kim hadspiks i both his hads ad t, so that hcold’t mov. H also had a cm wod ihis sid by big stabbd with som sort ofobct. Howvr, th cas of dath was s-ocatio. A mirror had b placd i rotof th victim, so that mayb Mr. Kim colds himslf hagig o th cross. A whip-shapd tool mad rom tor dct tap wasalso od ar him. Th last pics of vi-dc ito Mr. Kim’s dath wr od ap-proximatly m away; Mr. Kim’s car hldmros itms, which is blivd h hadprchasd. Ths icldd a tt, hammr,had drill, ki, saw, bckt, blprits ormakig a cross, ood, ad writt istrc-tios o how to ti o’s slf oto a cross.Howvr, o sicid ot was od.Polic sspct that Mr. Kim drilld thcross ad aild himslf to it with somhlp. Howvr, thy ar also ivstigatig
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Bosun im
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 michelle VanBalom
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 maeil shinmun– oiginally ePoed By 
O Jaary 4, Dag mayor Kim Bmill a-ocd, “From ow o, by spportigthctr w will promot mdical torismwhich iclds cosmtic, drmatological,adorital procdrs.”Th ctr Mayor Bmill is rrrig tois th Kygpook Natioal Uivrsity Hos-pital Trasplat Ctr, amos or its olli-clar it trasplats. Kygpook NatioalUivrsity Hospital Hair Trasplat Ctrhas b kow as th athority i thhair trasplat fild sic 99. Thctr movd rom Kygpook Uivr-sity Hospital to th 6th floor i Dag CityCtr. It is xpctd to bcom a ladmarkof Dag Mdical Torism by doig world-ladig hair rsarch.Th Hair Trasplat Ctr xpasioad rlocatio was slctd as a “Local Lad-ig Excllt Mdical Tchology Promo-tio Spport Bsiss” by th Miistry ofHalth ad Wlar. Th govrmt doat-d .5 billio wo, Dag City ivstd .5 billio wo, ad 5 millio wo was giv by Kygpook Uivrsity Hospital, all total-ig 3.5 billio wo.Sic hair loss acts origrs, may
Hair Transplant TechnologyReceives Recognition
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gi-hyun sung, dean seo, and hyeyoung shin
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Daegu’s MeDical TourisM:
Murder or Suicide?
Man naileD To cross:
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International Students in DaeguBecome Honorary Ambassadors
maRia mOnTeSSORi
Early childhood dcatio has com to ac-cpt today what Maria Motssori discov-rd so log ago: Childr dr six havxtraordiary powrs of mid. Thy hava ivrsal, oc-i-a-litim ability to ab-sorb kowldg rom thir srrodigs st by livig. Thy tak i thir viro-mt-th physical spac, th lagag admovmt of adlts ad childr-with whatMotssori calld ”th absorbt mid.” Thabsorbt mid is at its pak rcptivity dr-ig th prschool yars.I ordr to b calm ad happy, childrdr six d to xplor ad discovr. Thys th world throgh “w” ys ad arthror crios abot vrythig. Adsic thy lar by tochig ad maiplat-ig obcts, thy wat to toch vrythig!Thy ar kly attd to vrythigthat stimlats thir sss: shaps, sods,smlls, txtrs, ad tasts. Thy also r-spod to ordr bcas of thir iat dto kow whr thigs blog ad how picsfit togthr. Thy wat to mastr th mov-mts of thir ow bodis by larig to bal-ac, r, skip ad mp. Ad thy ar asci-atd by th cstoms ad traditios of popli thir livs.Bcas of th absorbt mid, pr-school-agd childr do ot d dircttachig i ordr to lar. Th Motssoriprschool classroom thror allows thmto mov, toch, maiplat, ad xplor. Itgivs thm th rdom to choos thir owwork withot cssary itrrcrom a adlt. I this viromt, thylar to work idpdtly, basd o thirow iitiativ, which bilds coctratioad sl-discipli.Bor Motssori mad ths discovr-is, it was grally tak or gratd thatmay sbcts-gomtry, grammar, gogra-phy, botay, zoology, ad so o-wr limitdto oldr childr. Bt Motssori dcatiorvals th xtraordiary high lvl of lar-ig- both coscios ad coscios- thatca com with as to childr dr six.Frthrmor, Motssori arly childhooddcatio ot oly hacs yog chil-dr’s kowldg i th prst; it also stab-lishs th odatios or tr comprh-sio o a mor abstract lvl latr i li.
The Critical Preschool Years
“Do gap-fills rally assss listig?”I vr stoppd to thik abot that qstio bor. Th gap-fill ormat costatly showsp i my ESL txtbooks ad matrials. I’vmad dozs, thikig th xrcis willorc th stdts to list atttivly.At th May 7th Dag KOTESOL mt-ig, Padar Callagha provd m (ad oth-rs) wrog ihis xcllt smiar, “ActivListig: Movig Byod Fillig i thBlaks.”As a xrcis, h gav s a gap-fill i amad-p lagag ad askd s to fill i th blaks.Most participats got ll marks ortrascribig th syllabls w hard, btcold w attach maig to thm? No. gap-fill activitis may prov that stdts havgood harig, bt thydo’t assss compr-hsio. It’s too bad, sic thy show p ivry ESL txt o th markt, ot withotrthr comprhsio qstios.Lckily, Padar gav s som grat a-swrs to th qstio: How ca w bst -gag ad assss stdts’ listig skills?
uSe TeChnOLOGy
Most Kora classrooms ar kittd otwith comptrs ad sod systms, adtachrs shold tak ll advatag. Tach-rs ca s simpl sotwar to crat thirow listig activitis or hav stdtsmak voic rcordigs o thir cll phos(yo kow thy’r all carryig o). Witha w mp3 playrs ad stdts’ ow had-phos, tachrs ca also mak listig sta-tios arod th classroom whr stdtsca hit rplay as may tims as thy d.
Do’t rly solly o tasks lik gap-fillsor dictatios, i which stdts simply tra-scrib th sods thy har. Th stdtsshold dmostrat that thy drstadth listig. Padar gav a grat “WatdPostr” xampl, i which stdts list tophysical dscriptios of two popl ad mstdraw th acs dscribd. Th task is asy toassss ad stdts ca ocs o listigwithot havig to worry abot thir spll-ig or writig skills. Othr xampls icldmid maps ad pro/co lists, i which st-dts procss ad orgaiz th iormatiothy har i a w ormat.
aCTivaTe muLTiPLe SKiLLS WiThReTeLLinG
This was o of my avorit tips romth smiar. Half th stdts ar giv atxt to rad, procss, ad rtll to a partr,who th writs dow th iormatio. Thtxt is too log to simply mmoriz, so thstdts mst paraphras th cott. Thisgags radig, writig, listig, adspakig. It also lts th tachr stp backad lt th stdts do all th talkig witho aothr.This task ca also b do with pictrs.Stdt A ss a pictr ad xplais whatthy s to Stdt B, who mst draw whatis dscribd. I sd this activity to rviwphysical dscriptios with my stdts withgrat sccss.
Active Listening in the Classroom
 Wrien by
 anne meit
Translation by
Ke hwa one shin
The study o chd psychoogy n the st yeas o eopens to ou eyes such wondes that no one seengthem wth undestandng can a to be deepy sted.Ou wok as aduts does not consst n teachng, butn hepng the nant mnd n ts wok o deveopment.
I May, thr Uitd Stats vtras allgdthat thy had assistd i bryig 5 barrlsof Agt Orag i 978 at Camp Carroll iChilgok. Agt Orag is a hrbicid sdto clar gl drig th Vitam War. Vi-tam says that th chmical is rsposiblor millios of birth dcts ad cacrs.Accordig to o vtra, RichardCramr, "W wt ad dg a big hol i thgrod o th back sid of th post, ad thw filld it ll of barrls.” Aothr vtra,Robrt Travis, stats that "O th barrls itsaid Chmical Typ Agt Orag." All thrvtras hav chroic halth isss that thysay wr casd by thir xposr to thchmical.Th Kora ad U.S. govrmts bothaocd that thy wold tak swit actioto ivstigat th allgatios. Gral Wal-tr L. Sharp, commadr of th Uitd Na-tios Commad, Combid Forcs, ad U.S.Forcs Kora said i a ws rlas, “I amawar of ad cocrd with ws rportsallgig brial of Agt Orag at CampCarroll. Both Amricas ad Koras livad work i ad arod Camp Carroll, adI shar th cocrs of th govrmt ofth Rpblic of Kora ad th Kora popllivig ar th istallatio. If ay sbstac-s of cocr ar od, w will dispos ofthm proprly.” Th USFK said that accord-ig to a 99 stdy by th U.S. Army Corpsof Egirs, a larg mbr of drms co-taiig chmicals, psticids, hrbicids, adsolvts wr brid at th camp i 978, btthy did ot say if Agt Orag was amogthos.Rsidts livig i Chilgok ar worridthat th hazardos chmical has spd itoth grod watr, as this watr was drktil 995; som rral rsidts still s thiswatr. Thy wat to ivstigat if a mbrof rportd cacr cass wr casd by thallgd dmpig.
 Wrien by
 michelle Van Balom
Alleged Dumping of AgentOrange in Chilgok
ar itrstd i hair rstoratio procdrs.Th cost of th procdr is abot 6 milliowo, so it is a high addd val bsiss, aspatits do’t d to b hospitalizd borad atr th procdr. Drig th srgry,patits do ot d gral asthsia, sothr ar miimal risks. May orig pa-tits srig rom hair loss will cosidrdrgoig a hair rstoratio procdr.Kim JgChl, Prsidt of KygpookUivrsity Hospital, said, “I th tr,w will mak a ort to itratioallypromot or ctr.” Th Hair TrasplatCtr will attract orig patits by ivit-ig oralists ad doctors rom Chia ad Japa, arragig baty packags sch asplastic srgry opratios, ski car proc-dr, dtal chckps, ad Chis hrbalmdici tratmts. Thy will also rcivxcllt rcovry car. I additio, to stayo of th ladig istittios or hair tras-plat, it will coti to idstrializ hairrmoval, artificial ski, ac crs, as wll asw tchology or hair trasplats ad ol-liclar it trasplats.
ocua unt tanspants
모발 이식/ 자가 모발 이식
Mr. A, who is th oprator of a rligios caféof which Mr. Kim was a mmbr. Mr. Kimlivd alo atr divorcig his wi i 995.A yar ago, h qit his ob as a taxi drivr adwt of th grid. Howvr, at th bgiigof last moth, h boght a w car with his brothr ad was attdig chrch. Mr. Kimwas kow to b rligios, ivitig ridsad amily to accompay him to chrch. Halso smd obsssd with hav ad ot-o-body xprics. Bcas of this, othory is that Mr. Kim might hav commit-td sicid by imitatig Jss’ dath o April, thr days bor Eastr.Yogta Kim, th chif ivstigatorof th Mgyog polic dpartmt, wasqotd as sayig, “Sic th dath sc wasvry strag to b cosidrd a sicid adMr. Kim did’t hav a psychiatric history,mrdr [has ot b] rld ot. Howvr,w also hav to cosidr how strog th willof Mr. Kim was, so th ivstigatio is stillop.”
june 2011june 2011

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