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Facts About YS Jagan

Facts About YS Jagan



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Published by: Harsha Vardhan Reddy Annapareddy on Aug 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1) What is the CBI case about? Who filed the case and against who?
 Under instructions from Sonia Gandhi, Shankar Rao, a Congress MLA and a well-known YSRbaiter had written to the High Court alleging that YS Jaganmohan Reddy's wealth was ill-gottenand that the investments had flown into Jaganmohan Reddy's companies on a quid pro quobasis. The letter in question had alleged that the beneficiaries of YSR Government largesse hadin turn made investments in Jaganmohan Reddy's firms at high premium. Sensing an opportunity,the Telugu Desam Party wanted to fish in the troubled waters and its leaders Yerran Naidu,Ashok Gajapathi Raju and Byreddy Rajasekhara Reddy had impleaded themselves in thepetition. During the run-up to the 2009 polls, the TDP had circulated a book titled "Rajah of Corruption" drawing mainly from the slew of allegations churned out by Telugu dailies Eenaduand Andhra Jyothi with a devious intention to malign Jagan at the national-level. These veryallegations formed the basis of the documents that Shankar Rao's letter and the contents of thesame document were again submitted by the TDP leaders to the High Court. Significantly, thereports doled out by Eenadu and Andhra Jyothi were the exact photocopies of IT assessmentorders issued to Jagan. Sadly, the High Court had taken into consideration these very same jottings of the IT department. Even a cursory look would convince anyone of the forces behind thesmear campaign against Jaganmohan Reddy. It is on the basis of the allegations levelled byShankar Rao and the TDP that the High Court had initially ordered a preliminary probe and thenfollowed it up with a comprehensive probe.
2) Why did the High Court order a CBI inquiry?
 The petitioners had furnished the write-ups published in pro-TDP dailies as also the returns filedby Jaganmohan Reddy and the documents submitted to the Registrar of Companies (RoC) tosubstantiate their allegations. The fact, however, remains that neither CAG, nor a HouseCommittee nor a probe commission had upheld these accusations. Normally, any due process of law in any crime requires filing of an FIR. But, in this case, no FIR was filed beforehand.
3) Media has also been reporting about the Emmar case. What is Emmar case about?
 The Chandrababu Naidu regime had allocated 600 acres of prime land abutting Hyderabad'sHitec City for constructing amenities such as golf courses, star hotels and upmarket villages tothe Emmar. Even the most conservative of the estimates had put the worth of the allocated landat a whopping Rs 10,000 crore. The chief contention in this case pertains to the accusation thatthe Emmar had reneged on the MoUs that it had entered into with the APIIC and resultantly hadcaused huge losses to the exchequer. Another accusation is that the prime villas had beengrossly undervalued to siphon off funds that would otherwise have accrued to the Governmentcoffers. A vigilance report forms the basis of this accusation.
4) Are Jagan case and the Emmar case one and the same? At least, that is what a sectionof the media is seeking to portray!
 No. This is nothing but a vilification campaign unleashed by the
Yellow Syndicate
comprisingEenadu, Andhra Jyothi, TV9 and Studio N. They are resorting to this dirty trick as they are unableto take on Jaganmohan Reddy directly. both are two different cases that are being taken up bythe same division bench of the High Court.
5) Who is Shankar Rao? Why did he file a case and what did he complain about?
 Shankar Rao is a Congress MLA, who has the dubious distinction of not having any worthwhilecontribution to his credit. He has been elected to the Legislative Assembly from SecunderabadContonment constitutency. He is part of the cabal involved in mud-slinging on JaganmohanReddy. He has been virulently anti-YS Rajasekhara Reddy and had nursed a grudge against himfor having denied him a ministerial berth. He wrote a letter against Jaganmohan Reddy to theHigh Court in October last year demanding a probe into his assets. This, he did with an eye on acabinet post. In his letter, Rao had accused that YS Rajasekhara Reddy had misused his chief minister's position to illegally grant several projects to a few industrialists and that they had,return, invested in Jagan's firms at an exorbitant premium. The moment the High Court had takencognizance of the letter, Shankar Rao was rewarded with a ministerial post. This fact alone goesto prove that the Congress High Command was involved in a vicious campaign against YSR's
6) Why Jagan?
 Ever since, Jagan defied the diktats of the Congress and its chief Sonia Gandhi and vowed toundertake the Odarpu Yatra (the tour aimed at consoling the kin of those who died of grief andshock in the wake of YSR's untimely demise) in accordance with the promise that he made to thepeople at Nalla Kaluva (near the site of the ill-fated chopper crash that robbed him of his father),the Congress high command has been consumed by an overawing feeling of vengeance. TheCongress was totally unnerved by the unprecedented response to Odarpu Yatra and thephenomenal rise in Jagan's popularity. It was also unnerved by the immense support andpopularity that newly-founded YSR Congress has been enjoying as also by the staggering victorymargins of both Jaganmohan Reddy and his mother YS Vijayamma in the bypolls to the KadapaLok Sabha seat and Pulivendula legislative assembly seat. For the first time in the history of thestate, both the ruling and the main opposition parties had to bear the shame of forefeiting their security deposits in these historic elections. Further, a host of surveys, conducted by independentorganisations, have projected a rout for the Congress and a staggering win for Jagan and hisparty. All pointers show that Jagan has far outpaced all his political rivals in popularity. Hisextensive tours in the rural interiors across the state, have made him the only leader in thecountry who is currently connecting on such a staggering scale with the grassroots. All thesehave convinced the Congress and the Telugu Desam Party that they can never match Jagan'spopularity in a direct confrontation. It was then that Operation Target Jagan was unveiled by theCongress high command with Shankar Rao as the front.
7) Why were the courts approached when the Government itself could have ordered a CBIprobe?
 Under the provisions of the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act (the legislation that regulatesthe functioning of the CBI), the State Government could have ordered a CBI inquiry. But, thatwould have exposed the ruling dispensation's anti-YSR and anti-Jagan attitude and it would havehad to countenance intense public ire. Hence, Shankar Rao was used as a prop and the courtroute was chosen to harass Jagan. It may be recalled that the TDP had stalled the house for over two weeks demanding a house committee on the land allocations during the YSR rule, TheGovernment had then offered to constitute to a house committee and the Speaker had averredthat the house committee would be set up provided the TDP furnished prima facie evidence of irregularity. Till now, neither the Telugu Desam Party nor the Congress had come up withconcrete evidence. The fact is there is no concrete evidence. Hence the court case and the CBIprobe through the backdoor.
8) Did Jagan err?
No law in the country bars anyone from investing in any company owned by any individual. Yet,the
Gang of Four 
comprising Eenadu, Andhra Jyothi, TV9 and the TDP are trying to trumpetfalsehoods. Ramoji and Chandrababu would ideally want investments to flow only into the firmsowned by individuals and parties of their liking. The Congress game plan is to wean awayinvestors from YS Jagan and target Jagan's companies and those investing in them. BothChandrababu and Kiran Kumar Reddy have proved themselves incapable of rejuvenating their respective moribund parties. These two outfits are now plotting to pull down a rising andrejuvenated Jagan.All that an invester needs to furnish are a pan card, a bank account and a document validatingthe address. No company goes in for a police probe into the antecedents of those investing withthem. Further, the investments into Jagan's companies came in the form of capital - in the hopeof possible returns. This capital formed the bedrock of the newspaper and the TV channel thatboth Telugu Desam and the Congress would hate to love. Hence, they are all out to showmisdemeanors where none exist. The moot question here is how low can both the
Yellow Syndicate
and the Congress stoop to achieve their objective.
9) How can one amass such assets without resorting to corruption?
 YSR family has carved out a niche for itself in both trade and industry. Much before YSR became
an MLA way back in 1978, the YSR family had made a name for itself as a business andindustrial house. Even during the times of Jagan's grandfather YS Raja Reddy, the family for known as the highest tax payee. They own several lands, cinema theatres and mining units .Also, Jagan had taken over Sandur Power Project way back in 2001, a good three years beforeYSR became the chief minister. By 2004, over Rs 140 crore were spent on the project and thehydel project is credited for its highest plant load factor. Further, Sakshi was first paper in thecountry to be launched with a starting circulation of over 10 lakh copies. Today, it stands ninethacross the nation in terms of circulation. According to the IRS statistics, only the Hindu and theSakshi had managed to hike their circulation considerably during the last six months. BharatiCements is the only cement company in the country to have achieved a production capacity of 5lakh tonnes in just three years. All these stand testimony to Jagan's business acumen andvisionary approach.Chandrababu, who is
ad nauseum
accusing Jagan of amassing ill-gotten wealth, is showing itstrue colours. He doesn't own a single company and all his earnings could well be from theamounts siphoned off from the NTR Trust and the laundered money from abroad. He may havemade a fortune by divesting thousands of acres to others. Hence, how Chandrababu, who hadnever been an industrialist and owned a mere two acres of agricultural land, could amass suchwealth is a question that needs to be probed.In contrast, Jagan was an established industrialist by 2001. Till 2009, he was an industrialistalone. Yet, he is being targeted by Eenadu, Andhra Jyothi and others for his financial growthsimply because his father happened to be chief minister during that period. All this is propaganda,pure and simple. Jagan had lawfully paid the advance income tax for the income accrued fromthe disinvestiment of his majority stakes to French cement major Wica. Despite all these, thevilification campaign by the Yellow Syndicate is going ahead full steam.
10) Did Jagan make money using his father's chief ministerial clout?
 Three companies had come into existance under the stewardship of Jagan. Sandur Power Project on Varahi river in Karnataka is the first one. This was set up in 2001, ie., during theChandrababu regime. Jagan also owned a hydel project in Karimnagar during the same period.Information regarding the capital investments into this firm, details of the investors and the profitsaccrued to them are in the public domain. Sakshi was launched from the profits made from theSandur Power Project to address the media needs of those vexed by the pro-TDP media.Expecting considerable profits, several investors had put their monies in Sakshi TV. Sakshi TVwas envisaged as a quality newspaper with international design and state-of-the-art technologyso as to compete with Eenadu, which then had a circulation of over 10 lakh copies. Concertedeffort was made to bring out Sakshi as a multi-coloured product with 23 district editions. All theseneeded high investments. Hence Jagan solicited support from those interested in investing inmedia field. Only those who were genuinely interested in investing in media had come forward.Though thousands of industries were set up during the five-year rule of YSR, not all of them hadinvested with Sakshi.Further, investments come with liability, kickbacks or payoffs don't. Has anyone legally investedpay offs? Why would anyone strive to give back profits to those giving kickbacks? Isn't it a factthat entrepreneurs like Nimmagadda Prasad, India Cements and Dalmiya Cements, who had puttheir monies in Bharati Cements, had made huge profits. Why would anyone, who had receivedpayoffs, share ones profits?
11) Is it true that only those benefited by YSR's largesse have invested in Jagan'scompanies?
 Those making such wild allegations have the onerous responsibility of proving them. Unable tooffer any credible proof that YSR had made undue favours to anyone, these forces have chosenthe easy method of maligning. They have been alleging that even securing a government nod for their projects was nothing short of a scam and that those who secured such approvals hadinvested in Jagan's firm. If so, why is that so few entrepreneurs have invested in Jagan'scompanies when so many were benefited? Also, countless people were benefited by the welfareschemes put in place by YSR. What about them? Did they invest in Jagan's companies? TheState Government had, in accordance with the laws of the land, issued mining leases to hundreds

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