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Xl - Excel n Extra Large

Xl - Excel n Extra Large

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for students who want to perform better than their present level, for those willing to unlock the hidden talents within them,this material comes in handy
for students who want to perform better than their present level, for those willing to unlock the hidden talents within them,this material comes in handy

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Published by: Ibukun Oluwatobi Adebolu on Aug 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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it happened to me2.The problem: how
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Failure; The great depression
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Potential pitfalls; prideAUTHOR’S NOTEIn January, 2010, about 300 ladies and gentlemen
gathered in a conference aimed at rebuilding thefundamental tenets of Nation building. It was theREBUILDER’S conference. There we learnt that theway to influence our society today is by impacting oneperson at a time. This work is a product of such avision. XL is a book written to reach one youth at atime. The rate of suicide among students in India isalarming. The Nigerian Education Authorities arealarmed at the rate at which student’s fail basiccertificate examinations, witnessing thousands of 
applications for tertiary examinations annually, themore of the students enrolling three to four timesbefore getting admission into the higher institution,probably studying their next best courses.More value has been placed on schooling, than ongetting a good education.-1-IT HAPPENED TO MEWe write to you about the Word of life, which hasexisted from the very beginning. We have heard it,and we have seen it with our eyes; yes, we have seenit, and our hands have touched it.---
1Jn 1:1
 There was nothing so phenomenal about my childhoodschooling, I was not concerned about anything neitherdo I remember being scolded for bringing home poorgrades, whether the grades were high or low, I had noway of telling, I didn’t even know where to look out formy results on the report card. My parents collectedthe report card at the end of each term and we neverever had issues with my grades, not for once for doingwell and never for once doing so badly.Somehow it bothered me how the same set of peoplegot to receive the prizes at the end of each academicyear. When I started paying attention to my results, Iremember being 30
the first time I checked andguess what, it didn’t bother me. I had no inspirationnor motivation, no strong will nor attitude. Of course, Ihad no desperation. My case, to me, was not criticaland I needed no help. Literally, I was content with the
status quo, I couldn’t be better or better say, I neverwanted to be.But sometime later on, I wanted to be better. I wantedto join the league of students who were concernedwith progress in their studies. I discussed this with afriend and we later began to act in the strength of thisimpulse. We were going to be better, by legitimatemeans. I wouldn’t know what the figures eleven andtwelve meant to me, but it was our goal that we wouldbe among the best twelve students in our arm of theclass.Little as we were, we joined our faith and agreed inprayers, though I couldn’t say I knew God as muchback then, but I certainly believe that He exists andthat He was going to help me anyway. For the veryfirst time, I could remember rewriting the wholeterm’s notes for a particular subject in another pieceof paper and reciting the write up until it stuck in myhead. Somehow I had learnt a recipe for rememberingthings. However I tried to go it the wrong way, I wentinto the exam hall with the paper stuck in my pocket. Thanks to a good teacher, I was made to put it awaybefore the examination started, I guess I did well,because I was eleventh and my friend was twelfth. This was the beginning of the new dawn in my life.Cramming was not the only skill I learnt late inprimary school, I learnt to pay attention to details too.I could remember the social studies teacher came inat what seemed to be the last lesson for the term anddictated some questions to us and answered themtoo. I acted on impulse, wrote the questions and theanswers, and guess what, I crammed them. I knew thequestions so well that I could recite them as easily as Iwould twinkle, twinkle little star. The exams came verbatim and you could guess whathappened, I scored a whooping thirty eight out of forty. Some of my mates accused me of cheating,some said I smuggled the questions in, others simplydid not believe. But passively, I had learnt threethings: that the teacher could serve the question

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