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Majorly Short On Result

Majorly Short On Result

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President Obama Plans Yet Another “Major Speech” On The Urgent Need For Jobs – After His Vacation
President Obama Plans Yet Another “Major Speech” On The Urgent Need For Jobs – After His Vacation

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Published by: Republican National Committee on Aug 23, 2011
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Paid for by the Republican National Committee.310 First Street SE - Washington, D.C. 20003 - (202) 863-8500 - www.gop.com
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.
 August 17, 2011
Majorly Short On Results
President Obama Plans Yet Another “Major Speech” On The Urgent 
Need For Jobs
After His Vacation
The New York Times
’ Helene
I gotta say Chuck, that tone in your voice soundslike you've heard this all before. I think 
they've tried this so many times, I wish I had adollar for every time I had written a story that said the White House is shifting to jobs,jobs, jobs
(MSNBC’s, “Daily Rundown,” 8/17/11)
January 8, 2009: “President 
-Elect Barack Obama To Deliver Major Speech On The Economy OnThursday
President-Elect Barack Obama will deliver a major speech on the economy at George MasonUniversity tomorrow. He will make the case for urgent action on an American Recovery andReinvestment Plan that will save or create over 3 million jobs while investing in priorities like healthcare, energy, and education that 
will jumpstart economic growth.”
(The Office Of The President-
Elect, “President 
Barack Obama To Deliver Major Speech On The Economy On Thursday,” 
 April 13, 2009: “
President Barack Obama To Give Major Speech On The Economy At GeorgetownUniversity
President Barack Obama will deliver a major speech on the economy Tuesday, April 14th,at Georgetown University. The speech will take place at 11:30 AM EDT in Gaston Hall. The President willdiscuss how each step his administration has taken to confront this economic crisis fits within hisbroader vision of how we move this economy from recession to recovery and ultimately to prosperity.
(Office Of Media Affairs, “Tomorrow: President Barack Obama To Give Major Speech On The Economy At Georgetown University,” 
September 11, 2009: “
Obama To Give Major Speech About Economy On Monday
President Barack Obama is to give a
speech on the economy Monday, one year after the collapse of LehmanBrothers sparked a global financial crisis, the White House said.
(“Obama To Give Major Speech About Economy On Monday,”
December 5, 2009: “Obama To Promote New Job Ideas During Tuesday Speech.”
In his latest jobcreation effort, President Barack Obama is trying to find practical and politically feasible ways of spurringhiring among skittish employers. Among the ideas expected in his economic speech Tuesday is anexpanded program that gives people cash incentives to fix up their homes with energy-saving materials,senior administration officials have told The Associated Press.
(Will Lester, “Obama To Promote New Jobs Ideas DuringTuesday Speech,” 
Paid for by the Republican National Committee.310 First Street SE - Washington, D.C. 20003 - (202) 863-8500 - www.gop.comNot authorized by any candidate or candidate
s committee.
January 5, 2010: “
Obama To Tout Job-Creating Efforts In Ohio Speech.
President Barack Obama willtravel to Ohio on Jan. 22 to build public support for his jobs agenda.
… Obama has called for a new burst 
of federal spending, perhaps $150 billion or more, to create jobs and steady the economy. The spendingwould be focused on infrastructure improvements, tax cuts for small business, and retrofitting millions of homes to make them more energy-
(“Obama To Tout Job
Creating Efforts In Ohio Speech,
January 27, 2010: “In Key Speech Obama Pledges To Create Jobs.”
I don't quit,' anembattled President Barack Obama vowed in his first State of the Union address Wednesday night tomake job growth his topmost priority and urged a divided Congress to boost the still-ailing economy witha new burst of stimulus spending.
(Jennifer Loven, “In Key Speech Obama Pledges To Create Jobs,” 
ber 6, 2010: Obama Delivers “Major Speech” To Unveil “New Plan To Spur Growth.”
This week Mr. Obama will respond. Today he travels to another swing state, Wisconsin, for aLabor Day address. Then in what is being touted as a major speech, the president goes to Cleveland onWednesday where he will unveil a new plan to spur growth, including more tax breaks for business. Andon Friday, Mr. Obama holds a White House press conference where the economy is expected to be themajor topic.
(NBC’s, “Today,” 9/6/10)
January 25
, 2011: “
Obama's State of the Union Focus:
Winning the Future
Nearly three monthsafter what he described as the
suffered by his party in the midterm elections, the president will try to balance a call for job creation and deficit reduction. He will offer his vision to promote hiringwith what officials describe as
targeted investments.
He will frame it as a plan for
winning the future.
(Peter Maer, “Obama’s State Of The Union Focus: ‘Winning The Future,’” 
Since President Obama Took Office, The Nation Has Lost 2.4 Million Jobs And The Unemployment Rate Has Increased From 7.8 Percent To 9.1 Percent.
(Bureau Of Labor Statistics,BLS.gov
,Accessed 8/17/11)
Moody’s Revises Growth For
casts For 2011 And 2012 Based On “‘Significantly Weaker’ ProspectsFor The Economy.”
“Moody's Analytics on Monday lowered its out 
look for growth in the U.S. economythis year and next, saying it sees "significantly weaker" prospects for the economy than just a month ago
as the country struggles to avoid another recession.”
(“Moody’s Lowers US Economic Outlook Through 2012,” 
, 8/15/11)
 Unemployment Next Year Could Remain Higher Than 8 Percent 
Meaning No Job Growth After “
Biggest Stimulus Package In The History Of The World.”
The White House anticipates unemployment at 8.25 percent and Goldman Sachs and others warn the number could be higher
close to 9 percent,which would mean no net job growth after the biggest stimulus package in the history of the world.
(JimVandeHei and Mike Allen
, “Obama’s Big Drags,” 
The White House Is Concerned That The Economy Stands In The Way Of A Second Term, As
“One Obama Adviser Conceded, ‘
The Numbers Add Up To Defeat 
Privately, however,
Obama’s team is concerned about the factors beyond its control, talking of an imminent need toretool their economic message and strategy heading into 2012. Absent the president’s ability to
defy political gravity, one Obama adviser con
ceded, ‘The numbers add up to defeat.’”
(Jim VandeHei and
Mike Allen, “Obama’s Big Drags,” 
The Buffalo News
“This Country Needs A Leader Now Who Can Turn The Economy
 Around, And
It's Become Clear That Obama Has No Idea How To Do It.”
Obama might have been a good president in a different era -- if we had no debt problems, the economy was growing and unemployment wasmanageable. But the situation is far different and far more desperate. This country needs a leader nowwho can turn the economy around, and it's become clear that Obama has no idea how to do it.
(Editorial, “Can
Obama Succeed?” 

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