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Must Be Nice

Must Be Nice

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Obama Jets Off To Martha’s Vineyard, Leaving
Americans To Deal With The Consequences Of His
Failed Economic Policies
Obama Jets Off To Martha’s Vineyard, Leaving
Americans To Deal With The Consequences Of His
Failed Economic Policies

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Published by: Republican National Committee on Aug 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Paid for by the Republican National Committee.310 First Street SE - Washington, D.C. 20003 - (202) 863-8500 - www.gop.com
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.
 August 18, 2011
Must Be Nice
 Jets Off To Martha’s Vineyard 
 , Leaving Americans To Deal With The Consequences Of HisFailed Economic Policies
Obama Is Scheduled To Go On A 10-
Day Family Vacation To Martha’s Vineyard On
Thursday After Completing The Economic Tour.
(Zachary Goldfarb, “Obama Kicks Off Midwest Bus Tour With HarshWords On The Economy,” 
Hours After Saying That Obama “Will Not Rest” Until Unemployment Ebbs
, The White House
 Announced That Obama Will Spend Nine Days On Vacation In Martha’s Vineyard.
When it comes tocurbing unemployment, President Obama
will not rest 
until everyone looking for a job can find one, WhiteHouse spokesman Jay Carney said Wednesday. A couple of hours later, the White House put out anannouncement that the president will soon begin a nine-day vacation in Martha's Vineyard.
(Peter Nicholas, “As
Some Call For Bold Strokes, Obama Sticks With Vac
ation Plans,” 
Martha’s Vineyard Is “A Haven For The Rich And Famous.”
“The president’s schedule in the
coming days is not likely to comfort his Democratic critics. Although a trip to Michigan on Thursdayand a two-day bus tour through the economically battered
and politically important 
Midwest will put him in touch with average voters, he will then go on vacation, wi
th a week off in Martha’sVineyard, a haven for the rich and famous.”
(Karen Tumulty and Peter Wallsten
, “
Nervous Democrats Say President Obama Must 
Be Bolder On Economy,” 
Obama Will Be Golfing, Cycling, And Going Out To Dinner
When He’s Not At His 28 Acre Estate.
If the past is any guide, Obama will spend his time on the Vineyard golfing, cycling, reading books,playing board games with family and going out to dinner with friends. He will once again stay at a 28-acre estate in Chilmark that in past summers has commanded a rental fee of about $50,000 a week.
(Peter Nicholas,
“As Some Call For Bold Strokes, Obama Sticks With Vacation Plans,” 
Or Watching A Pre-Release Of His Friend Harvey Wei
nstein’s New Movie “Iron Lady.”
“Weinstein said he had been trying to persuade his wife for three years to have a housewarming
party and it had taken president to make it happen. He said that that last year in Martha's Vineyardthe president had asked him
if he had any movies and he had given him a rough cut of the ‘King'sSpeech.’ Obama quipped:’It was pretty good.’ Weinstein said this year he would send Obama Meryl
Streep playing Margaret Thatcher in the
Iron Lady
to watch on his vacation.”
(“Fame And Fortune,”
Paid for by the Republican National Committee.310 First Street SE - Washington, D.C. 20003 - (202) 863-8500 - www.gop.comNot authorized by any candidate or candidate
s committee.
,” 8/11/11)
“President Obama’s Plans For A La
-Di-Da Vacation With The
Glitterati On Martha’s Vineyard This
Week Are Now Drawing Friendly Fire From The Ranks Of His Own Party, As The Nation RemainsDeeply Mired In Economic Turmoil.
(Chris Cassidy, “Dems Bop President Obama For His Vacay,” 
Newton, MA Mayor Says Obama Should Cancel Martha’s Vineyard Vacation.
“Despite the ongoingfinancial crisis President Obama is planning to take his Martha’s Vin
eyard vacation. But Newton mayor and
Democratic Senate candidate Setti Warren is calling the President out for taking time off.“
“Newtown Mayor CallsObama Out For Taking Time Off” 
Even O
bama Supporters Think Obama Should Cancel His Trip Due To The “Urgency” Of The Nation’s
Economic Troubles.
Some of his supporters believe the economic slowdown has reached a level of urgency that he should at least abbreviate the family trip, if not cancel it altogether.
(Peter Nicholas, “As Some Call ForBold Strokes, Obama Sticks With Vacation Plans,” 
One Major Democrat Donor Said,
“If There Were A Real Jobs Summit And A Jobs Push, I WouldFeel Much Better. We're Not Paying Enough Attention To Jobs.”
I think he can shorten his
vacation and focus on this issue,’ said Peter Buttenwieser, a major Democratic donor who c
himself as an admirer of Obama. ‘If there were a real jobs summit and a jobs push, I would feel muchbetter. We're not paying enough attention to jobs.’
” (Peter Nicholas, “As Some Call For Bold Strokes, Obama Sticks WithVacation Plans,”
“’I Believe That The President Should Consider Postponing His Vacation And Call
Congressional Leaders Back To Washington To Propose Serious Jobs Legislation To Present 
To Congress For Immediate Legislative Action,’ U.S. Rep. Niki Tsongas (D
-Lowell) Said In A
Statement To The Herald.”
(Chris Cassidy, “Dems Bop President Obama For His Vacay,” 
Washington Post’s
Colbert King:
But to be leaving town to spend 10 days luxuriating in an affluent,
New England summer town when millions of Americans can’t find
work? To fly off to the Vineyard when the
public is losing faith in Washington’s ability to fix the nation’s economic problems, and with people anxious
about their futures?
What is he thinking? It’s not as if the Obama family is living in deprivation in
(Colbert King, Op-Ed,
“It’s No Time
For A
Presidential Vacation,”
“This Is No Time For
The President To Dwell In Splendid Seclusion Among The Rich And
Famous. Barack Obama’s Got Business To Attend To.”
(Colbert King, Op-
Ed, “It’s No Time For A Presidential Vacation,”
“He Should Use This Summer To Spend Some Time With Folks Who Can’t Afford To Take A
Vacation. And Not Just In Iowa, Illinois And Minnesota, Which Happen To Be States That He
Won In 2008.”
(Colbert King, Op-
Ed, “It’s No Time For A Presidential Vacation,” 
Obama Is Still Goi
ng To Martha’s Vineyard, “As If In A State Of Oblivion.”
“Our president will go to
Martha's Vineyard on vacation this week. Reporters asked him if he was still going to go, considering thedesperate shape the country was in, with millions out of work and others losing their retirement savings. Asif in a state of oblivion, he said yes.
(Editorial, “Can Obama Succeed?” 
“In A Perver
se Way, Perhaps There's No Difference Between Obama Doing Nothing In
Washington And Doing Nothing For The Country While On Vacation.”
(Editorial, “Can Obama Succeed?” 

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