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Published by Icas Phils

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Categories:Types, Research, Law
Published by: Icas Phils on Aug 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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byNeldy Joloon Thursday, February 3, 2011 at 5:21pm
Neldy Jolo
Some of the seven naval sails of Laksamana Cheng Ho were dropped by Sulu Archipelago. Year1405 was the enthronement of Sayyid Abu Bakr, the Sulu first Sultan as Paduka Mahasari MaulanaSultan Sharif Al-Hashim.1405 was also the year that China sent mission to Sulu, and 1405 also the year when Emperor YungLu first entrusted his favour to Cheng Ho as the admiral of the gigantic armada designated forinternational tributary missions.It was usual to Laksamana Cheng Ho to erect landmark at mountain or hilly place in the country theysailed to. In 1409, he brought stone tablet to be erected in Sri Lanka, it is presently known as “GalleTrilingual Inscription” erected in 1411 in Galle.Upon Cheng Ho’s arrival to Sulu Archipelago, specifically at Tanjung, Jolo in 1408, he left hiscompanion Pei Pei Hsien to settle in Jolo when Pei Pei Hsien aboard Sam Po Kong fleet fell sick. PeiPei Hsien stationed and lives at Maubuh for about eight years after his transfer from Tanjung.Pei Pei Hsien built a deep-well artesian as the symbol of gratitude for the hospitality the Sulu nativepeople, the Tausug. Upon his death he was buried at Jati Tunggal, Indanan.His tomb is right now known as Poon Tao Kong and Poon Tao Kong become known as a Chinesetemple in Sulu Archipelago. Poon Tao Kong temple are also found in Bongao and Siasi, Sulu.Gregorio Zaide said as mentioned in Chinese records Pan Tao Kong or Pei Pon Tao died on 26December 1405 while the ship of Laksamana Cheng Ho was anchored in Jolo shore during the theirfirst voyage to the Malay and Sulu Archipelago. He was the Chinese tribute collector. 26 December was the date that brought Chinese residence in Jolo to make pilgrimage to his tomb every year.If this would be the case, the tribute mission that China did to Sulu in 1405 was coincided with theenthronement of Sayyid Abu Bakr as first Sulu Sultan on 17 November 1405. Tausug historian shallstill look for Chinese records to prove that Pei Pei Hsien died in 1408 and Pei Pon Tao died in 1405 inTanjung, Jolo, Sulu are the same person.In 1415, Lakasaman Cheng Ho second in command Wang Jinghong was buried in Indonesia after hisstay in Simongan, Semarang passed through Jawa Sea. A proof of their visit was a landmark calledKelenteng Sam Po Kong with statue known as Mbah Ledakar Dampo Awang Sam Po Kong, the samename with the fleet boarded by Pei Pei Hsien that visited to Sulu Archipelago. They also docked atMuara jati, Cirebon.Günter Schwarz & Rosalinda Morgado-Schwarz wrote in the article Philippine Chronology,Laksamana Cheng Ho trip to Sulu Archipelago now renamed Philippines was sent by Emperor YungLu with a large fleet of around 60 ships.The ships visited Pangasinan, Manila Bay, Mindoro and Sulu Islands and perhaps established aChinese community there. This is also known when Indonesian Scholar Slamet Muljana writes thatCheng Ho had founded Muslim communities first in Palembang, Kalimantan, Jawa, Malay Peninsulaand the Philippines as well as Sulu Archipelago.The last voyage that Cheng Ho had was during the reign of Emperor Xuande in 1426- 1435. ChengHo died during this last voyage where his tomb never found until today. Although it was known todayhis tomb is in Nanjing, China but has been proven as empty.This was brought to the notion that he was buried at sea like other admirals. Some historians believeCheng Ho was buried at the Malabar sea coast near Calicut, Wes India. According to the oral traditionof the Tausug, there is a lost tomb beside the Poon Tao Kong Temple in Jolo that is believed to be thetomb of Laksamaan Cheng Ho.Laksamana Cheng Ho was a descendant of a certain Bayan through a Persian Sayyid Ajjal Shams Al-Din Omar that was working during the Mongol Empire and was serving as Yunnan Governor duringearly Yuan Dynasty. He was known as Zheng Ho, Ma He, Mahmud Shams, Ma Sanbao (three jewels)that was born in 1371 and was a second son of a Muslim family.Every 11 July of the year, Chinese celebrated the Maritime Day to commemorate the memory ofCheng Ho. He was named Cheng Ho by Prince Zhu Di when his horse was killed in a battle outside ofZhenglunba. Since Laksamana Cheng Ho is Ahlul Bait of Rasul, Nabi Muhammad (s.a.w) he shouldbe addressed as Laksamana Habib Sayyid Mahmud Shams Al-Din Omar.The tribute mission of the second Sultan of Sulu to Emperor Yung Lu, Sultan Kamaluddin was believed
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