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Chemical Calculations for Chemical Engineering. PROBLEMS in MATERIAL BALANCE, RECYCLE, ByPASS & PURGE

Chemical Calculations for Chemical Engineering. PROBLEMS in MATERIAL BALANCE, RECYCLE, ByPASS & PURGE



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Published by Junsqua JJ Pajara

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Published by: Junsqua JJ Pajara on Aug 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chemical Calculations 1
Hi folks. I’m Ijotika and I am offering you a compilation of solved Chemical Calculations Problems.However, I omitted the solutions for educational purposes(you can ask for it. Like my mentor, I alsohate spoon feeding the student.Originally, this compilation was a work of 5 person, Iand 4 of my classmates. We failed this subject. Idon’t care why they failed. (OMG this is so simple. If you want to know why I also failed, just contact mein my e-mail.) Well, as part of the requirement to complete the unit, we were asked by our professor toresearch and compile these problems with their solution. After we submitted the drafts for her to check,I thought our task was complete. After 3 months of checking the solution (can you imagine that? Sheburned 3 months of our college lifewaiting for her approval.), she returned the papers noting that wehave to change some of us have the same problems solved. (Take note, when she returned the paper itwas only 10 days before closing the curtain.) So there we were digging again the net hoping to findanother set of problems that will save our grades.It’snot an easy task, but we managed to collect theneeded problems.After so much effort in editing, I managed to print this and pass it to her. She refusedto accept this because we’re late. Indeed, we’re 6 days late but you can’t blame us for it really is atiresome task—searching for problems that we don’t have idea if it really exist, unless we make our ownproblems (that is our last resort.)After so much persuading, she accepted the pile and said that she’llthink about giving our grade. (F*CK! Ka-pasamba mo!) After a couple of weeks, she asked again for ourdrafts for her to check (WHAT THE F*CK)... well to cut this crap short, three of my classmates passed hersubject in the end while I and my best bud didn’t.The problems here, like I said, are compiled, came from different sources. You can find the referencebooks used at the end of every section. I also provided some definition of every section. I didn’t putextra lecture because I assume that you have acquired that knowledge from your professor.If you have anyquestions,suggestions, comments or anything and everything, feel free to contact me @ijotika@hotmail.com.MABUHAY!!!P.S. I uploaded this document because I want to help you guys that like me suffer/suffers/suffered fromthe wrath of our prof. this is for you guys.P.P.S. By the way I came from the BICOL UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING here in Legaspi City,Albay, Philippines. So if ever you, BUCEngians, came across this page, you already knewwhich professorI’m talking about.P.P.P.S. Please excuse my grammar. I am not goooooooooood in English.
aaenlay tsaltoX aiyeuXX fukremr cmirieh (#$%!@)
Chemical Calculations 1
Amaterial balance is an application ofconservation of massto the analysis of physical systems. By accounting for material entering and leaving a system,massflowscan be identified which might have been unknown, or difficult to measure withoutthis technique. The exactconservationlawused in the analysis of the system dependson the context of the problem but all revolve around mass conservation, i.e.thatmattercannot disappear or be created spontaneously.Therefore, mass balances are used widely inengineeringand environmentalanalyses. For example mass balance theory is used to designchemicalreactors,analyze alternative processes to produce chemicals as well as inpollutiondispersionmodels and other models of physical systems. Closely related and complementaryanalysis techniques includethepopulation balance,energy balanceand the somewhatmore complexentropybalance. These techniques are required for thorough design andanalysis of systems such as therefrigeration cycle.The general formquoted for a mass balance is
The mass that enters a systemmust, by conservation of mass, either leave the system or accumulate within thesystem
.Mathematically the mass balance for a system without a chemical reaction is asfollows:Strictly speakingthe above equation holds also for systems with chemicalreactions if the terms in the balance equation are taken to refer to total mass i.e. thesum of all the chemical species of the system. In the absence of achemical reactiontheamount of any chemical species flowing in and out will be the same. This gives rise toan equation for each species in the system. However if this is not the case then themass balance equation must be amended to allow for the generation or depletion(consumption) of each chemical species. Some use one term in this equation to accountfor chemical reactions, which will be negative for depletion and positive for generation.However, the conventional form of this equation is written to account for both a positivegeneration term (i.e. product of reaction) and a negative consumption term (thereactants used to produce the products). Although overall one term will account for thetotal balance on the system, if this balanceequation is to be applied to an individual
Chemical Calculations 1
species and then the entire process, both terms are necessary. This modified equationcan be used not only for reactive systems, but for population balances such as occur inparticle mechanicsproblems. The amended equation is given below. Note that itsimplifies to the earlier equation in the case that the generation term is zero.

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Junsqua JJ Pajara added this note|
hey guys for those who want to get the solutions for these problems, please contact me at j.pajara@yahoo.com.. i am very sorry i didnt reply to any email u sent me cuz i cant acces my email ijotika@hotmail.com for over 7 months.. until now... sorry.. for those who are still interested, just contact me guys... thanks..:)
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