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Published by morphinePixel
A Dean and Castiel fledgling fic.
A Dean and Castiel fledgling fic.

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Published by: morphinePixel on Aug 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Your Responsibility
Castiel/Dean with some side Sam/Gabriel. As well as some Bobby.
I‟m not used to writing scmoop, I usually write really nasty s
tuff with weird
metaphors and idek, but, I wanted cute so; here‟s some cute.
Dirty talk later on as well assome rimming (T
hat‟s not cute but idgaf)
Word Count
Castiel has a little bit more responsibility thrust upon him by his Father with thearrival of a young child.
I do not own any of the characters in this piece of fan fiction.
Well, this has been fun to write :U Even though I slacked off pretty hard in the middle andit took me a while to stop sitting around in the day watching Amnesia walkthroughs and eatingcrisps and actually finishing this.
“Cas, what the hell do you think you‟re doing? Cas slow the hell down.”
Dean rushes past hisbrother after said Angel, who five seconds earlier had scurried through the motel room with asort of muted determination. Sam watches with a blasé expression
his older brother‟s irritation, a
tiny smile quirking the side of his mouth when Dean emerges back in the room a few minuteslater; holding a dark blue tie.
“What was that all about?”
Sam says quietly, glancing over the top of his laptop. Dean snorts andthrows
the piece of fabric down onto one of the beds, “Cas just being a total drama queen over 
nothing. He said he was needed upstairs for something but
wasn‟t saying anything else.”
an eyebrow, “So you deemed it necessary to pull off his clothes?”
 Dean shrugs
, “He zapped himself out of the parking lot just as I grabbed hold of it.”
Sam gives a
little “hmm”
noise but says nothing else about the matter. Dean settles on the corner of one of thebeds and huffs
out a tiny sigh, “Cas looked pretty pissed. Maybe his old man wanted something big? Cas hasn‟t really been doing anything but hanging round with us and drinking all of Bobby‟s bourbon. Maybe his Dad is annoyed with him and that‟s why he got called back at suchshort notice.”
With a click, Sam shuts
his laptop‟
s lid and considers
it for a second before saying, “Perhaps.Did Castiel say when he was going to be back?” Dean
his hands in a, „I don‟t know‟
sortof gesture and mutters
a, “His feathery ass better call me later.”
s a ruffle of feathers and Dean snaps his eyes up and open up to see Cas standing above
him, looking decidedly nonplussed. “I‟m sorry I took so long.”
Dean glances at the clock andeleven twenty-eight am flashes back at him. He must have fallen asleep whilst Sam had gone toget the food about half an hour prior. Dean swipes a thumb over his eyes, scratching away somesleep and blinks
at Castiel‟s trench coat
; a large lump of cloth
shielded by Castiel‟s palm
s. Dean
reaches for it and Castiel frowns, “I have something to tell you Dean.”
The hunter frowns at the
angel, “Nothing bad is it.” Cas fidgets and opens his coat slightly to show w
hat is in his arms.Dean swallows as a tiny face blinks back at him, and crinkled fingers scrunch together in thefabric wrapped around it. Castiel clears his th
roat and says quietly, “So, this
is a baby.” Deanlooks up and nods, “Yeah, I think I can see what it is Cas. Why…Why do you have a baby? Youdidn‟t steal it did you because I‟m pretty sure that‟s illegal.”
The angel sighs and holds the baby at arm‟s length, observing it, “My father told
me take care of 
it. From what I can gather, amongst my brothers and sister, I don‟t tend to understand…emotionsas well as they do. So, he gave me a simple task. Look after this child. It doesn‟t seem too hard,it hasn‟t done much yet.” Dean‟s mouth press
es into a hard line,
“But it‟s still a living thing Cas. Christ, you…You really have no idea how
hard this is going tobad, do you?
Castiel replies with a tilt of the head and Dean huffs out a sigh,
Babies are hard work Cas. I can
t believe you agreed to this, I mean what are we going to dowith a baby, we
re hunter for God
s sake, and we can
t have a kid strapped to us if we
re fightingoff a fucking nest of vampires or something.
He clenches his temples and continues,
Of all thedumb things you
ve done Castiel. I mean, I
ve done some stupid shit, but accepting a baby.
Fine, a
, into my life is not one.
 Castiel frowns and stares unblinking at the child, who gives him a smile and a thumbs up whichis decidedly cute but not helping.
But this child is my responsibility; I cannot just simply take itback. Technically, it is mine. I believe it was created from a portion of my grace so, it is mychild. Anyway, who says we have to take it on hunts? It is nothing to do with you, apart from thefact we are friends.
 Dean pinches the bridge of his nose and nods,
Fine. Fine, just make sure you realise if you fuck up, I won
t help. But for now, you and I are going to stare here and watch over this little socialexperiment.
 Castiel cocks his head to the side, still staring a
t the baby, “How old
do you think it is
?” The
hunter pushes himself off the bed and takes the child from Castiel, scowling a little at how cold
and clinical the angel is with the baby. “Stop calling the baby „it‟. Did you dad not tell you if it
was a boy or girl? Jesus
.” Castiel rubs his neck absentmindedly,
“I think he said it was a girl.
I must admit I was more interested in thinking how this would
affect all of us so forgive me for forgetting a few of the finer details.”
Dean scrutinizes the baby for a moment who squeals and tries to grab at his nose
, “I have no idea
how to judge th
ese things but going by the fact I just saw a tooth I‟d say she‟s nearly a year old.Wait a second.” He sits back down and pulls off the cotton blanket around the child to reveal a
tiny white sun dress. He places the baby on the floor and watches her pull herself up into astanding position and toddle around, albeit a bit wobbly
. He nods almost triumphantly, “Yeah,I‟d say she‟s around a year old. Sammy could
around that age as well.”
 The baby babbles out a few nonsensical
words before Castiel picks her up, “We should travel back to Bobby‟s house and stay there for a while. I assume her has the right provisions to carefor a child?” Dean shrugs,
“Probably…”There‟s a thick silence before Dean says, “You going to name her then?” Castiel frowns,
“I guess I should. I‟m not accustomed to these sorts of things. Do you have any suggestions? I
am sure anything you could come up with would be much better than anything I could
.”Dean flushes and smiles to himself, “Well, it‟s not like I‟m used to it either…I don‟t know just pick something. Nothing unpronounceable though, I don‟t want to have to tell people our babyhas some weird ass Enochian name.”
“Our baby?” Castiel tilts his head to the side and the sides of his mouth turn up,
Did you notmention that you thought Hanna was just a social experiment?
“Well,” Dean starts but then pauses, “Hanna? Okay, sure, that‟s a nice enough name. I was going
to suggest Tinkerbelle;
 but sure why not.” Castiel crinkles his nose and let‟s out what only
can be
described as a choked laugh, “That sounds like a name of 
some sort of 
escort.” Dean shakes his
head and laughs, full on laughs at that comment. Forgetting about the fact he just implied that
Hanna was…theirs.
 ~*~Dean and Castiel sit and watch Hanna
 play with the Impala‟s keys
, placing them in an ash trayand then putting them back on the floor, then re-doing the whole action; for around half an hourbefore Sam arrives back at the motel with breakfast. He takes one look at the two of them sitting
cross legged watching a baby play before saying, “You didn‟t steal it did you?”
His brothe
r snorts, “I fucking wish. Cas‟
daddy decided he needed more responsibility. To learnmore about our emotions, and so dumped ababy on him. More importantly, he dumped her on us
as well.” Sam dropped the bags of food onto the tiny table in the corner of the room,
“I doubt your dad would leave her with you for long Cas. Me and Dean will help though, I know

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