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Published by Randy Murray
The September, 2011 issue of the monthly publication of the Diocese of New Westminster
The September, 2011 issue of the monthly publication of the Diocese of New Westminster

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Published by: Randy Murray on Aug 23, 2011
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For more Diocesan news and events visit www.vancouver.anglican.ca
 A section of the Anglican Journal
RememberingArchbishopDavid Somerville
Vestments &Holy Hardwareshipped toMalawi.
The Diocese o New WestminsterYouth Teamin Taiwan.
Tis coming all there will be a lot happening in the Dioceseo New Westminster.
invites everyone to participatein some o that activity by registering or the two
Road to 2018 
events scheduled or the all.Te rst event,
It’s What We Do Here 
will take place atSt. Dunstan’s in Aldergrove (3025 264th Street),
Saturday,September 24th
. Presented by the Stewardship and GitPlanning Committee o the diocese in conjunction withRoad to 2018,
It’s What We Do Here 
will be a day-longevent o presentations and workshops oered to promoteyear-round stewardship and generous aith communities,acilitated by stewardship educator,
Terry Parsons
.erry Parsons has worked as a magazine editor, market-ing consultant or small businesses, director o develop-ment or a not-or-prot agency, and developed a trainingprogram or women executives. She was a ounding boardmember o 
Te Episcopal Network or Stewardship
(ENS)and served on the board until 2008. She conducted easi-bility studies and served as counsel or capital campaignsin one diocese and several congregations beore becom-ing the
Stewardship Officer for the Episcopal Church
2008).During her years on the national sta working outo the national oces in Manhattan she served scores o congregations and dioceses o every size across the USA.Her stewardship work has included annual giving, plannedgiving, and capital campaigns.She was a presenter or the North American Conerenceon Christian Philanthropy held in the United States, theNorth American Stewardship Conerence in Canada, and akeynote speaker or an international conerence in England.She has taught as a guest lecturer at
Luther Seminary 
inMinneapolis, and taught three terms as an adjunct proessorat
Te General Teological Seminary 
in New York where shereceived a Master o Arts in Biblical Studies in May, 2010.Since then she has been busy continuing her stewardship work in a variety o dioceses and congregations, includingbeing the keynote speaker at this year’s D o NW Synodbusiness day, May 28th, 2011. Te reviews were stellar.Over 90% o those who responded to the Synod evalua-tion rated erry’s presentation
, the twohighest ratings.Te cost or the daylong event is $20 and lunch isincluded. You can register on-line by typing http://conta.cc/oZaZqV into your internet browser or search engine,email Bettina Gruver at bgruver@vancouver.anglican.ca,or speak with your rector or wardens about registering aspart o a parish group.Te second event,
Branding Faith, Building Hope 
elling our story in a consumer-oriented culture 
is planned orSaturday, October 22nd at Holy rinity in Vancouver’sbeautiul South Granville neighbourhood (1440 West12th Avenue).Tis day-long event consisting o three one hour ple-nary lectures interspersed with group conversations is pre-sented by Te Evangelism Unit and the CommunicationsCommittee o the Diocese o New Westminster who areconnecting their ministries, oering this opportunity tohear rom one o the world’s leading experts in the eld o aith in media,
Phil Cooke
.Phil Cooke has produced media programming inmore than orty countries around the world, and in theprocess, was shot at, survived two military coups, ell outo a helicopter, and in Arica, was threatened with prison.Meanwhile, he’s helped some o the largest non-protorganizations in the world navigate periods o dramaticdisruption and change. He’s appeared on MSNBC, CNBC,CNN, and his work has been proled in the
New York imes 
, the
Los Angeles imes 
and the
Wall Street Journal 
.He’s lectured at universities, including Yale, University o Caliornia at Berkeley, UCLA and is an adjunct proessor at
Fall of 2011
An Autumn to Remember in the Diocese of New Westminster
“Please continue to arrange  or excellent guest speakers like erry Parsons.” 
“I particularly loved erry Parsons.” “erry Parsons was amazing — a breath o resh air on ananxiety-ridden topic.” Phil Cooke 
Branding Faith,Building Hope 
elling our story in a consumer oriented culture 
Published ten months a year as a section o the
 Anglican Journal 
by the Bishop and Synodo the Diocese o New Westminster.
Randy Murrayrmurray@vancouver.anglican.ca
This is the 7th issue in the42nd year o publication.
Deadline For Submissions
• The rst Tuesday
o the month or the next month’s issue.
  The Anglican Journal and TOPIC are sent tomembers o a parish who pay or it throughtheir contributions to the national Church.Others, $10.For address changes please notiy your parishsecretary or write TOPIC c/o Anglican Journal,80 Hayden St., Toronto ON M4Y 3G2 or visitwww.vancouver.anglican.ca and click on the TOPIC link at right.Printed and mailed by Signal Star Publishing,a Division o Bowes Publishers Ltd.Circulation 8,000.
The Anglican ChurchThe Anglican Communion
A global community o 70 million Anglicans in64,000 congregations in 164 countries.
The Anglican Church of Canada
 A community o 640,000 members organizedinto our ecclesiastical provinces, includingBritish Columbia and the Yukon.
The Diocese of New Westminster
  The Anglican Church in the Lower Mainland andon the Sunshine Coast o British Columbia, 74parishes and one ecumenical congregation.
The Bishop of New Westminster
 The Rt. Rev. Michael Ingham.
 Diocese o New Westminster,#580
401 West Georgia StreetVancouver, BC V6B 5A1
 604.684.6306 ext. 223
 For latest news and eatures go towww.vancouver.anglican.ca
Jennier Ewing
Contributors & helpers for this issue
Neale Adams, Anglican Archives, BrendaBerck, Ross Bliss, Caitlin Bregani, Leslie Buck,Cliff Caprani, Dean Peter Elliott, Kevin Feather,Julie Ferguson, Karin Fulcher, Don Grayston,David Hawkins, Peter Keighley, CatherineLee, Rod Mackin, Joy Mancinelli, David Moul,Heather Peart, Bob Scott, Nancy Southam, JohnSovereign, Sarah Sovereign, Maureen Speed,Peggy Tinney, Christine Wilson and Phoebe Yong
Thank you!
Fall of 2011
Te King’s University and Biola University in Los Angeles.In
his most recent book, Phil points out that the world is changing at light speed but there are strategies that we can ollow so that we no longer eel overwhelmed withchanging technology, culture, trends and values.I your goal is to share your message o aith, preach thegospel, build compassionate service and resources throughChristian Stewardship to help achieve these goals then youand others rom your parish should attend this daylonglearning experience. At the request o the Rev. Dr. John Oakes, Incumbento Holy rinity and Chair o the Evangelism Unit, Phil hasdeveloped three dynamic one-hour presentations to addressthe interests and realities o our diocesan aith communities:
 August 5th, 2011Dear Friends:I am writing to commend to you the Diocese of New Westminster’s two fall lecture/workshopevents:
It’s What We Do Here – 
 promoting year round holistic stewardship
Terry Parsons
being held September 24th at St. Dunstan’s in Aldergrove and
BrandingFaith, Building Hope -
telling our story in a consumer oriented culture
with author, filmmaker and church media expert,
Phil Cooke
taking place October 22nd at Holy Trinity Church inVancouver.The first event is being presented by the Synod Program staff co-sponsored by the DiocesanPlanned Giving and Stewardship Committee. The second is presented by the same Synoddepartment in conjunction with the Evangelism Unit and the Diocesan CommunicationsCommittee, made possible by a grant from the Ministry Resources Committee. Both of theseevents are part of the diocesan
 Road to 2018
program.Stewardship and communications have long been two of the most important aspects of themission and ministry of the Church, and as the world changes their importance increases. Weneed to focus on developing our resources at every level in order that our mission can grow.We have new opportunities to communicate what we as disciples of Jesus Christ can offer our neighbourhoods, towns, and regions.Registration for these events is simple. You can access on-line registration through the linkscontained in the Parish Mail email sent to all clergy, and lay leaders, July 22nd, 2011 or visit thediocesan website,www.vancouver.anglican.caand click the registration links contained in thetwo news stories about these events, or call Bettina Gruver at 604.684.6306 ext 226.The cost for these events is affordable and there are discounts offered for parish groups. Manythanks for your continuing faithfulness and labours in the mission of Christ.Kindest regards,The Right Reverend Michael InghamBishop
Te cost or this event is $25 and lunch is included. I youregister with a group o 5 to 9 persons the cost is $20 eachand i you register with a group o 10+ the cost is $15 each. You can register on-line by typing http://conta.cc/ojAdth into your internet browser or search engine, emailBettina Gruver at bgruver@vancouver.anglican.ca, or speak  with your rector or wardens about registering as part o aparish group.
Kenyan Sunday
at St. Thomas, Chilliwack 
Incumbent, St. Thomas, Chilliwack 
Daniel Kibarita speaks passionately o his homeland Kenyaand the needs o its people. Since 1997, Daniel and his wie Anne have been leading mission teams, and nding ways tohelp out the people in Kenya. Trough mutual riends in Abbotsord, Daniel and Rev. John Sovereign began talkingabout taking young adults rom St. Tomas on just such amission trip, last all.Tat vision has come home powerully to St. Tomas. At a service we called
Kenyan Sunday 
, on May 15th, 2011it was all about Arica and our Kenyan Mission with
Compassion Works International 
. Daniel led our morningservice, along with Shiro Olson, and our own teens andyoung adults. It was a great mix o reestyle, exciting Arican worship mixed with amiliar elements rom our Anglicantradition.Te oering received May 15th has been directed by Compassionate Works International to help one littleboy undergoing kidney treatment at Kenyatta NationalHospital. His name is Mburu Mangere and he is 6 yearsold. Mburu has been diagnosed with cancer o the kidney and he has lost one kidney. Currently he is undergoingchemotherapy to save the other kidney. Tis treatment iscosting his amily over $1200 every month. Tey do nothave universal Medical Care in Kenya so the cost o thetreatment is very dicult or his amily.Cost o our proposed Arican Mission trip will beconsiderable, and the May 15th worship was one way o helping our whole congregation to understand the scope o  what is happening. Five or six youth are prepared to makethe trip, plus a couple o leaders. We are planning to goto Kenya in the summer o 2012. No travel arrangementshave been made as yet.
CONTINUED ON PAGE 9TOP The Rev. John Sovereign (let) and Pastor Daniel Kibarita (right).BOTTOM 6 year old Mburu Mangere. PHOTOS Sarah Sovereign and Caitlin Bregani
1. What is the church’s mandate to make the most o media?2. Are traditional media, like print, still worth using?Which ones are best?3. How small to medium-sized congregations can make themost o websites and social networking sites.
Here is a letter o commendation sent in early August to clergy and parish leaders romBishop Michael Ingham regarding these two events.
compiled by Anglican Archivist Melanie Wallace
by Joel Kaufmann
30 years • 1981
Parishes mark the 1600th anniversary o the Nicene Creed.
15 years • 1996
The Diocese o New Westminster becomes a sponsoring diocese withEducation or Ministry (EFM) Canada.
10 years • 2001
Ecumenical Parish opens as Whistler Village Church.
 Archbishop David Somerville died on Monday aternoon, July  25th, 2011 a little ater 3 pm PD. During the previous twoweeks he was surrounded with love by his niece Monica, and many riends, including clergy who kept vigil with him as his earthly lie drew to a close.He was in his 96th year.His lie was celebrated at a memorial service on August 6th at St. Catherine’s, Capilano (ull coverage o the service will be available in the October issue o 
 ).Te ollowing is adapted rom Julie Ferguson’s 2006 book,
Sing a New Song.
Born in Ashcrot, British Columbia, Somerville lived withhis ather Tomas, a police ocer, and mother Martha,in nearby Lytton as a child. Tomas died in the infuenzaepidemic o 1918, and his mother took him to Englandor three years. At age seven, David returned to BritishColumbia with his mother, and settled in Salmon Arm.Tey moved to Vancouver seven years later in 1929, inorder that David could attend King George High School.Tey joined the parish o St. Paul’s in the West End,and David was conrmed by Archbishop Adam de Pencier. According to biographer, Julie Ferguson, it was at St. Paul’sthat David elt called to the priesthood at age 17.He attended Anglican heological College at theUniversity o British Columbia, orerunner o VancouverSchool o Teology, earning a BA in 1937, and a Licentiatein Teology in 1939. He managed to attend college withthe help o bursaries and working as a college caretakerduring summers.Ordained deacon by Archbishop de Pencier in 1939,David served or a year at St. Mary’s Kerrisdale. He waspriested by the archbishop in the all o 1940 and sent at age24 to serve in his rst parish at Princeton, BC, also servingcongregations at Hedley, Copper Mountain and Allenby.His mother, who never remarried, came to live with him.In 1945 David was sent by Archbishop Sir FrancesHeathcote to St. John’s, Sardis, with responsibility or St.Peter’s, Rosedale. Ater ve more years in rural parishes,he was assigned to St. James’ Vancouver at the request o Father Wilberorce Cooper, the rector, who had encouragedDavid’s calling as a teenager at St. Paul’s.David stayed at St. James’ or eleven years, describ-ing it later to Ferguson as “his golden age.” He enjoyedthe sacramental emphasis o the diocese’s largest Anglo-Catholic parish, and the company o Father Cooper, hismentor. When Cooper retired, David became rector o St. James’ in 1952.During these years David’s aliation and aectionor the youth o the parish and the diocese continued togrow and fourish and during this time he became a lie-long supporter o Camp Artaban. During his Episcopacy he dedicated the pan-abode cottages that are currently inuse there.He worked hard to make sure the inner-city parishinteracted with the East End community in which it islocated, sending members o the congregation out to visitthe neighborhood. He and his parish established an Old Age Pensioner’s Society or single men who lived nearby.Tey met in a room below the church. At St. James’ David mentored several young men enter-ing the priesthood, who became known as “David’s Boys.” Among them was Michael Peers, later to become primateo the Anglican Church o Canada.In 1960 David let parish work or Anglican TeologicalCollege to teach pastoral care, doctrine, and church history. At AC he was an early proponent o sending students outto parishes during their senior year to get practical experi-ence. While at AC, he became more and more convincedo the need or reorm in the Church. When Pierre Berton’sbook,
Te Comortable Pew 
, was published in 1965, David wrote a avourable review in the diocesan newspaper.Berton wrote the book or the Anglican Church’sGeneral Board or Religious Education. It was a scathingcritique o the church, blasting among others “status-seekers and respectability-hunters, the deadwood who enjoy the club atmosphere… the ecclesiastical hangers-on and thecomort-searchers.” Te head o the Board had commis-sioned Berton. Ater it came out, he resigned.David was asked to come to the Anglican Churcho Canada’s national headquarters at Church House inoronto and take over leadership o the Board. Its sta had strongly supported their ormer boss and were hostileto the new guy. David said later his rst year at ChurchHouse was “the worst year o my lie.”David was happier the next year in a new role at ChurchHouse as Director o Planning and Research, and becameinvolved in streamlining the national administration o the Anglican Church o Canada. “He elt compelled torid much o its patriarchal, authoritarian methods andimplement participatory leadership,” according to Ferguson. Ater Archbishop Godrey Gower expressed the need ora co-adjutor bishop in 1968 (a bishop-in-waiting who willsucceed when the diocesan bishop steps down), David lethis name stand in the election in Vancouver, not believinghe would be elected. But he was, by a nal overwhelmingvote o 294 to 46.He broke tradition by being consecrated not in theCathedral but at the Agrodome at the Pacic NationalExposition, a ceremony that drew over 4,000 in January,1969. When criticized or choosing a “cow palace,” hereplied he thought the location appropriate since, ater all, Jesus had been born in a stable.In 1971 David became the sixth Bishop o New  Westminster when Archbishop Gower stepped down. Asbishop, David handed over many administrative dutiesto his archdeacons, and ocused on his clergy. He estab-lished the annual clergy conerence, and set up a Ministry Committee to advise him on parish appointments. Heimplemented meetings o regional deans.David encouraged renewal o liturgy, and supportedDean Herbert O’Driscoll’s experimentation. He approvedthe plan proposed by O’Driscoll and approved by theChrist Church Cathedral parish to replace its stone build-ing with a new worship space designed by architect ArthurErickson, plus an oce tower that would bring in revenueor the Cathedral — the development was turned down by the City Council. As bishop, David supported allowing children to par-take o the bread and wine at the Eucharist. When somecomplained that children didn’t understand the sacrament,the bishop replied that he couldn’t understand the mystero the Holy Communion either. Ater election as Metropolitan o the EcclesiasticalProvince o British Columbia and the Yukon in 1975 andreceiving its title o Archbishop, David renewed his deter-mination to see the Anglican Church o Canada ordain women. Te issue had dominated several General Synodso the Church, and David had been a strong supporter.He had ordained the Rev. Elspeth Alley as a deacon, inpreparation or the time o ordination as priest.Finally, ater the 1975 General Synod indicated that80% o lay delegates wanted women ordained, the Houseo Bishops agreed that they could be in November o theollowing year.On St. Andrew’s Day, November 30th, 1976, threecandidates were presented to Bishop David or ordination.wo were women: Elspeth Alley and Virginia Briant. Whenthe part o the service came in which someone could objectto the ordination, the Rev. James Penrice o St. David’s,Vancouver, arose. Penrice came to the ront holding apaper with his objection. Te priest was so nervous he wasshaking. Te bishop calmly took the paper, opened it, andheld it so Prenrice could read. He thanked the priest, butsaid the service would go on.Bishop David was involved in early attempts by homo-sexual Christians to be ully accepted within the Church.In 1980 he allowed the establishment o a diocesan chaptero Integrity, the organization supporting Anglican gaysand lesbians and their amilies and supporters. He ound a
The Most ReverendThomas David Somerville
November 11, 1915 – July 25, 2011
Christ Church Cathedral 

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