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tele com

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Published by anon-369355

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Published by: anon-369355 on Sep 29, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Most of the promotional strategies revolved around capturing the younger generation who formed amajor part of the target market. Celebrity endorsements, special season offers, festival discounts,and innovative advertisement campaigns were used by the cellular service providers as tools topush back the competition and increase their market share.
Nexus Telecom ::: Network and Service Investigations
Nexus Telecom provides investigation tools and techniques with which telecommunication service andnetwork malfunctions and degradations can quickly be determined and successfully solved. Based onscientific analysis methods, these investigation, troubleshooting and monitoring tools help to unravel thehidden secrets behind often complex and mysterious service malfunctions.Just as Crime Scene Investigators dust for fingerprints to identify the perpetrator of a crime, NexusTelecom's tools are used to collect, process and analyze 'telecom fingerprints and DNA' in order to quicklyand precisely find the rootcause of any telecommunication malfunction.
Right into the heart ::: Customer centric transactions to enable customer experience
Everyone today puts the customer first. Customer experience is key and supersedes everything else - only ahappy customer reduces churn and brings revenue! While all service providers fiercely agree to thisconcept, only a few really engage with its logical consequence: If you want to know customer experience,you need to have an end-to-end view on your customer transactions; at any time, over any of your networkinfrastructure, towards any service. Having such information available in real-time forms the source to putyou to the forefront of true customer experience assessment. And Nexus Telecom system do this exactly.
Unique ::: Realtime data collection and correlation from any source/link/technology
More telecommunication issues and problem cases are resolved with Nexus Telecom's systems than withany other tool. The reason for such a high solve-rate lies in Nexus Telecom's unique ability tocomprehensively collect and correlate data from any link in any network, be this fixed networks, mobilenetworks or ultra-modern NGN networks. And Nexus Telecom systems can even do all of this in realtime.
Product Portfolio ::: Full range of investigation tools
Nexus Telecom offers a wide range of such investigation tools used to effectively study problem cases, tocollect and process transaction 'evidence' data, to correlate and combine events, to translate and decrypttransaction details and ultimately, to solve the case and fully restore the respective service quality. Clearly,such tools are indispensable to network operators and service providers who are committed to improvingservice quality to all their business and residential customers.
Nexus Telecom ::: Organisation and Office Locations
Founded in 1994, Nexus Telecom is a privately-held company with
headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland
and regional offices in Canada, Chile, South Africa and Pakistan. With over 200 employees, Nexus Telecomis a major OSS/BSS vendor delivering sophisticated state-of-the-art telecom management solutions to 2G,3G, NGN and VoIP service providers and network operators worldwide.
Nexus Telecom ::: Partners and Customers
With solutions deployed in over 100 countries, Nexus Telecom’s
installed customer base
spans the globe,assuring service quality and revenue streams for many of the world's best-known telecom operators. For 

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