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Published by moscos123

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Published by: moscos123 on May 17, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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For Your Safety
Read this manual carefully to ensure proper use of the productand to avoid any danger or physical damage.Failing to heed the product instructions may cause serious injury.
Product Use
Improper use can result in explosion,fire or electric shock.
Do not disassemble, repairor modify this product onyour own.Do not get the product wetor drop it in water.
If the product gets wet, do notswitch it on. Contact a ServiceCenter.
Do not place the product indamp, dusty or sootyareas, as it could result infire or electric shock.
Do not leave the product inareas above 35°C(95°F)
(such as a sauna or insidea parked car).
During the summer thetemperature inside a car mayrise up to 80°C(176°F).
To avoid hearing damage
Using the earphone or headphone for an extendedtime can cause serious damage to your hearing.
If you are exposed to sound louder than 85db for an extendedtime, you may adversely affect your hearing.The louder the sound is, the more seriously damaged yourhearing may be (an ordinary conversation is 50 to 60 db andthe noise level on a busy road is approximately 80 db).You are strongly advised to set the volume level to medium(the medium level is usually less than 2/3 of the maximum).
If you feel a ringing in the ear(s), lower the volumeor stop using the earphone or headphone.
To avoid a risk of traffic accident
Do not use the earphone while you are driving aautomobile or motorcycle, or riding a bicycle,
as itcan cause a serious accident and, furthermore, isprohibited by law in some areas.
Using the earphone while walking on a road, inparticular, on the crosswalk can lead to a serious accident.
For your safety,make sure the earphone cable doesnot get in the way of your arm or other surroundingobjects while you are exercising or a walking.
Avoid malfunction
Prevent any foreignparticles or dust fromentering into the product.
Do not cause excessiveimpact on the product bydropping it. Do not placeheavy objects on top of theproduct.
Do not spray water on theproduct. Never clean theproduct with chemicalsubstances such asbenzene or thinner, as it maycause fire, electric shock ordeteriorate the surface.
Do not place the productnear magnetic objects, as itmay cause a malfunction.
Failure to follow all instructions lead to physical injuries or damage to the product.
Product Use
Take care to avoid product malfunc-tion and physical damage.
When wearing theproduct around your neck,take care not to exertexcessive force on theneck string.
Management of Important Data
Be sure to backupimportant data.
Please be aware that we claim noresponsibility for damage from dataloss due to breakdown, repair orother causes.
Be careful when using the playerwith the USB cover removed.The USB connector is sharp andmay cause injury.

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