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Round III Topic Cards - High

Round III Topic Cards - High

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Published by Renato Ganoza
Topic cards used in Round III of the 2011 Outlook competition.
Topic cards used in Round III of the 2011 Outlook competition.

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Published by: Renato Ganoza on Aug 24, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Round III Topic Cards
High (Page I of II)
Outlook 2011 at
 ADescribe an artist or entertainer you admire.
Who are they? What do they do?
How do you know about them?
Why do you admire them?BDescribe a subject you enjoy studying.
When and where do you study it?
What makes the subject different from other subjects?
Why do you enjoy studying the subject?CDescribe an important choice you have made.
What was the choice between?
Did you make a good choice?
How did you feel making this choice?DDescribe a problem you have faced.
What was the problem?
How did you address it?
Was your solution a good one?EDescribe some work you have done.
What was the work?
How long did it take you to do?
How well did you do the work?FDescribe an area of the countryside you know and like.
Where is it?
What makes it special?
Why do you like it?GDescribe an object you especially like.
What is it?
What is it made for?
Why is it special for you?HDescribe a newspaper or magazine you enjoy reading.
What kind of newspaper or magazine is it?
When and where do you read it?
Why do you enjoy reading it?IDescribe something healthy you enjoy doing.
What do you do?
Where and when do you do it?
Why do you think doing this is healthy?JDescribe a sport or game you enjoy playing.
How do you play it?
Who do you play it with?
Why do you enjoy playing it?KDescribe someone in your family you particularly like.
How are they related to you?
What kind of person is he or she?
Why do you like this person?Renato Ganoza for EF Zhengzhou, 2011

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