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53a Brief Introduction to Tajweed

53a Brief Introduction to Tajweed

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Published by sjkhapps

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Published by: sjkhapps on Aug 24, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Whoever recites the Qur’aan being skillful in it will be with the honorablemessenger-angels. And whoever recites the Qur’aan with hesitation as it isdifficult for him will have a double reward.”(A Hadeeth narrated by al-Bukhari, Muslim, at-Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah)To every brother and sister who has felt the handicap of a foreign tongue …..To every Muslim whose love of the Qur’aan has urged him to overcome hisown limitations, trusting that reward is in proportion to effort, striving andreaching out to Allah….With His help, nothing is impossible.
Table of Contents
A Brief Introduction to TajweedA Chart of Arabic letters and SymbolsSection one: Pronunciation of Arabic LettersMakhaarijSifaatOpposite SifaatSifaat Witout OppositesAdditional Notes Concerning Specific LettersSection Two: Preparing for RecitationSeeking RefugePronouncing the Name of AllahStopsPausesSection Three: Basic Rules Of TajweedTafkheem and TarqeeqThe Rule of LaamThe Rule of RaaQalqalahAl-GhunnahRules of Noon Saakinah and TanweenIth-haar IdghaamIqlaab or QalbIkhfaa’
Rules of Meem SaakinahIdghaam ShafawiIkhfaa’ ShafawiIth-haar ShafawiOther Types of IdghamIdgham of Two Identical LettersIdgham of Two Similar LettersIdgham of Two ProximitesIdgham of Laam in the Definite ArticleRules Of MaadAsli (original) or Tabee ‘I (normal) MaddBadal: Sustitute Madd‘Iwadh: Replacement MaddSmall Silah MaddFar ‘I: Derived MaddMuttasil: Connected MaddMunfasil: Separated MaddGreater Silah Madd‘Aaridh: Madd Exposed to SukoonLeen: Madd of EaseLaazim (Compulsary Madd) in WordsLaazim (Compulsory Madd) in LettersFurther Information about Opening LettersFinal Du ‘aa’Glossary of Commonly Used Arabic TermsReferences
ﻢﻴﺣﺮﻟﺍ ﻦﲪﺮﻟﺍ ﷲﺍ ﻢﺴﺑ
A BRIEF INTRODUCTION TO TAJWEEDThe general linguistic meaning of 
is “excellence and precision.” Inspecific Islamic terminology it is defined as: “the recitation of the Qur’aan as itwas revealed to Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace beupon him),” or more specifically, “giving every letter its right,” i.e. observingits correct pronunciation and special qualities, as well as proper length,appropriate assimilation, etc., as in-sha-Allah will be summarized in these pages. The more important Arabic terms have been included to familiarize themto the student.As the title suggests, this booklet is no more than an introduction to thetheoretical aspect of recital. The practical application of these rules duringQur’aan recitation, which is the ultimate aim of this study, cannot be masteredexcept by hearing and repeating, which necessities oral examinations by a
teacher. The correct method of recitation is indeed a sunnah which hascomedown to us orally through an unbroken chain of qualified reciters going back to the Prophet Himself (blessings and peace be upon him).Scholars have defined the Qur’aan as: “the words of Allah revealed toMuhammad (blessings and peace be upon him), the recitation of which is a formof worship.” This definition can be applied to no other book or speech. Andrecitation, as all worship, requires correctness as far as possible.An explanation in English was attempted only as an aid to those Muslims whoare not yet familiar with the Arabic language, and as a supplement to that of aninstructor. It follows the qiraa’ah (reading) of “Hafs taken from ‘Aasim
ﻦﻋ ﺺﻔﺣﺎﻋﻢﺻ(
which is the only widely taught in most of the Muslim world today. If it should prove beneficial, then all praise is due to Allah. We ask Him to forgiveour shortcomings and accept our efforts.Arabic Letter  NameSymbol Used inOf Mark This Textي,ا Alif aa or aب Baa Bة,ت Taa Tث Thaa Thج Jeem Jح Haa Hخ Khaa Khد Daal Dذ Dhal Dhر Raa ز Zaay Zس Seen Sش Sheen Shص Saad Sض Dhaad Dh ط Taa T ظ Thaa Thع ‘ayn غ Ghayn Ghف faa Arabi Letter Name Symbol UsedOr Mark In This Textق Qaaf Qك Kaaf

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