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UT Dallas Syllabus for ba4372.501.11f taught by C Tillman (cjt110030)

UT Dallas Syllabus for ba4372.501.11f taught by C Tillman (cjt110030)

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UT Dallas syllabus for taught by
UT Dallas syllabus for taught by

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Published by: UT Dallas Provost's Technology Group on Aug 24, 2011
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Course Syllabus Page 1
Course Syllabus
Course Information
Course Number/Section
BA 4372.501.11F
Course Title
International Organizational Behavior and Human ResourceManagement
Fall 2011
 Days & Times
Tuesday and Thursday 5:30 PM
6:45 PM/ SOM 2.802
Professor Contact Information
C. Justice Tillman, Ed.D., Ph.D., SPHR
Office Phone
Other Phone
 Email Address
Office Location
SOM 4.205
Office Hours
By Appointment
Other Information
Course Pre-requisites, Co-requisites, and/or Other Restrictions
BA 3361, MATH 1326, and MATH 2333 or BA 3333
Course Description
 The course examines cultural complexity in the uncontrollable business environments in foreignmarkets. The course covers management of problems derived from cultural differences, the lack of adaptability of expatriates and their families in host countries, and recruitment, training andmotivation for international assignments.
Student Learning Objectives/OutcomesUpon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:
1 Evaluate important international OB (IOB) and HRM (IHRM) issues underlying currentinternational and global business conditions.2 Analyze important IOB and IHRM issues and practices relevant to effective strategicmanagement and business development in important countries and regions of the globaleconomy.3 Explain the significance of key IHRM functional activities (e.g., planning, staffing,training) to multinational organizational effectiveness.
Required Textbooks and Materials
 Required Texts
Vance, C. M., and Paik Y., (2011) Managing a Global Workforce:Challenges and Opportunitiesin International Human Resource Management (2
ed). Armonk, NY: M. E. Sharpe.
 Required Materials
No Additional
Course Syllabus Page 2
Suggested Course Materials
Suggested Readings/Texts
To enhance meaningful discussions, students are also encouraged to read current materialsrelevant to course objectives. For example, current newspapers (e.g. Wall Street Journal), journals and magazines (e.g. Business Week, Fortune, Harvard Business Review).
Suggested Materials
 Additional materials may be distributed in class (readings, exercises, etc) or available oneLearning
Assignments & Academic Calendar
Topics, Reading Assignments, Due Dates, Exam Dates
WK DATE DAY TOPIC READINGS ASSIGNMENTS1 8/25 Thurs Course Introduction,Administrative matters,course requirements;Understanding IHRM withinCurrent Global Context
V&P:Ch 1 Obtain texts, read syllabus,etc. Form teams2 8/30 Tues Introduction and Overview V&P:Ch 19/1 Thurs
Speaker: “Diversityand Cultural Awareness”
 Carliss Charles
3 9/6 Tues Introduction and Overview V&P:Ch 19/8 Thurs Cultural Foundations of IHRMV&P:Ch 24 9/13 Tues Cultural Foundations of IHRMV&P:Ch 29/15 Thurs Changes and Challenges inthe Global Labor MarketV&P:Ch 359/20Tues Changes and Challenges inthe Global Labor MarketV&P: Ch 39/22Thurs
 Exam 1 (Ch 1
 Study Hard69/27Tues The Key Role of IHRM inSuccessful MNC StrategyV&P: Ch 49/29Thurs The Key Role of IHRM inSuccessful MNC StrategyV&P: Ch 4710/4Tues Global Human ResourcePlanningV&P: Ch 510/6Thurs Global Human ResourcePlanningV&P: Ch 58 10/11 Tues Global Staffing V&P: Ch 610/13 Thurs Global Staffing V&P: Ch 69 10/18 Tues
 Exam 2 (Ch 4
 Study Hard10/20Thurs Global Workforce Trainingand DevelopmentV&P: Ch 7
Course Syllabus Page 3
1010/25Tues Global Workforce Trainingand DevelopmentV&P: Ch 710/28Thurs Managing InternationalAssignmentsV&P: Ch 81111/1Tues Managing InternationalAssignmentsV&P: Ch 811/3Thurs Global WorkforcePerformance ManagementV&P: Ch 91211/8Tues Library/Research Day(Assignments Online)
 Global WorkforcePerformance ManagementV&P: Ch 911/10Thurs Library/Research Day(Assignments Online)
 Exam 3 (Ch 7 
 Study Hard1311/15Tues Library/Research Day(Assignments Online)11/17Thurs Library/Research Day(Assignments Online)1411/22Tues Compensation for a GlobalWorkforceV&P: Ch 10
Semester Project Due
11/24 Thurs Thanksgiving Holiday15 11/29 Tues Global Employee Relations V&P: Ch 1112/1 Thurs Clean Up16 12/6 Tues
 Exam 4 (Ch 10
 Study Hard17 12/10 Sat FINAL EXAMS (5:00 pm)
Every attempt will be made to follow the course schedule, however, due to unforeseen factors,assignments may be slightly amended. Any necessary changes will be announced in class.
Vance, C. M., and Paik Y., (2011) Managing a Global Workforce:Challenges and Opportunitiesin International Human Resource Management (2
ed), Armonk, NY; M. E. Sharpe
Grading Policy
Performance Evaluation:
PointsExams (4 @ 125 points each) 500Assignments 100Semester Project 350Attendance 50TOTAL 1000Grades for the course will be solely based on performance, and will not be inflated. Therefore,the standard meanings of grades (i.e., A=excellent 90.0 -100.00%, B=good 80.0
89.99%, C=fair(i.e. average or adequate 70.0
79.99%, D=poor or below average 60.0
69.99%, F=failure orunworthy of credit 59.99% and below) hold for this course. Superior essays, exams, etc., arethose that not only identify issues associated with course concepts, but demonstrate a high level

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