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What is the Wilderness & Prophetic Words

What is the Wilderness & Prophetic Words

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Published by EyemanProphet

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Published by: EyemanProphet on Aug 24, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What Is The Wilderness?
 You may ask, "What is this modern Christian wilderness experience thing?Will I have to go live in the desert, wear camel’s hair, and eat bugs for anumber of years?" Simply put, in the wilderness God takes away yournormal ability to manage your life, and He leads you into an intensive timeof purification, transformation, training, and inner-healing. In this modernwilderness, the wilderness comes to you, and your life as you know itends. It is the Holy Spirit helping the Bride to make Herself ready. It ishappening to many Christians right now. In this wilderness, the Holy Spirittransforms you from the inside out, and deals with all of your sin and painfrom the past. Your career, your church-life, your relationships, yourmarriage, your residence, your finances, your sanity, and everything elsegets "shaken" by the Lord. Whatever remains, will only be what is part of His new plan for your life.How Do I Know If I’m In It?Hopefully this list below will provide you with a simple guide to be able toclearly determine whether you are actually in the wilderness, or whetheryou are just having a bad decade. But if you are in fact in the wilderness,then the following signs and symptoms that I describe below should besomewhat familiar to you. These are the signs:1. Everything in your life suddenly seems like you've lost normal control of it. You might feel like there is an unseen force that is resisting or blockingyour usual efforts to make the regular decisions you used to be able tomake in your life without much of a problem. This includes where youwork, your relationships, where you live, what you own, what you can orcannot do, and what or whom you are normally responsible for. You mayfind yourself getting very frustrated, annoyed, and frightened during thistime as you are blocked from calling the normal shots in your life like youonce were able to easily do.2. The grace is gone. The normal grace (divine assistance) to succeed andprogress in your life is suddenly missing. It's like the car just ran out of gas, and the only way you can make it go forward is to push it yourself.Before, God may have allowed you to choose, and He gave you thestrength and ability to be part of that relationship, church, place of ministry, or job. But now you feel like a stranger, where before you usedto feel like you fit and had a place with that certain person or group.During this time, you may only have what or whom God wants in your lifebecause He wants as few distractions as possible while He is changing youin the wilderness.3. The old unhealed areas of pain, and sin problems you used to keepfairly buried or under control are suddenly coming to the surface fullforce. And you don't seem to have the usual ability you used to have toease the pain or keep yourself from sinning in that area. You may findyourself finally grieving over a loss, or traumatic event that you had long
since buried, but has been secretly sapping your strength for many years.Plus, if you have practiced any secret sin habit, you may suddenly haveless self-control over it, and you will most likely be getting caught muchmore easily, like someone or something is supernaturally causing it. Yourhidden problem will be exposed to everyone so that you will be forced toface it and receive God’s to help to finally be free from it.4. You have a sense of being pulled away from the world, and into anintensive time of introspection, study, prayer, and just spending timealone with God. Your normal attachments to the world’s obligationssuddenly have no support from God and you now live fairly off the grid.It's almost like driving on a highway and all of the sudden your car takesan exit and stays parked in a secret spot while you sit and watch all theother cars buzz by. You may feel like a ghost that is still living in a bodyduring this time, and whoever you used to be doesn't exist anymore. Yourold life is gone, and the road that was before you has ended and you'renot really sure what to do, or where to go next.5. Your finances dry up except for the bare essentials. All of the sudden, itgets very difficult to pay your bills, almost to the point where you arebeginning to wonder if you are going to end up living in the woods, orwhether you will even survive at all. The regular money you used to haveto pay your normal bills suddenly gets dried up except for what is actuallyneeded for your basic survival. It's like the depression of 1929 just cameto you personally, and you are wondering what in the world's going on. You may find yourself going to food banks for the first time, or havingpeople give you money to get by. This may vary a bit if you have kids, butit will still be some slim pickings for a while. You learn to live by everyword that proceeds from the mouth of God for everything in your life andall other previous means of support or direction is now very limited.There are other signs and symptoms to being in the wilderness, but theseare the five basic signs that should tip you off as to whether you areactually in the wilderness or not. If you don't see most of these thingshappening in your life then chances are that you are not in the wildernessbut just going through a trial or you are just having a tough time with lifefor some other reason. Rest assured though, if you are a true Christianthen you can expect God to lead you through His wilderness boot camp atsome point. It is time for the Bride to make herself ready and nobody willbe left out.
REV 19:7
Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory! For the wedding of theLamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready.
A Brand New Life
My dear one, you have lived a certain way for a very long time in a wilderness typesetting and now you have reached the end of this long process of change and thingsfeel very dead and desolate to you, but I am about to give you a brand new life. Iam the God of springtime and I cause what looked dead to suddenly have new andfresh life and I can do the same thing with your life. You see things through yourown ability to change things which has nothing to do with My ability to changethings.I am going to be giving you fresh and new assignments that will inspire you andgive your fresh zeal to go forward. I am going to be visiting you and filling you witha fresh infilling and anointing of My Spirit that will make your spirit enter aspringtime of your soul. This is a day of fresh and new things my child so look towhat I can do rather than what you cannot do. Though things have been a certainway for a very long time dear one they are about to change, and all that was old willbe replaced with the new!
A New Blessing Comes
My dear one, I have seen you grieving over some of the sacrifices youhave made for Me because now you realize that some of them arepermanent and they will not be returned to you in the way that youwanted. But you must know My love that I saw all of this beforehand andit does not affect My plans to bless and use you in this world. I know yourheart was deeply set on having your blessing fulfilled the way you wantedit to be, but I also know what is really best for you and others involved inyour blessing.There has been a sharp contrast between your life and those around youwhere you think you look like a failure and this is just not true. Success inMy kingdom and success in the world is vastly different. My goal has beento change and heal your heart so that I could greatly use you in the earth.If I had given you some of the same blessings that you see others have itwould have just distracted and slowed down the progress I needed tomake in you. I know it has been a long time but change is here.Although I did bless Job with more children and things that he lost he wasstill not given back the original ones and he still missed them at times. Your life was shut down long ago so that I could prepare you for My powerand the great harvest, but that day is ending now and I am granting youbrand new life. The blessing that I give you in place of what you feel youlost will be much more satisfying and wonderful than you can imagine.Trust in My love and faithfulness to you because a new blessing comes.A New Door Will Appear

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