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Published by ktodd
Fallon Chamber of Commerce Newsletter
Fall 2008
Fallon Chamber of Commerce Newsletter
Fall 2008

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Published by: ktodd on Sep 30, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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New slet t erNew slet t er
FALL 2008
Serving Lahontan Valley 
It’s been a month and a half since the 23rd annual CantaloupeFestival, and the bone wearinesshas subsided along with thecaustic memories, while onlythe good ones remain in itsafterglow. But onward andupward, as they say. And thenext Chamber event is but amonth and a half in the other direction.I’m referring to “HometownChristmas” where local dreamscome true right in your ownhome town.As a kid growing up in a major city (eons ago), I recall themagic that the season bringsto good little boys and girls. Ifigured visiting the Christmaswonderlands and magicaltoylands in the downtowndepartment stores was whatevery child was doing at thatsame time. Never occurred to methat not every place in Americahad 12-story department storeswith Santa in every one of them.(How does he do that?)A lifetime later, I finally mademy way to “livable, lovableFallon” where everything isgoodness and light. Whenmy first Fallon Christmasrolled around, I volunteeredto help, and was treated to areal eye-opening surprise … a“Smallville’ Christmas that wasevery bit was uplifting as those big-city extravaganzas, gawkinginto Marshall Field’s windows,etal. That’s when I finally tastedof real Americana where eyesstill glowed and kids made aneleventh-hour attempt to appear angelic in order to curry Santa’sfavor.Oh sure…noses still ran andthe blowing ‘snow’ was actuallysoap flakes, but the ol’ magiccame rushing back to me,and I knew this event wasn’tsomething to take lightly. ItHAS TO go on…forever; it can’tend on my watch!And so it will, on the firstSaturday of December as it hasalways been. The day followingthe annual lighting of the FallonCENTENNIAL Christmas tree.South Maine Street fromWilliams to Center. Sure there’ll be FREE raffles for reallynice kid gifts. Of course Santawill come driving up in hisHarley complete with sidecar. Naturally there’ll be a FREEmovie and popcorn for the first150 children, to say nothingof $2 grab bags chock full of stuff. And let’s not forget a band, maybe the Nutcracker suite by members of the DanceStudio and other acts, a strollingmagician, scads of vendors,gobs of hot food … the wholeschemer! It runs from 10 a.m. to4-ish.By the time the sun sets over the roofs on the west side of Maine Street smile-weary,rosy cheeked youthful faces,framed by slightly frosty ears(because Fallon kids don’treally understand the conceptof winter) will be winding theday down and heading home for dinner. They’ll say, “Man, whata cool day!” and “Geez, wait tillI tell my mom!”Yup. A Hometown Christmas.How can you beat it? And iteven allows the folks a shortrespite from the kids while theyare at the movie, to maybe do alittle shopping downtown … or to simply relax and get to knoweach other again over a cup of  java.
Fallon Chamber Newsletter Fall 2008
Oasis Bowl and Slot Casino held its ribbon cutting ceremony Saturday with the Fallon Chamber of Commerce. New owner,Gary Damon, third from the right, offered hot dogs and refreshments during the bowling alley’s open house. Representativesfrom the Fallon Chamber of Commerce and members of Damon’s family helped during the ribbon cutting.
The Executive Director’s Report by Rick Dentino
Rick Dentino, ExecutiveDirector of Fallon Chamberof Commerce
85 N. Taylor StreetFallon, Nevada 89406www.fallonchamber.com
Fall 2008 Fallon Chamber Newsletter 
By Rick DentinoExecutive Director
As is the case all over theseUnited States, November iswhen all proper citizens get off the couch and go to the pollsto select our direction for thenext four ears. Surely you knowthe drill by now. And personalchoice is yours to keep in your special secret place.Ah, but what of another electionhere in town that is held dear to the hearts of Chamber members? We too, are choosingour leadership as the Chamber’sBoard of Directors will befleshed out in usual fashion atthat very same time. No, youwon’t see familiar names asBiden, McCain, Obama or Palin(note the politically correctalphabetical listing) on theChamber ballots. They could be, but none of that Augustfoursome had paid their annualChamber membership!So, in Fallonas in Podunk,Peoria andPottawattamieFalls, a newteam will be runningthings. Unfair comparison,you say?Well, at leastthe FallonChamber’sgeneral fund, unlike the feds,isn’t mega-billions in the red!Our 2009 board will be a healthymix of fresh, but experiencedmembers with no more than afew years under their collective belts, in addition to new blood — ready and girded for the bigyear ahead.They will be acreative bunch,not afraid to take areasonable chance;not standoffish tovoice an opinion …even if unpopular.And I’m anxiousto carry out their nebulous ideas.“Make no little plans,” Chicagoarchitect GeorgeBurnham once said. I think hehad our ’09 Chamber board inmind.By the end of the first week in November, we’ll have turned the page. What’ll it be: Donkey or Elephant? Elephant or Donkey?Maybe we at the Chamber ought to have an animal mascot.Hmmm. What do you think about the Banana Slug?African Helmeted Cassowary?Giant Dwarfed Newt? Or, maybethe Successful Local Business- person? (a truly endangeredspecies)The way I see it, an aggressivenew board can only be to the benefit of the commercialcommunity. And when theyget a long-needed lift, we’re allwinners.
What’ll it be:Donkey orElephant?Elephant orDonkey?
Election 2009 … Fallon Chamber Style

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