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Published by kumarakhileshmaurya

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Published by: kumarakhileshmaurya on Aug 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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40/67/220/13Multiple ChoiceMarks = 1Q. NO. 1Which of the following servers can support multiple DFS namespaces in WindowServer 2008 mode? (Choose Two.)1 . Windows Server 2008 Standard2 . Windows Server 2008 Enterprise3 . Windows Server 2008 Datacenter 4 . Windows Server 2003 R2, Datacenter Edition5 . Windows Server 2003 R2, Enterprise Edition40/67/220/5Multiple ChoiceMarks = 1Q. NO. 2Followoing are the Windows Server 2008 Editions. (Choose Two)1 . Windows Server 2008 Standard Editions2 . Windows Server 2008 Home Edition3 . Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition4 . Windows Server 2008 Ultimate Edition5 . None of The Above40/67/220/6Multiple ChoiceMarks = 1Q. NO. 3Which of the following are required to create a domain controller successfully?(Choose Two.)1 . A valid DNS domain name2 . A valid NetBIOS name3 . A DHCP server to assign an IP address to the domain controller 4 . A DNS server 5 . None Of The Above40/67/220/4Multiple ChoiceMarks = 1Q. NO. 4Which of the following authentication protocols can the IIS7 WindowsAuthentication module use? (Choose Two)1 . NTLMv22 . KDC3 . Kerberos4 . SSL5 . None Of The Above40/67/220/18Multiple ChoiceMarks = 1Q. NO. 5Shadow Copies reduce administrator burden in the following scenarios: (ChooseThree)1 . Recovering files that were accidentally deleted.2 . Recovering files that were accidentally overwritten.3 . Access One computer to another computer.4 . Remote Desktop one computer to another computer.5 . Comparing previous versions of a file to the current version40/67/220/1Multiple ChoiceMarks = 1Q. NO. 6Windows Server 2008 supports two types of backup. ( Select Two)1 . Incremental Backup2 . Differential Backup3 . Manual Backup4 . Scheduled Backup5 . None Of The Above40/67/220/15Multiple ChoiceMarks = 1Q. NO. 7What types of license key allows you to host an activation service locally in your computer network? (Select One)
1 . Multiple Activation Key (MAK)2 . Key Activation System (KAS)3 . Key Management System (KMS)4 . Multiple Management System (MMS)5 . None Of Teh Above40/67/220/2Multiple ChoiceMarks = 1Q. NO. 8SYSVOL folder in a Active Directory Stores. (Choose Three)1 . login scripts2 . Group Policy Objects3 . Replicated files4 . System Event viewer Information5 . None Of The above40/67/220/20Multiple ChoiceMarks = 1Q. NO. 9Windows Server 2008 includes the following three routing protocols that can beadded to the Routing and Remote Access Service:- (Select Three)1 . RIPv22 . IGMP3 . DHCP Relay Agent4 . NAT5 . None Of The Above40/67/220/22Multiple ChoiceMarks = 1Q. NO. 10Which Several options available to you when configuring remote access?1 . Remote Access (Dail-Up Or VPN)2 . Network Address Translation (NAT)3 . Virtual Private Network (VPN)4 . DNS5 . DHCP40/67/220/16Multiple ChoiceMarks = 1Q. NO. 11Windows Server 2008 can provide remote access service through a:- (ChooseTwo)1 . Dail-Up Networking (DUN)2 . Remote Callback3 . Virtual Private Networking (VPN)4 . Demand-Dail Routing5 . None Of The Above40/67/220/17Multiple ChoiceMarks = 1Q. NO. 12Which authentications protocols supported by Routing and Remote Access inWindows Server 2008?1 . Kerberos2 . CHAP3 . Shiva Password Authentication Protocol (SPAP )4 . Password Authentication Proctocol (PAP)5 . None Of The AbovePART OVER40/67/222/15Single ChoiceMarks = 1Q. NO. 1What enables network administrators and owners to configure access rights for users during the users’ entire lifecycle within an organization?1 . Identity Lifecycle Management2 . General Lifecycle Management3 . Microsoft Lifecycle Management4 . Lifecycle of Software Management
5 . None Of The above40/67/222/11Single ChoiceMarks = 1Q. NO. 2To back up Active Directory, you must install what feature from the Server Manager console?1 . Active Directory Backup Client2 . Windows Backup Utility3 . Windows Server Backup4 . BackupExec5 . None of The Above40/67/222/14Single ChoiceMarks = 1Q. NO. 3What Windows Server 2008 service can you use to protect sensitive data on aWindows network?1 . AD FS2 . AD FTP3 . AD FSMO4 . AD RMS5 . None Of The Above40/67/222/3Single ChoiceMarks = 1Q. NO. 4Microsoft Windows Server 2008 uses the Windows Installer with Group Policy toinstall and manage software that is packaged into what type of file?1 . .exe2 . .msi3 . .mse4 . .inf 5 . None of The Above40/67/222/5Single ChoiceMarks = 1Q. NO. 5When configuring Software Restriction policies, which option prevents anyapplication from running that requires administrative rights, but allows programs to run that onlyrequire resources that are accessible by normal users?1 . Unrestricted2 . Restricted3 . Basic User 4 . Disallowed5 . None of The Above40/67/222/26Single ChoiceMarks = 1Q. NO. 6What command-line tool can be used to manually create a replication topology if site link bridging is disabled if the network is not fully routed?1 . Dcdiag2 . Repdiag3 . Repadmin4 . Netstat5 . None Of The Above40/67/222/13Single ChoiceMarks = 1Q. NO. 7What DNS server contains no zones and hosts no domains?1 . secondary domain controller 2 . global catalog server 3 . secondary DNS server 4 . caching-only server 5 . None of The Above

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