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Inverse Proportion

Inverse Proportion

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Published by YurizkaMeliaSari

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Published by: YurizkaMeliaSari on Aug 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What are you goingto learn?
To comprehendinverse proportion
Key Term:
inverse proportion
Lia is giving a birthday party. Lia has 12 donuts that will begiven to each friend equally.If Lia invites two friends, how many donuts will each of themreceive?
If Lia invites three friends, how many donuts will bereceived by each person?
Fill in the blanks:
Invited friends
Donuts for each
 2 .......3 .......4 ............. 2...... 1
If there are more
friends to invite, what happensto the donuts for each?If the ratio of the number of friends invited is2 : 3, what is the ratio of the number of donutsfor each?
If the ratio of the number of friends invited is
3 : 4,
what is the ratio of the number of donutsfor each?
If the ratio of the number of donuts for each is
what is the ratio of friends?
What can you say about the ratio of the numberof friends who are invited and the ratio of thenumber of donuts for each?
The above problem is called an
inverse proportion
Mathematics for Junior High School Year 7/201
Problem 1
For mathematics lesson,the class will be dividedinto several groups. Thenumber of students foreach group is the same.The number of studentsfor 3 groups is 9. If thereare 13 groups in theclass, what is the totalnumber of students inthe class?
Suppose the floor of a bedroom has the size of 3 m x 2.4 m.The floor will be covered with tiles. If the size of each tile is30 cm x 30 cm, how many tiles are needed to cover thefloor?
If the size of each tile is 20 cm x 20 cm, how many tiles areneeded to cover the floor? If you have a problem, you can usepieces of papers to represent tiles.
The price of one 20 cm x 20 cm tile is Rp 1,700.00 .The price of one 30 cm x 30 cm tile is Rp 3,600.00.The labor fee is Rp 15,000.00 per m
. Complete this table:Price
Sizeof tileNumberof tilesPrice oftiles(Rp)Fee(Rp)TotalCost(Rp)20 cm
20 cm30 cm
30 cm
202/Student’s Book - Proportion
Based on the above table, which size of tile must be chosen in orderto get the lower cost?Twenty five workers can construct a house in 72 days. If there areonly 18 workers, how many days do they need to construct a house?
Problem 3
Questions to Solve Problem
If there are fewer workers to construct a house, what happens to thenumber of days needed to finish the construction?If the number of days that 18 workers need to build a house is
, canyou write a proportion for that problem?
Mathematics for Junior High School Year 7/203

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