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[Untitled2] Changing]

[Untitled2] Changing]



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Published by Sarah
These are works in progress. I will probably end up taking these down. I don't even know why I'm putting them up here. They are copyright to Sarah Corley. Do not redistribute.
These are works in progress. I will probably end up taking these down. I don't even know why I'm putting them up here. They are copyright to Sarah Corley. Do not redistribute.

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Published by: Sarah on Sep 30, 2008
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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 The Search
Written by Sarah Corley
 Welcome to the Game
 Do you like to imagine?  It’s all I do in my spare time
Welcome to the inner workings of my mind. There’s nothing more romantic or morefictional in this fantasy life. No one is anyone. Nothing is everything. Backwards isforwards. Nothing actually makes sense. To survive this world, you have to imagine what you want. You have to guess ateverything you do. If you do something assuredly, you will fail. If you do somethinghalf assed, you will win. If you aren’t confused, you will not continue to live freely. You must not think and must do. This world is an island. There are no continents. It is not Pangaea, but it is about thesize of envisioned Pangaea, maybe four continents smaller. There are no animalsthat ever existed in real life. There are, however, eight legged horses and ten-eyedelephants. The jungles cover the land mass, with dark green oceans surroundingthem. Civilization is sparse. And, no, there are not any McDonalds.Dependency is your only option to live through this game. You have to fight butknow how to understand. Without the other players on your side, you’re screwed.Be good with words.How did this world come to be? I created it.Why did I create it? Boredom.Who am I? There will never be an answer.At some point during this life, you’ll learn to adore this world. Everyone loves. Noone hates. There is only death of old age. There are no foreign diseases. Everyonehas a partner. Your mission in this world is to find them.Does it sound simple enough or are you nervous?Good. Let’s get started.© 2008 Sarah Corley
 You’re in the middle of a small city. You don’t know how you got here or why youwere put here. Questions are streaming through your head at light speed but youcan’t answer them yet, or you will lose. There’s no one in the streets, but you hear many people talking over one another. There’s a café across the way; a hotel behind you. There’s a park down the street abit. There are no vehicles. Every building is two stories high, and deep, reaching tothe alley ways between the rows of structures. Your first mission is to figure out who you are. It is the easiest of all missions, just goto the county court house.A man in black trousers and a long, khaki colored trench coat appears out of thin air.He’s waving frantically to you. It’s a Hint Provider. Happily, you jog over to him.His voice is husky and rushed, as if he’s afraid to be speaking with you. “There is amap in the middle of the park. Once you learn where the court house is and findwho you are, you can begin your second mission.”“Thank you,” you say. You’re very surprised at your own voice. It is high pitched,and really girly. You glance down at your attire and take in the pitch black skirt anddeep V-neck pink top. Your shoes are flip flops. At once you understand thenecessity in changing this. You will be trekking through the deepest vicinities of  jungles, wandering aimlessly, looking for your next mission. Flip flops would beoverkill on your feet.“I am Andy.” He says. “I will appear periodically to give you hints, most especiallywhen you are deeply confused and must be slightly enlightened. I will never give acomplete answer and, if I do, we will both be sent to Prison and at some point I willbe erased.”“Prison?” you ask, your voice shooting up two octaves.“Yes. For every six cities on this mass, there are two Prisons. Few people are sentthere and we’d be very unlucky to join that crowd.”“What are the rules of this game?”“You are not allowed to pre-plan your next move. Each action should bespontaneous. You will win and can settle down and start planning your life when youmeet your Mate. There is only one for you, and if you are a woman, he is a male and© 2008 Sarah Corley

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