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Robin Alston Library History Place Index

Robin Alston Library History Place Index

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Published by Andrew Prescott

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Published by: Andrew Prescott on Aug 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This is a complete index to place names with libraries, including country and county codes, and name of library.This is alarge file!But it is the one file you can use to search for data irrespective of country using your browser's
ABBERLEY eng wor Charity SchoolABBEYDORE eng hef Parochial LibraryABBOT'S BROMLEY eng sta Free SchoolABERCORN sco edi Sabbath SchoolABERCORN sco lig Parochial LibraryABERDARE wal gla Mechanics' InstitutionABERDEEN sco abe AthenaeumABERDEEN sco abe Russell's Circulating LibraryABERDEEN sco abe Burnett's Circulating LibraryABERDEEN sco abe Elmslie's Circulating LibraryABERDEEN sco abe Marischal CollegeABERDEEN sco abe Mechanics' InstitutionABERDEEN sco abe Robertson's Circulating LibraryABERDEEN sco abe Stevenson's Circulating LibraryABERDEEN sco abe Aberdeen Christian Evidence LibraryABERDEEN sco abe Watson's Circulating LibraryABERDEEN sco abe Vessie's Circulating LibraryABERDEEN sco abe Wyllie's Circulating LibraryABERDEEN sco abe Collie's Circulating LibraryABERDEEN sco abe Laurie's Circulating LibraryABERDEEN sco abe Aberdeen Free Church CollegeABERDEEN sco abe Diocesan Library of the Episcopal Church of ScotlandABERDEEN sco abe Aberdeen New Public LibraryABERDEEN sco abe Aberdeen Reading SocietyABERDEEN sco abe Free Church CollegeABERDEEN sco abe Grammar SchoolABERDEEN sco abe New Aberdeen Circulating LibraryABERDEEN sco abe Philosophical SocietyABERDEEN sco abe Brown's Circulating LibraryABERDEEN sco abe Berry's Circulating LibraryABERDEEN sco abe Boyle's Circulating LibraryABERDEEN sco abe Smith's Circulating LibraryABERDEEN sco abe Medico-Chirurgical SocietyABERDEEN sco abe Natural History AssociationABERDEEN sco abe Moir's Select Circulating LibraryABERDEEN sco abe King's CollegeABERDEEN sco abe Chapeltown LibraryABERDEEN sco abe Caledonian Literary SocietyABERDEEN sco abe Blair's CollegeABERDEEN sco abe Davie & Morris' Circulating LibraryABERDEEN sco abe Moir's Circulating LibraryABERDEEN sco abe Angus' Circulating LibraryABERDEEN sco abe Johnston's Circulating LibraryABERDEEN sco abe Advocate's LibraryABERDEEN sco abe Alford Mutual Improvement SocietyABERDEEN sco abe University of AberdeenABERFELDY sco per Cameron's Circulating LibraryABERFELDY sco per Evangelical LibraryABERFORD eng yor Aberrford SchoolABERGAVENNY wal mom Watkins' Circulating LibraryABERGAVENNY wal mom Watkins' Circulating LibraryABERGAVENNY wal mom Wilmot's Circulating LibraryABERGAVENNY wal mom Grammar SchoolABERGAVENNY wal mom Cox's Circulating LibraryABERGAVENNY wal mom Abergavenny Parochial Lending LibraryABERLADY sco had Aberlady Subscription LibraryABERLEMNO sco for Parochial LibraryABERNANT wal cat Parochial LibraryABERYSTWYTH wal cad Literary, Scientific & Mechanics' InstitutionABERYSTWYTH wal cad Careswell's Circulating LibraryABERYSTWYTH wal cad Scandrett's Circulating LibraryABERYSTWYTH wal cad Powell's Circulating LibraryABERYSTWYTH wal cad Cox's Circulating LibraryABERYSTWYTH wal cad Cox's Circulating LibraryABERYSTWYTH wal cad Pugh's Circulating LibraryABERYSTWYTH wal cad Jones' Circulating LibraryABERYSTWYTH wal cad Cranston's Circulating LibraryABINGDON eng ber Harding's Circulating LibraryABINGDON eng ber Parochial Library
http://web.archive.org/web/20050720085900/http://www.r-als...1 of 15525/08/2011 10:42
ABINGDON eng ber Reading & Library SocietyABINGDON eng ber Belcher's SchoolABINGDON eng ber Literary & Scientific SocietyABINGDON eng ber Parsons' Circulating LibraryABINGDON eng ber Payne's Circulating LibraryABINGDON eng ber Radley CollegeABINGDON eng ber Free Grammar SchoolABINGDON eng ber Reading RoomsABINGDON eng ber King's Circulating LibraryABTHORPE eng noh Leeson's SchoolACASTER eng yor Grammat SchoolACASTER MALBIS eng yor Parochial LibraryACCRINGTON eng lan Parochial LibraryACCRINGTON eng lan Mechanics' InstituteACCRINGTON eng lan New Jerusalem Sunday SchoolACCRINGTON eng lan Subscription LibraryACKWORTH eng yor Lowther's SchoolACKWORTH eng yor Mechanics' LibraryACKWORTH eng yor Ackworth SchoolACTON eng che Free Grammar SchoolACTON REYNAUD eng shr Parochial LibraryADDERBURY eng oxf Parochial LibraryADDINGHAM eng yor Mechanics' InstituteADDINGTON eng buk Parochial LibraryADMARSH eng lan Parochial LibraryADWALTON eng yor Mechanics' InstitutionAIKTON eng cum Aikton SchoolAINSTABLE eng cum Parochial LibraryAINSWORTH eng lan Parochial LibraryAINSWORTH eng lan Presbyterian ChapelAIRDRIE sco lak Mechanics' InstitutionAIRDRIE sco lak Airdrie LibraryAIRTH sco sti Circulating LibraryALCESTER eng war Dolphin's Circulating LibraryALCESTER eng war Stephens' Circulating LibraryALCESTER eng war Parochial LibraryALCESTER eng war Alcester Book SocietyALCESTER eng war Alcester SchoolALCONBURY eng hun Parochial LibraryALDBURY eng her Parochial LibraryALDEBURGH eng suf Dencher's Circulating LibraryALDEBURGH eng suf Lincoln's Circulating LibraryALDEBURGH eng suf Dencher's Circulating LibraryALDEBURGH eng suf Dencher's Circulating LibraryALDEBURGH eng suf Dencher's Circulating LibraryALDEBURGH eng suf Grammar SchoolALDEBURGH eng suf Pinch's Circulating LibraryALDEBURGH eng suf Goodhugh's Circulating LibraryALDENHAM eng her Free Grammar SchoolALDERLEY eng che Parochial LibraryALDRIDGE eng sta Free SchoolALDWINKLE eng noh Aldwinkle SchoolALEXANDRIA sco dub Mechanics' InstituteALEXANDRIA sco dub Working Men's LibraryALFORD eng lin Clergymen's Book SocietyALFORD eng lin Nicholson's Circulating LibraryALFORD eng lin Worley's Circulating LibraryALFORD eng lin Free Grammar SchoolALFORD sco abe Parochial LibraryALFRETON eng der Alfreton Circulating LibraryALFRICK eng wor Charity SchoolALLENDALE eng nob Carshield LibraryALLENDALE eng nob Parochial LibraryALLENDALE eng nob Allenmill Smelting Works SocietyALLENDALE eng nob Allendale Subscription LibraryALLENDALE eng nob Free Grammar SchoolALLENHEADS eng nob Miners' LibraryALLESLEY eng war Allesley SchoolALLOA sco clk Parochial LibraryALLOA sco clk Parochial School LibraryALLOA sco clk Mechanics' InstitutionALLOA sco clk Charles' Circulating LibraryALLOA sco clk Clackmannan Subscription LibraryALLOA sco clk United Secession CongregationALLOA sco clk East Church CongregationALLOA sco clk Alloa LibraryALLONBY eng cum Hodgson's Circulating LibraryALMONDBURY eng yor Mechanics' InstitutionALMONDBURY eng yor Grammar SchoolALMONDBURY eng yor Almondbury Book Club
http://web.archive.org/web/20050720085900/http://www.r-als...2 of 15525/08/2011 10:42
ALNWICK eng nob Davison's Circulating LibraryALNWICK eng nob Catnach's Circulating LibraryALNWICK eng nob Parochial LibraryALNWICK eng nob Graham's Circulating LibraryALNWICK eng nob Graham's Circulating LibraryALNWICK eng nob Graham's Circulating LibraryALNWICK eng nob Graham's Circulating LibraryALNWICK eng nob Scientific and Mechanics' InstituteALNWICK eng nob Smith's Circulating LibraryALNWICK eng nob Free Grammar SchoolALNWICK eng nob Medical Book ClubALNWICK eng nob Alnwick Subscription LibraryALRESFORD eng ham [Literary & Scientific Institution?]ALRESFORD eng ham Astlett's Circulating LibraryALRESFORD eng ham Dimmock's Circulating LibraryALRESFORD eng ham Perin's SchoolALRESFORD eng ham Free Grammar SchoolALSTON eng cum Literary & Mechanics' InstitutionALSTON eng cum Pattinson's Circulating LibraryALSTON eng cum Grammar SchoolALSTON eng cum Subscription LibraryALSTON eng cum Tait's Circulating LibraryALTERNON eng cnw Mutual Improvement SocietyALTON eng ham Alton New Book SocietyALTON eng ham Mechanics' InstitutionALTON eng ham Alton Book SocietyALTON eng ham Free Grammar SchoolALTON eng ham Eggar's Grammar SchoolALTRINCHAM eng che Balshaw's Circulating LibraryALTRINCHAM eng che Literary InstituteALTRINCHAM eng che Altrincham & Bowdon Literary InstitutionALTRINCHAM eng che Altrincham Book ClubALVA sco clk Alva Workingmen's LibraryALVERSTOKE eng ham [Literary & Scientific Institution?]ALVESTON eng glo Convivio-Medical SocietyALWINTON eng nob Parochial LibraryAMBERLEY eng sus Parochial LibraryAMBLECOAT eng wor Church of England Young Men's AssociationAMBLESIDE eng wes Parochial LibraryAMBLESIDE eng wes Ambleside SchoolAMBLESIDE eng wes Troughton's Circulating LibraryAMBLESIDE eng wes Armitt LibraryAMBLESIDE eng wes Book SocietyAMERSHAM eng buk Harding's Circulating LibraryAMERSHAM eng buk Parochial LibraryAMERSHAM eng buk Cheyne's SchoolAMERSHAM eng buk Free Grammar SchoolAMESBURY eng wil Rose's SchoolAMLWCH wal ang Literary & Scientific InstitutionAMPNEY CRUCIS eng glo Parochial LibraryAMPNEY CRUCIS eng glo Pleydell's SchoolAMPTHILL eng bed Giberne's Circulating LibraryAMPTHILL eng bed Mechanics' InstitutionAMPTHILL eng bed Literary SocietyAMPTON eng suf Parochial LibraryAMPTON eng suf Ampton SchoolANCASTER eng lin Ancaster SocietyANDOVER eng ham Chaffey's Circulating LibraryANDOVER eng ham Russell's Circulating LibraryANDOVER eng ham Wheeler's Circulating LibraryANDOVER eng ham Parochial LibraryANDOVER eng ham Mechanics' InstitutionANDOVER eng ham Young Men's Mutual Improvement SocietyANDOVER eng ham Marcer's Circulating LibraryANDOVER eng ham Rawlins' Circulating LibraryANDOVER eng ham Burton's Circulating LibraryANDOVER eng ham Baverstock's Circulating LibraryANDOVER eng ham Free Grammar SchoolANDOVER eng ham King's Circulating LibraryANDOVER eng ham Maud's Circulating LibraryANDOVER eng ham Maud's Circulating LibraryANDREAS isl iom Parochial LibraryANGMERING eng sus Angmering SchoolANNAN sco duf Forrest's Circulating LibraryANNAN sco duf Mechanics' InstituteANNAN sco duf Annan AcademyANNAN sco duf Subscription LibraryANNAN sco duf Richardson's Circulating LibraryANSTRUTHER sco fif Cockburn's Circulating LibraryANSTY eng war Ansty School
http://web.archive.org/web/20050720085900/http://www.r-als...3 of 15525/08/2011 10:42

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