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201109 Baptist Bridge

201109 Baptist Bridge

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Published by Jonathan Villers
Sept 2011 Edition of the Baptist Bridge
Sept 2011 Edition of the Baptist Bridge

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Published by: Jonathan Villers on Aug 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By the grace of God, the Philippi Baptist Churchshall
Embrace, Model
, and
the love of Godthrough Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit
Philippi Baptist Church 107 Church St. ♦Philippi, WV 26416 (304) 457
-3206 September 2011
Catch us on the radio liveevery Sunday morning.10:30a.m.WQAB 91.3 FM
107 Church Street
Philippi, WV 26416
Jon Villers, PastorLisa Dadisman, Secretary
The Baptist BridgeThe Baptist Bridge
 Inside this Issue
 From the Pastor…2
  Board of Christian Education...3 Baptisms ...6 Getting to know...7 
 Prayer list…4
  Birthdays...4 Anniversaries..4.Youth news...5Worship Through The Arts...8
I am privileged from time to time to have guest writers for the Pastor’s Page! I want to thank Lisa Dadisman
for being willing to share her heart and let us hear from her experience and walk with the Lord. We welcomeLisa and Tom Dadisman as one of six new couples who have joined our church this year. We also welcomeWesley and Crystal Gray, Hayden and Heather Cottrill, Logan and Lauren Lindsey, Justin and Loretta Rich-ards, and Adam and Lisa Cheeseman!Shalom,Pastor Jon
Spiritual Warfare
This is something I had no idea about until it happened to me and my family. I want to share with you, myfellow Christian friends and family, and, hopefully, give you some advice before it happens to you or to some-one you know. I hope this will provide insight that will allow you to fight the good fight even harder. Do notfret; you are not alone. I am here as an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on or a hug that you may need andGod is
with you even when you feel no one else is. I pray that before you read this GOD opens yourheart to understand that there is hope even through the darkness or darkest moments of your life.Spiritual warfare
the closer a person wants to get to GOD the harder Lucifer and his alluring troops try towaylay that relationship. He puts up walls or tears down the steps that you are building to get closer toGOD. It is the hardest thing to understand, especially once you have been saved, baptized, and branded your
soul and life as GOD’S.
The devil wants to destroy anything good or trying to be good. He will put thoughtsinto your mind and will try to convince you that it is ok to do what feels right, no matter what the conse-quences. No matter what the cost.You would think the devil would leave you alone once you dedicate your life to GOD, but he does not. Hefights even harder to break down that struggling marriage or convince a drug or alcohol addict that one shot
won’t hurt. He tells the person addicted to pornography that it is fine... its just a picture. What harm can that
do? The devil can, has, and always will prey upon you when you are weak and even especially when you arestrong. Lucifer will try anything to keep us from being a child of GOD. He will keep giving those who rarelygo to church another good reason not to go.
I’m not saying that those who do not go to church are bad people,
not by any means.There is always room for self-
improvement in everyone’s life, including the ones who feel they are not good
enough to go to church. Lucifer has them believing that. I know that to be true because he convinced me Iwas not worthy to go to church and confront my sins. He convinced me that GOD would never forgive me forthe sins I had done and chaos I had created. Fortunately, I found the strength and courage to ignore that seduc-tive voice and came back to church. Lucifer sat on one shoulder and God on the other, and through the prayersof a million people and a million angels, God won my heart. I know in my heart that I have been forgiven andeveryone can be forgiven. Is that not why OUR LORD AND SAVIOR was nailed to the cross and wore acrown of thorns on his precious head? I cry whenever I think of the sacrifice he made for me AND you.However, the damage that I created did not end there. A spiritual warfare had been destroying my family forquite some time. Knowing now what was happening and understanding the fight going on inside my soul and
my husband’s between good and evil has not hindered us but has made us vow to stay true to God’s word and
our family, and there is no way, as long as GOD is on our side, that Lucifer and his relentless army have anychance at winning this battle in our lives! This body I live in belongs to GOD and this is HIS and there is noroom for evil thoughts, words, actions, all the things that the devil loves. Go back to hell where you belong,Lucifer, because I have NO room for you because I have given myself back to Jesus Christ and I AM HIS!The devil is trying to separate families by having the child or teenager turn against the parents. This is a topicthat needs to be addressed. That is why I decided to bring this out into the open. GOD and his angels are
working harder than ever to keep us safe and out of harm’s way, but there is an evil side fighting just as hard tomake our lives miserable and even bring us to death’s door before GOD and his people have a chance to show
us grace and mercy.
For the love of GOD…listen...the time is coming and coming soon.
If you have not made your choice on
where you want to spend eternity, I beg you, don’t wait. Gambling isn’t a lifestyle that Baptists generally
agree to. However, as for this gamble between GOD and Lucifer, put ALL you have on GOD and you willnever lose! Put all you have on Lucifer and his alluring ways, and eventually you will end up in the gutter. If you have not received GOD as your Lord and Savior, you will end up in the depths of Hell.What if today was your last day? Where will you spend eternity?
Won’t it take a lot of stress off of you just
knowing that whenever your number is up, you are A-OK because you know, just as Jesus promised, he willprepare a place for you in heaven.Thank you GOD for speaking to me and through me so I can share with those who need to hear this. Amen.
The Board of Christian Education
Thank you to the teachers/volunteers that we have for the new schedule.The new Sunday school classes/teachers include:
The Son Beams (Pre-school - Kindergarten)- Sara Poling and Sarah Cobb
The Seekers (1st Grade - 4th Grade) - Crystal Gray and Koreen Villers
The Discoverers (5th Grade - 8th Grade) - Jim and Wanda Steele
High School Group (9th Grade - 12th Grade) - Bruce and Cheryl Blankenship
The volunteers for Wee Church and Junior Church are:
Lisa and Tom Dadisman
Pete and Sarah Ferguson
Kelly Bracey
Hayden and Heather Cottrill
Lauren and Logan LindsaySara and Eddy Poling
Chuck and Carol Ervin
We would like to thank all of the volunteers and teachers for dedicating their time andtalents to help with the kids of our church.We are still looking for a few people to help once a month with Wee Church or JuniorChurch during the service and we are in need of subs, in case someone isabsent. Please contact Sara Poling or Sarah Ferguson if you are interested in helpingin any way. Thank you!!!!
God’s Greatest Creation !

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