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Robin Alston Country Houses Sources

Robin Alston Country Houses Sources

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Published by Andrew Prescott

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Published by: Andrew Prescott on Aug 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The arrangement is as follows:(1) England – (2) Counties – (3) Places(1)Wales– (2) Counties – (3) Places(1)Scotland– (2) Counties – (3) Places(1)Ireland– (2) Counties – (3) PlacesThe Islands
Web Sources
The National Trust
[With an index to all NT properties]
The National Trust for ScotlandCameron Newham'sCORBELproject
[Project to photograph and survey Pevsner's
 Buildings of England 
Risto Hurmalainen's Index to Country Houses
[With brief historical descriptions and photographs]In the past year (2001) many country houses have developed their own website. The number of these,and the difficulty in identifying them makes it impossible to list them here. New sites appear every month.
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