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Application Guide

Application Guide

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Published by Amalkrishna

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Published by: Amalkrishna on Aug 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Guide for Applicants:
How do I apply or a doctoralposition ofer with PhDGermany?
Background information on the German Doctoral System and on Germany as aResearch Destination can be foundon: www.research-in-germany.de/phdandwww.daad.de/deutschland/promotion
You have direct access to PhD position ofers in Germany through the DAAD PhDGermany Platorm. The institutesofering the positions are especially interested in international applicants. Our Platorm helps you nd the right PhDposition ofer or supervisor or your doctoral thesis and assists you with the online application process.
This guide contains information on the follow topics:Searching for a Doctoral PositionApplying Online with the DAAD PortalThe Selection ProcessStep-by-step through the Application FormSearching for a Doctoral Position
You can search or a doctoral position via the database onwww.phdgermany.de.Search results can be ltered according to the ollowing criteria:Subject AreaCountry o Origin (Some doctoral position ofers are only available to certain nationalities due to the content othese positions). Your Country o Origin is the country where you hold citizenship and/or have resided in or atleast the past 6 years.Financing (Sel-nanced, ex.: existing scholarship vs. position with salary)With the extended search (“Further Options”) results can be reduced by specic criteria:− CityUniversity / Research OrganisationWorking Language (German / English)Doctorate Type (Full Doctorate or a Research Stay, ex.: in the context o a Sandwich Program)*
* A “Sandwich Program” describes a project that is supervised by both a German and an international proessor. While the doctoral student writes their thesis in theirhome country, a 1 to 2 year long research stay under the supervision o a German proessor is a part o the program.
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When you have ound a doctoral position ofer, proceed by clicking on the Apply Online button under the descriptiono the ofer in the DAAD Portal.
Applying Online with the DAAD Portal
see also Step-by-step through the Application FormPhDGermany uses the DAAD portal or the application process. You need to register once (ree o charge) as a userin the portal system (https://portal.daad.de), in order to apply or the positions ofered. During registration you canchoose to use either the German or English version o the portal. You will be sent a temporary password that will expireater your rst login – please replace it with a new password that you choose yoursel.When you have logged in, please click on the “PhDGermany” tab in order to proceed to the application area.
Please note: A search or a matching position with specic search criteria is only possible with the database on thePhDGermany website. By directly entering through the DAAD-Portal this lter unction will not be available.
Your application must be directed to a specic ofer (unsolicited applications are accepted). I you would like toapply to more than one position, then you must send a separate application or each position.
It is best to search onwww.phdgermany.deor a suitable ofer and then click on the “Apply Online” button. Thisway you will automatically arrive at the DAAD Portal where you can proceed with your application. The positionthat you have clicked-on in the database will be pre-selected in the Portal. You only need to enter your Country oOrigin and then you can immediately begin with your application.
You can download the application orm, ll it in oine and then upload the completed orm. This is possible withthe Disk Symbol that is ound above the PDF orm or above the menu option, “Download Form”.You can also directly ll-in the orm online and then send it. Warning: Ater a long pause, the session will be automati-cally ended or security reasons. We recommend that you regularly save your data! You can do this by clicking on the“Save Data” symbol on the let side list.
Take a look at all items on the application orm beore beginning to enter in data, and prepare the necessary ap-plication documents (e.g.Curriculum Vitae and Certicates).
Required Fields:
You must ll-in all parts o the application that are marked with an asterisk (*). Once you have en-tered your data, click on “Next” and you will proceed to the next part o the application.
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When all required elds are lled-in, the “Send Application” option appears under the “Overview” side. When you arecertain that all the inormation submitted is correct, then click on “Send Application”. I you need to make correctionsto the application orm ater the application has been sent, note that this is only possible in special cases. You cansend urgent changes to a DAAD employee through the “My Messages” unction. Your personal data can be modiedvia the “Application Overview” eld, with the “Change Personal Data” option.
Please note, that applications are only possible through the DAAD Portal and cannot be submitted by mail.
Application Documents
The application documents play a very important role in a successul search or a position in Germany. The proessorsresponsible careully examine the submitted documents beore accepting the applicant to the next stage in the selec-tion process. Thereore it is important that ormal criteria regarding orm and content are ollowed correctly.An application should contain a
cover letter
(with your correct address, e-mail address and telephone number),
cur-riculum vitae
in tabular ormat, a proessionally-made
application photo
as well as
.Use a single, easily-read and ormal ont (ex.: Times New Roman or Arial) or you application. For emphasis and specialexplanations you can also make use o the
An example Curriculum Vitae and inormation on preparing a Research Proposal (description o your researchproject) is ound in the DAAD Portal on the let-side menu list in the application area (“attachments”).

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