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Magick Around Us

Magick Around Us



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Published by NS
a personal view of magick
a personal view of magick

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Published by: NS on Sep 30, 2008
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Welcome to a wee bit a Magick These are my personal views. Yes, I believe what Ihave written. My 'job' is to believe and learn, notto convert others.updated 09/23/2009"The mystical theme of the space is this: theworld, as we know it, is coming to an end. Theworld as the center of the universe, the worlddivided from the heavens, the world bound byhorizons in which love is reserved for members of the in group: that is the world that is passingaway. Apocalypse does not point to a fieryArmageddon but to the fact that our ignorance andour complacency are coming to an end." ---JosephCampbellThis is a quote from chapter 1 of "Exploring Innerand Outer Space" by Brian O'Leary, Ph. D., who wasa NASA scientist-astronaut.Do I believe in magick? Absolutely! Magick is allaround us, and in us. Magick is energy, everythingin the Universe is made up of energy. I know somepeople don't believe that. That is their opinion, towhich they are entitled. I have a habit of asking myhigher self many questions, but I also ask variousGods/Goddesses and the Universe. This is usuallyhow I get answers. Am I a Christian? No. Have I
ever been? You bet. I was a lot less tolerant, then.Any religion should be tolerant. Most of them theyaren't. It doesn't matter, each person must walk the path he/she chose, or the path that was chosenfor him/her and that they agreed to be on. I believewe all find our own way. I also believe that we arecalled, so to speak, as to the path we walk. I’mhappy with mine, and secure in the knowledge thatI am ever learning as I go. Regardless of whetheryou're a Pagan or Christian, Shaman, Muslim,Wiccan, whatever...you go for it. We all needsomething/someone to believe in. Most of us giveour power over to something/someone else. Thisway, they can get the blame if things don't work out the way we would like. Not to mention, if wescrew up...well hey! it's not our fault. (laughing)This is why we have so many gods and goddesses.Even if we don't believe in them, they believe inus. Actually, everything that exists, exists insideour awareness. If we aren't aware of it, for allintents and purposes, it doesn't exist. If you areunconscious, you aren't aware of anything, sonothing exists at that time. This is pretty muchwhat a person's belief system is: The sum total of all the experiences you've ever had... all you'vethought about yourself and those experiences...and all anyone has ever told you about yourself and them. This is just my opinion. So, please don'tbother trying to change my mind. If you wish tocontribute to my knowledge, you're welcome too;
but I'm not going to change my belief system. Sodon't even try. Stubborn? Probably, but at least Iadmit it. I don't claim to be the 'know all and be all'on the subject. We would all be hurting if I was. Weall perceive everything in our own ways. We alllearn in our own way, and in our own time. I knowthat much...been there, done that. What is true forme, might not be true for you. This too is ok. I'mhere to learn, just as you are. Seems to me like wedon't learn very well at times. Takes us so long thatby the end of it, we're like..what the hell was thatall about? Patience and attitude will go a long wayin achieving anything. Focus on that which youdesire. As you focus, you may feel a build up of energy. When you have gotten to the point whereyou can hold no more energy, let it go out to theuniverse with a heartfelt desire that it be granted.The more you focus, the sooner it will appear inyour life. But focus on that which you want as if you already had it, not the lack itself. Whateveryou focus your attention on, that is what you drawto yourself.Now, for a few words about the 'wiccan rede'. Itsays "an it harm none, do as ye will", however,since I am part of this universe, this means that I'mnot supposed to let someone harm me either. Andif you think for one minute, that I will...you haveanother thing coming. No one should let anotherperson harm them, we should all respect ourselves

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