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DWF Dialogue Guide

DWF Dialogue Guide

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Published by Lisa Lewin

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Published by: Lisa Lewin on Aug 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In this package, you have received:
1. DVD of the Film (Campaign Screener)
Please test this DVD in your player upon receipt. This DVD is for one-time use only. Please return it to us after your screening inorder to receive the official released DVD. We will not be able tosend you the official released DVD without the returned screener copy. Mail back to:
New Moon Productions236 Fifth Ave, Suite BVenice, CA 90291
2. Movie Postcards
We have enclosed at least
movie postcards (more if you requested them).These movie postcards contain ordering information on the back. Place moviepostcards on the seats of your audience members before the doors open. After thescreening, draw people’s attention to the postcards and announce that people canorder the film on our website. We hope you will encourage people to buy the film toshare with their family and friends. Thank you!
3. Response Cards Template
This one-page template is for you to photocopy. Each page fits tworesponse cards. Please make enough photocopies for each member of your audience. These response cards are for audience members toshare their own stories and reflections after the screening. Please typeup these responses and send them to us in a word document titled“Response Cards, Your City”, so that we can post them on our website.Place response cards on the seats of your audience members before thedoors open with the movie postcards. Include golf pencils. Invite theaudience to fill out the cards
the screening, during your discussion.Collect the response cards as people leave.
4. Guidelines for Your Screening and Dialogue
Please read carefully through these guidelines for your screening and dialogue.
 Divided We Fall 
CampaignScreening and Dialogue Guidelines
Divided We Fall Campaign
is a people-fueled national movement to create deep community dialogue about ways to address racism, religion, and healing in the aftermath of September 11, 2001. Divided We Fall 
promotes change one person at a time in the company of allies and strangers through a storythat reveals the way hate can hijack our humanity. It offers us inspiration to overcome hate through connectinghearts and minds. The following guidelines are aimed to provide facilitators of the national campaign with toolsfor deep dialogue. We designed these guidelines to help facilitators steward personal reflections anddiscussions that will move people through examining the impact of watching DWF and invite everyone toimagine a better world. The overall goal is to build community through each dialogue, and the proposedactivities reflect an emphasis on community-building rather than debriefing the content of the film.The following structure and activities for your deep community dialogue are meant to be guides to be appliedflexibly. Watch the film beforehand and decide which suggested dialogue activity to use for your dialogue. Werecognize each dialogue deserves to have its own life. The best facilitation comes from having experiencedleaders who are comfortable and confident in a plan they execute. As such, please think about how you canintegrate these suggestions into the best practices and experiences you possess. We do not want you to lead astandardized dialogue through any rigid application of these suggestions. The entire program will run between2 hours and 2 and 1/2 hours.Be sure to join us for our national teleconference training for campaign hosts on
Sunday, Sept. 7 at 1 p.m.Pacific / 3 p.m. Central / 4 p.m. Eastern.
We will offer a training for dialogue facilitation and answer anyquestions you have. Details will arrive by email.•••For questions about the logistics of your screening, contact Jodi Elliott, tour director, at jodi@dwf-film.comIf you have questions about press materials or need to schedule an interview with the filmmakers, contact TracyWells, communications director, at tracy@dwf-film.com
Before the Doors Open
Before the doors open for your event, please be sure you have tested the sound and picture of the DVD, your volunteers are ready, and you have placed the movie postcards and response cards on the seats of your audiencemembers.
Here is your Check List:30-45 Minutes Preparation Time
____ Arrange to arrive at the venue at least 30 min before the screeningto test sound and picture with the projectionist or organizer.
Two Wireless Microphones ___
If the venue is large, arrange one wireless microphone on stageand one for audience members during the discussion.
Three to Five Volunteers ___
Blogger – Take notes on the discussion by hand or on a laptop; write a reflection piece on theevent and email to Tracy Wells at tracy@dwf-film.com
Photographer – Take photographs at the event; email 2-3 of the best photos to Tracy Wells attracy@dwf-film.com
Usher One – Pass out
response cards
for people to share their own stories and reflections.These will be posted on our website. You can place these response cards on people’sseats before the doors open. (You will need to photocopy the template for theresponse cards in the campaign package and bring golf pencils). After the event, please type up these responses and email addresses and email to Tracy Wells attracy@dwf-film.com
Usher Two – Pass out
movie postcards
to each audience member with information on how toorder the film and curriculum. You can place these movie postcards on people’s seats before the doors open. (Postcards are included in the campaign package)
Runner – If mics are necessary, the runner will pass the wireless microphone to audiencemembers during the discussion session after the screening.

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