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Metamorphosis - short story

Metamorphosis - short story



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Published by Janaissa
just a story i had to write for english once...
just a story i had to write for english once...

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Published by: Janaissa on Sep 30, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The light is unbearable, the way it powers down on you in the day in the heat of thesummer. The dark however, is full of mystery and coolness, the way it smothers thelight like a blanket.A prisoner of himself; never exposed and locked away from the world. He was blind to the natural happenings that occurred every day. A tall guy, looked strong andfit (although no one could ever know). But inside, he was falling, his fear pulling him back, for he could not face the light.He had not always been like this. He used to love playing games outside withthe other children. But as he grew older, he learned to love the dark more than ever.He would avoid going out in the day and just stay in his room, with the curtainsdrawn. One day, he moved up to the attic as there was no light up there. His mother noticed this strange behaviour immediately, she tried to make him come out but it wasno use.Ten years now, a grown man still living in the same attic. This is where hefeels safe; this is where he belongs. Nathan was his original name, although no onecalls him that anymore. Most people know him as ‘the man who’s afraid of light’ and Nathan guessed they are a little afraid of him.There is nothing to be afraid of though. He is just a man who loves the dark.He loves all the mystery in life he doesn’t have to see. He doesn’t have to see wars,famine or any poverty. ‘This,’ he says to himself ‘is the better life’.He sits on his chair listening deeply to the radio. His mother had taped over the power light for he wants complete darkness. Sometimes, as he plugs the radio in,sparks fly from the plug socket and he jumps away, cowering in the corner. As he hadlived in the dark for so long, any light would frighten him.The time or date is no use to him. He is trapped in a timeless image, no onecan get to him and he cannot get to them. His mother delivers food to him through asealed tunnel in the attic wall. The only sound that tells of his foods arrival is thesound of a small hand bell.He loves to hear his mother’s voice from downstairs, and he feels sad that heisn’t there for her. He sits in his ‘listening’ chair as he likes to call it, and searches for sounds from afar.As he has been living in the dark for so long, his hearing has become bat like, far  beyond that of a normal human ear. He can sometimes hear neighbours at the end of the street.Suddenly he hears voices, male voices from far away.
‘I know he is such a loser. I mean, who’s afraid of light?’ ‘I KNOW! Maybe one day we should go up there and give him the fright of his life.’ ‘Yes that’s a great idea! We’ll go at night because he won’t know what’s happening!’ ‘We could shine a torch in his face; he won’t know what’s hit him! Even better, wecould torture him, I’ve never tortured someone before and what a perfect subject haha ha!’ 
‘Who are they? Were they talking about me? Oh, of course they were talking aboutme. Who else could they be talking about? What is going to happen to me?’ He isafraid. This time it isn’t the light he is afraid of.He doesn’t know when it is night for them. He waits and he cannot bear it anylonger. They can come for him at any time. No one can save him; he cannot get away.

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