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Peter D. F. - 1. The New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ

Peter D. F. - 1. The New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ

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Published by gloriaveve

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Published by: gloriaveve on Aug 26, 2011
Copyright:Public Domain


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Peter D. F.
A Note of Introduction by The Lord Jesus Christto Any Prospective Reader of This Book
“Before seriously undertaking the reading of The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ,as recorded in this book, any prospective reader should be aware of the following importantfacts:”(1)“The Lord Jesus Christ made a free choice to use the third person form of expression and notthe first person, as the reader, perhaps, would expect. The main reason for this choice is inpreservation of freedom of choice of every reader to accept or to reject what is written in thisbook. The use of the first person’s form of expression, such as, for example, ‘I say,’ ‘I state,’ ‘Ido,’ etc., has a commanding, forceful, indisputable, imposing and ordering connotation. Thetrue Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ does not contain any inclination whatsoever tocommand, to force, to impose, to order or to intimidate anything on anyone. This Nature iscomprised of Absolute Freedom and Independence. If one operates from the state of thisAbsolute Freedom and Independence, one can never express oneself in any other mode butin the mode of freedom and independence. To command, to order, to impose, etc., wouldviolate this Nature. Thus, the use of the third person’s form of expression takes away thisundesirable connotation and side effect.”“Another important reason for this choice is the illustration and exemplification of the attitudeof true humility, modesty and humbleness. If the true spiritual principles of life require peopleand humans to be humble and modest, it is only natural that the Absolute Source of all truespiritual principles — The Lord Jesus Christ — set His/Her own example of this modesty,humbleness and humility. One of the fundamental traits of the Absolute Nature of The LordJesus Christ is Absolute Innocence, Humility, Modesty and Humbleness. Because of thisfundamental trait, The Lord Jesus Christ can relate to anyone only from the position of thistrait. You do not relate from the position of something which you do not have. You relate onlyfrom the position of something which you have. This is a common principle of anyrelationship. The use of the third person’s form of expression helps to emphasize thisimportant attitude.”(2)“An important spiritual reason exists, known only to The Lord Jesus Christ, why He/Shechose Dr. Peter Daniel Francuch as the transmitter of The New Revelation for this time. Peter is someone whose native tongue is not English and who has never formally studied theEnglish language. The grammatical structure of any language, and particularly of the Englishlanguage, puts too many limits on expressions of spiritual ideas. These limitations are beingutilized by the negative state to distort, pervert and falsify the original and genuine meaningof those ideas. In order to avoid this danger, at times, it is necessary to violate thegrammatical structures and rules of the used language.”“The Lord Jesus Christ chose to use Peter’s unique and specific mode of expression, hislanguage and the way he formulates his ideas for conveying the principles of The NewRevelation. It suits The Lord Jesus Christ very well to use exactly the mode of thinking,feeling, expression of ideas, sentence structure and the words that Peter uses. The wayPeter is and the way he thinks, feels and expresses himself is an integral part of hisassignment and mission — to be exactly that way. It is not by coincidence that all Peter’seffort in the past to undertake a systematic formal study of the English language andgrammar had always been thwarted. This was for the purpose of avoidance of beingcontaminated by the rigid rules of grammar for expression of any ideas.”
“Let the reader be aware that, if The Lord Jesus Christ needed to express Himself/Herself differently and, in the opinion of some readers, in a more acceptable and grammaticalmanner, He/She would have most certainly chosen some scholar of the English language or someone who would be able to adhere more closely to those rules. But such a choice wouldmiss the whole point.”“Humans will always have a tendency to find any excuse why not to agree, or not to read or not to implement what they have read in this, or any other book of the New Revelation. Someof them are easily turned off by some unsuitable, in their opinion, expressions or words or ideas or the way they are formulated and conveyed. Such humans have an inordinate needto express things in their own words, in their own ideas and by their own conceptualization of how things should be formulated. From that position they compulsively want to rewrite suchbooks, to edit them, to substitute the used words by some others in order to soften or toremove the genuine intent for which the original words were chosen. Again, if The Lord JesusChrist wished to use those kinds of words in order to convey His/Her New Revelation,He/She would have most certainly chosen someone who would be able to express it in adifferent mode than the one used in this book.”“There are important spiritual reasons, beyond human comprehension, why The Lord JesusChrist chose this mode of conveyance of The New Revelation’s ideas, as reflected in Peter’smanner of speech, language, expression and mode of thinking. Because of these importantspiritual reasons, after the final version of the manuscript is submitted for typesetting andpublished, or after it is presented for reading, anyone who, at any time, in the present or inthe future, attempts to revise or to edit or to substitute any words or to change anything in thisbook, besides obvious typographical, spelling or mechanical errors, will be distorting or evenfalsifying the true meaning of this book.”“Any changes or additions in this respect, if at all, have to come directly from The Lord JesusChrist. After all, this is His/Her book. And, of course, such changes or additions would comethrough Peter again. Once or if Peter is no longer available for doing this important work,then and only then someone else will be chosen by The Lord Jesus Christ for transmission of a new book or books which would be logical sequels, but not revisions (within its content), of this book.”(3)“The reading of this book, in order to be properly understood, requires some familiarity withthe previous work transmitted through Peter. In actuality, the nine previous books of thisnature can be considered a preparation and introduction to this one. For this reason, if thereader intends to read this book without any prior familiarity with some of the previous bookswritten by Peter, he/she should prepare himself/herself for the greatest shock of his/her life. Itwill not be easy to accept anything revealed in this book.”“But, as always, if the reader keeps his/her mind open, and is willing to relinquish anypreconceived ideas of his/her own expectations and of his/her own adopted views, opinions,religion, philosophy or whatever he/she has, and will approach this reading with a positiveand good intent, for the sake of learning and changing, he/she will be blessed with wisdom of understanding, acceptance and application of everything revealed in this book.”“Some readers will, perhaps, complain that there is too much redundancy in this book. Thereaders of this nature should be advised that, very often, a certain spiritual idea underliesmany diverse factors. When exploring each factor in particular, that principle needs to berestated and repeated. In a philosophical sense, this is not redundancy but looking at the

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