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Graft and Corruption Starve a Nation

Graft and Corruption Starve a Nation

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Hugo Chavez's government graft and corruption
Hugo Chavez's government graft and corruption

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Published by: Jerry E. Brewer, Sr. on Aug 26, 2011
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C.W. 001-2011
Graft and Corruption Starve a NationBy: Juan José Herrera
The voracity for money through kickbacks in the purchase of nearly decayed foodfrom around the world, mainly the USA and Argentina, has caused a nationalindignation- since
most of it is “powdered milk 
Venezuela´s poor are the onessuffering this outra
ge of obnoxious purchases mainly by a “Cuban” purchasing officer 
who ordered what was to be purchased for Venezuelan consumers as if we werealready in Cuba.I visited PDVAL once, searching for margarine and browsed the whole place fromback to front and back again. The articles exhibited there were mainly sardine cans in
a very “unusual
can size
that came from Ecuador. Supposedly, the powdered milk was nonexistent there; some of it was purchased from Hugo Chavez´s buddies inArgentina and Uruguay and another was also imported from the USA.The scheme with these Cuban-Venezuelan purchasing agents had been this: Theywould contact an industry that had in its inventory powdered milk close to the expiringdate, which normally sells at an 80% to 90% discount wholesale price. The agent
northern Virginia703.268.4453 
would then make an agreement with the industry providing this milk, to place in the invoice the fullprice of the product as if it were fresh and safe to be consumed, splitting up the difference between thereal worth and the amount fully paid. The story does not end there. The Cuban-Venezuelan agent wouldsay, as an example; of the 500 Tons, send me 300 Tons and I will pay for the amount of 500 Tons; againsplitting up the difference amongst provider and purchaser.In the aforementioned situation, there came to be inside
“thousands of containers
thousands of tons of food that was never retrieved, not even to be fed to farm animals. It had been left there to rot, andsubsequently sharing a commission with those renting the container where the food was rotting. Thatwas another angle of the corrupt deal with the spoiled food. Kickbacks everywhere you look. There wasa kickback even among the carrier. It is not certain if insurance was paid on the cargo or shipment, butthey
pocketed the money and never paid any insurance at all. Then again, it was mentionedin the invoice, but that was another item that they could steal from and share the spoils.The US Internal Revenue should look at these US companies doing business with Chavistic elements,since there are millions of US Dollars undeclared due to these types of shady negotiations.If you go to www.notitarde.com and
for CIUDAD section of August 24th, 2011 Edition, youwill find adantesque image of tons of food being disposed of in Puerto Cabello on the grounds of amilitary base. Why a military base? For two good reasons according to the government criteria of not
allowing “reporters” to document dates and products. And the
other to prevent the “hungry” populace”
from scavenger hunting among the complete packages of food to take them home and consume them.
Most of these “scavenger hunters” have a very good immunological system
that protects them eventhough they consume food in spoiled conditions. That at the very least is a miracle here, as in othercountries where needy people subsist from garbage.Venezuela imports more food under the Chavez regime since he has destroyed the majority of agricultural infrastructure and placed it in the hands of C
havistic followers who can‟t even
drive atractor or use chemical fertilizers adequately.

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