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Describing a Process

Describing a Process

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Published by masnita

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Published by: masnita on Aug 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Describing a process means writing about how something is made or how somethinghappens. Examples: the rainwater cycle, how coffee is grown, how glass is made,getting a driving license, starting a business.Usually, when we write the description of a process, we divide the description into threeparts. They are
The first paragraph is where you state what you want to describe. Introduce thetopic. It should say what you are going to do. In this paragraph, you may state thetools or the materials that you use in the process.Examples:
In this essay, I will describe how paper is made.
I will now explain how a photocopier works.
Building a road is a long process, but it can be divided into four main stages.
You may have two or three paragraphs here. Describe each step involved in theprocess. Explain the process or procedure. This is where you usually use thesequence connectors.Examples:
The first stage in making glass is … In this stage, the sand is cleaned and weighed…Next….After that….In the final stage, the glass is….
The ending paragraph where you state how one can benefit from the whole process,or you can have a summary of the whole process, or you can provide your ownsuggestions and comments. Write the conclusion. It will summarize your ideas.Examples:
 As you can see, paper manufacture is a difficult process. If you follow the stepsdescribed then you will be successful.
 As I have described, there are many steps involved in supplying water to a city.By using the step by step approach outlined above you can make sure of a safesupply.
B. Sequence markers / connectors
Sequence markers are words used to mark the particular order of steps in a certainprocess. Usually it is used in describing a process to indicate the sequence or the order of the procedures in the process. The words are:FirstFirstlyInitiallyTo begin withSecond, Third, Fourth, etc.Secondly, Thirdly, Fourthly, etc.Next, Then, After, After that, Before, Before that, Later WhileSimultaneouslyDuring
these markers are used to mark thebeginning of a processThese markers are used to showthe following steps.These markers are used to show actionsor steps that happen at the same time
FinallyLastlyEventuallyAt last
ACTIVITY 1Fill in the blanks with the sequence connectors provided in the box.
 ______ she adds two spoons of sugar. ______ she pours in the milk. ______ shebeats the eggs.2. ______ getting out of class, I always check to make sure the windows are all locked.3. ______ waiting for the cake to cook, you can prepare the table.4. She turned the egg ______ it had cooked.5. Ahmad put all the rubbish in a plastic bag, ______ he throws the rubbish into therubbish bin.6. “_______ you can serve the noodles with the sauce you have prepared”, said the chef to the audience.
These markers are used to mark the final step.Firstlywhileafterafter thatsecondly lastlythirdlyBefore

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