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Table Of Contents

1.1 Overview
1.2 Recursive Bayesian Estimation
Fig. 1.1 Prediction and Update Stages for the Recursive Bayesian Estimation
Non-Gaussian Probability Densities
1.3 Review to Nonlinear Filtering
1.4 Contributions of the Dissertation
1.5 Dissertation Outline
2.1 Batch Least-Squares Estimation
2.2 Weighted Least-Squares Estimation
2.2.1 Relationship to Maximum Likelihood Estimation
2.2.2 Relationship to Bayesian Estimation
2.2.3 Unbiased Estimator
2.3 Linear Sequential Estimation
2.4 Kalman Filter
2.4.1 Introduction
2.4.2 Kalman Filtering Algorithm
the nonlinear least-squares estimation
3.1 Nonlinear Least-Squares Estimation
3.2 Extended Kalman Filter
Fig. 3.2 Diagram of Predictor-Corrector Form of the Extended Kalman Filter
3.3 Unscented Kalman Filter
3.3.1 Unscented Transformation
3.3.2 Scaled Unscented Transformation
3.3.3 Unscented Kalman Filter
Fig. 3.4 Diagram of Predictor-Corrector Form of the Unscented Kalman Filter
3.4 Divided Difference Filter
3.4.1 Linearization
3.4.2 First-Order Approximation
3.4.3 Second-Order Approximation
3.4.4 First-Order Divided Difference Filter
Fig. 3.5 Diagram of Predictor-Corrector Form of the Divided Difference Filter
3.4.5 Second-Order Divided Difference Filter
3.5 Finite Difference Filter
3.5.1 Exact Nonlinear Filter Fokker-Planck Equation Measurement Update
3.5.2 Approximate Nonlinear Filter Prediction Equation
4.3.1 Sequential Importance Sampling
4.3.2 Resampling Effective Sample Size Resampling Algorithms
4.3.3 Generic Particle Filter Algorithm
4.4 SIR Particle Filtering
4.5 Improving Particle Filters
4.6 Local Linearization Particle Filter
4.6.1 Extended Kalman Particle Filter
4.6.2 Unscented Particle Filter
4.6.3 Divided Difference Particle Filter
4.7 Regularized Particle Filter
4.7.1 Density Estimation
4.7.2 Kernel Methods
4.7.3 Regularized Particle Filter
4.8 Markov Chain Monte Carlo Method
4.8.1 Metropolis-Hastings Algorithm Proposal Choice
4.8.2 Gibbs Sampler
4.9 Rao-Blackwellized Particle Filter
4.10 Cram´er-Rao Bounds for Nonlinear Filtering
4.10.1 Cram´er-Rao Lower Bounds
4.10.2 Posterior Cram´er-Rao Lower Bounds
4.10.3 Posterior Cram´er-Rao Lower Bound for Gaussian Noise Nonlinear Gaussian Filtering Problem Linear Gaussian Filtering Problem
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Optimality Conditions of Kalman Filter
5.3 Maybeck’s Estimator
5.4 Automated Adaptive Nonlinear Estimator
5.4.1 Process Noise Covariance Estimation
5.4.2 Automated Calculation of Scale Factor
5.5 Adaptive Unscented Kalman Filter
5.5.1 Unscented Kalman Filter Algorithms
5.5.2 Adaptive Unscented Kalman Filtering
5.6 Adaptive Divided Difference Filter
5.6.1 Divided Difference Filter Algorithms
5.6.2 Adaptive Divided Difference Filtering
6.1 Dynamic Model Compensation
6.1.1 Stochastic Acceleration
6.1.2 Filtering Model State Transition Matrix Process Noise Matrix
6.2 Reduced Dynamic Tracking
6.2.1 Modified Stochastic Acceleration
6.2.2 Filtering Model State Transition Matrix Process Noise Matrix
7.1 Orbit and Parameter Estimation
7.1.1 Introduction
7.1.2 Equations of Orbital Motion Gravitational Perturbation Drag Perturbation Stochastic Drag Model
7.1.3 Observation and Tracking Model Radar Tracking Laser Tracking
7.1.4 Initial Orbit Determination Herrick-Gibbs Method
7.1.5 Orbit and Parameter Estimation Satellite Visibility Analysis Gauss Least-Squares Differential Correction Nonlinear Filtering Algorithm
7.1.6 Error Sources and Compensation Measurement Error Mathematical Models
7.2 Autonomous GPS Navigation
7.2.1 GPS Navigation Systems GPS Systems GPS Satellite Constellation GPS Measurement Models GPS Positioning Accuracy Coordinate Transformation
7.2.2 Navigation Solution
7.2.3 Kinematic Navigation Solutions Geometric State Solution Least-Squares Solution
7.2.4 Dynamic Navigation Solution State Noise Compensation Method Dynamic Model Compensation Method
8.1 Performance Criteria
8.1.1 Posterior Cram´er-Rao Lower Bound
8.1.2 Optimality Analysis
8.1.3 Whiteness Test
8.2 Orbit and Parameter Estimation
8.2.1 Generation of True Trajectory
8.2.2 Generation of Observations
8.2.3 Filter Dynamic Model
8.2.4 Simulation Results and Performance Analysis Nonlinear Estimation Adaptive Nonlinear Filtering
Fig. 8.9 Absolute Velocity Estimation Errors in First Track
Fig. 8.13 Absolute Position Estimation Errors in Second Track
Fig. 8.18 Range Innovation Errors with 2-Sigma Bound
8.3 Autonomous GPS Navigation
8.3.1 Generation of User True Trajectories
8.3.2 Generating of GPS Satellite Trajectories
8.3.3 Filter Dynamic Model and Error Sources
8.3.4 Simulation Results and Performance Analysis
Fig. 8.25 Position Errors for DMC Solution
Fig. 8.27 Clock Bias Errors for DMC Solution
8.3.5 Conclusion
8.4.4 Conclusion
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51667236 Nonlinear Bayesian Filtering

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