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Published by azula.aga

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Published by: azula.aga on Oct 01, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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STORYLeslie took the gun out of the bag and threw it into the river. He was so tired. He hadn’t beensleeping for two days because of that terrible happening. He was standing at the riverside andlooking at the dark surface of the water.” Fortunately, no one will get to know” he thought.Then he remembered once more what he had done. Three days earlier he was coming back from work. He lives in a detached- house on the second floor. The first floor belongs to Mr.Brown – the owner of the building, and the third floor to Miss Keith – a very old woman, wholives with her dog, Jerry. Jerry is a nasty, old terrier. Leslie had never liked it, but Jerry hadnever come to his house to destroy it. When Leslie entered the house he was scared. Hethought that someone had robbed the house. Hw heard something. He took out his guncarefully and jumped. He saw Jerry, which was biting a leg of the table. Jerry frightened and began to pounce. Leslie shot by accident. Than both of them screamed. Jerry was breathingheavily and Leslie had to take him to the vet. Jerry had an operation. Leslie called up MissKeith and told her that some bad, young boys had annoyed her dog and then shot at it. The oldlady was so shocked that Leslie felt sorry for her. He couldn’t tall her the truth. I didn’tmatter to him that his house was destroyed. He felt guilty, so he decided to throw the gunaway and never use it any more.PROBLEM ESSAY (ENVIROMENT)
“How can we save the environment” 
Environment is very important for all the creatures in the world. Unfortunately, from year toyear it is becoming more and more polluted and destroyed. But there are some simple waysof making it a pleasant as well as safe place to live in.One way to rescue the environment would be using public transport or bicycles in cities andtowns. Consequently the air would be a lot cleaner and less fuel would be wasted.Another solution to make the air clean is to plant more trees and protect forests as well as jungles. The advantage would be double : there would be more oxygen and so more wildanimals settle in those areas.The law should also be changed. Large factories, which produce chemical goods should be prevented from removing their wastes into rivers that would lower the quality of earth angmight cause animal and plant diseases.Obviously saving the environment is most effective with the involvement of all of us,therefore such things as recycling and using environmentally friendly products should beencouraged. As a result many natural resources ought to be saved and not wasted.To sum up, there are many things, that one person is able to do quite frequently in order tohelp making the Earth cleaner and more pleasant.

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