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Purpose Projects Enhance Life

Purpose Projects Enhance Life

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Published by Brad Swift
While knowing your life purpose is a critical step in living on purpose, it's really just the beginning. Creating powerful Purpose Projects is a major way to enhance your life.
While knowing your life purpose is a critical step in living on purpose, it's really just the beginning. Creating powerful Purpose Projects is a major way to enhance your life.

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Published by: Brad Swift on Aug 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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byDr. W. Bradford Swift
Founder, Life On Purpose InstituteLife On Purpose Certified Coachhttp://www.lifeonpurpose.combrad@lifeonpurpose.com © 2008 - 11 W. Bradford Swift and Porpoise Publishing, All rights reserved.
Visit Life On Purpose Institute’s web site for free yet valuable resources:http://www.lifeonpurpose.com. This report may be freely distributed or included intoother publications without written permission. For discounts on multiple copiescontact Life On Purpose Institute at publishing@lifeonpurpose.com.
 Life On Purpose Institute, Inc.PO. Box 834 Flat Rock NC 28731www.lifeonpurpose.com 2
Before You Begin
This is part of a series of Purposeful Reports created with the intention of enhancingthe quality of your life. I encourage you to read this material in the same manneryou would listen to a life purpose coach. Stay open and listen with a ‘beginner’smind’ approach, while you also read for the powerful nuggets that can contribute toyour life.Remember, the formula for true growth and development:
Insights (nuggets of gold) + Action = TrueGrowth and Development
Pan as much gold as possible from this report and then take action on it tointegrate it into your life.These Purposeful Reports are built on a foundation of the Life On Purpose Process.While you may receive value from the Purposeful Reports without havingexperienced the Life On Purpose Process, you will glean much more from thesereports having completed the process of clarifying your life purpose and yourinherited purpose.To learn more about the Life On Purpose Process and the various ways to travelalong the Purposeful Path to your personal life on purpose, go to:http://www.lifeonpurpose.com 
 Life On Purpose Institute, Inc.PO. Box 834 Flat Rock NC 28731www.lifeonpurpose.com 3
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During the last class of our advance Path of Mastery Program one of the participants shared how powerful working on her Purpose Projectfor the past 6 months had been in shaping and enhancing her life.It was an ah-ha moment for me as well, since I realized that I'vetaken that fact for granted, in part because creating Purpose Projectshave become a way of life for Ann and me over the past 13 years.
Purpose Projects: The Bridge Between the Nonphysical and thePhysical
So, what is a Purpose Project and how do they add a quality to life thatis often missing in simply having a goal to work on? Well, I think themain distinguishing feature is that Purpose Projects come from and arean expression of your true Self -- your life purpose and who you are asa spiritual being.Like goals, Purpose Projects start as an idea -- a combination of thoughts and feelings, and are therefore part of the nonphysical partof the Cosmos. However, a Purpose Project thoughts and feelingsarise from the very essence of who one is as a spiritual being -- fromthat place of Universal Love and Unity, from that experience of abundance where you're able to stay in the flow of life.Of course, like a goal, if that's where your Purpose Project stays, thenthey have little effect in shaping your life, but when you really get intouch with a passion-filled Purpose Project idea, you're inspired to takeaction, and when you start taking action, you move the PurposeProject from the nonphysical to the physical realm of life.
One Example of a Purpose Project Shaping Life
Life On Purpose Institute is a major Purpose Project for both Ann andme. Even though we have different life purposes, we both findourselves greatly empowered to express those purposes through ourefforts at Life On Purpose Institute.

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