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Celtic Goddess Rosary Prayer.docx

Celtic Goddess Rosary Prayer.docx

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Published by: rev-timothy-j-chase-2713 on Aug 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Celtic Goddess Rosary Prayer
It is recommended that you make the sign of the pentagram (or your personal symbol)before and after this rosary prayer. Memorization, of course, is preferred. You may,however, choose to alternate your rosary prayers based upon need or whim. In which case,memorization may be difficult until lengthypractice is employed.Ø To make the pentagram: start with the first two fingers touching the forehead, thenproceed to the left breast, the right shoulder, the left shoulder, down to the right breast,and ending again at the forehead.Ø To use your own symbol, it is recommended that you include your third eye, heartand womb if possible.
On the Charm
In Arianrohod's Caer Sidi, magickal realm of the north,Your castle in the stars of Caer Arianrhod,Queen of the Silver Wheel, the Greeks Ariadne.The stellar goddess of time, space and energy.We entreat Your protection for our loved ones.O, Weaver goddess of the land of Erin, Rose of the World.Bless our prayers, our workings, our beloved.First Bead:Bandia, Bbantlarna, Banrion, Mathair(In English, "Goddess, lady, queen, mother".)Second Bead:Bandia, Bantlarna, Bbanrion, MathairFourth Bead:Bandia, Bantlarna, Banrion, MathairFifth Bead:Bandia, Bantlarna, Banrion, Mathair
The Medal
Blessed Be, O Highest and Holiest Ladies!Hail, our beloved Ladies of the Celts,To You, we honor and worship,In the Old ways, when Woman was the CenterWoman was the Creatress and the WorldYour temples of worship well laid.First Decade:Blodeuwedd, the Welsh Flower BrideBorn of blossoms of Gwydion and MathLover of Gronw Pebr, denier of LlewBeloved of the owl with the flower face«Bride Blodeuwedd of the sacred flower (repeat once perbead for a total of 9)Dividing Bead: The All PraiseAll praise Yours, our Ladies.

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