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The Finding of the Third Eye

The Finding of the Third Eye

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Published by Harsha Vardhan S

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Published by: Harsha Vardhan S on Aug 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Part One
Things as They AreWhat Modern Science SaysThe Secret KnowledgeHow We are MadeHow We are ClassifiedMale and FemaleBirth, Sleep and DeathSecrets of BreathingSecrets of Colour Secrets of SoundThe Science of NumbersDiet and Exercise
Part Two
The ‘Third Eye’First Steps to MasteryMeditationHistory of the WisdomThe Present AwakeningDangers in the PathThe Summing-up
These are days in which the spirit of inquiry is perhaps more alive than at any other timein the history of humanity. They are days also in which the orientation of humanitytowards spiritual realities and towards the higher values is more pronounced than ever before, in spite of many opinions of the pessimistically inclined to the contrary. Themasses are becoming increasingly sensitive to the world of ideas and to the vision of truth. Hitherto it has been the advanced men and women who have so responded, buttoday it is the many. The spirit in man has always been divinely alive, but today meneverywhere are inquiring with one voice: Which is the WAY that we should go? How far have we travelled towards our goal?This book is an attempt to trace in brief and simple language the progress man hasmade as he has travelled along the way of truth and thus answer that question. It seeksto penetrate behind the outer world of seeming to the world of spirit, and to find, behindthe external forms, that which gives them life.The subject is necessarily so vast that it is safe to say that it can only be handled inthree ways. First by the production of volumes which would embody the erudition of theages and which would be read, therefore, only by the erudite and selective few.Secondly, by specializing in some one or other of the many aspects of the AgelessWisdom, and writing on a chosen subject, appealing consequently only to thoseattracted to that subject and that particular presentation of a part of the truth. Thirdly, bywriting simple ‘bridging’ books which (selecting the highlights in the history of truth andthe basic foundational realities) will make the teaching real to the average man in thesimplest terms. In this way the man of average intelligence, busy with the affairs of everyday life, can get some understanding of that enlightenment which has ever pouredforth over humanity from the heart of God Himself, and thus regain that confidence andthat belief in love and immortality which is our divine heritage. This we have somewhatlost through the activity of living, the press of the economic situation, the fear andsuspense engendered by the world situation, and the bewilderment aroused in manyminds by the warring theologies of the great religions.As I have read this book, it has seemed to me that the intent of the author is to presentto the man in the street (who is now awake and demanding such information) a pictureof the two lines of continuity which the history of the past reveals to the attentivestudent. There is, first of all, the continuity of the Wisdom Teaching, which, down theages, has come forth from God and thrown the needed light upon the ways of men. Ithas taken the form outwardly of the world religions (living or dead), but has alwayspresented to those whose eyes were open those esoteric truths and those clear instructions whereby man can find his own soul and his way back to the centre of life.There is, secondly, the continuity of Messengers from the Most High – Revealers of Divinity, culminating for us in that supreme Son of God Whom Christianity recognises.These two interwoven golden threads of light can be seen passing – unbroken anduntarnished – down through the history of the race. They are the product of humanaspiration and divine response, of human effort and divine transmission. They constitutethe way to the goal. The form the Path which all must tread. The way to Those Who
have journeyed ahead of us upon the selfsame Path. It is a practical way; it has theendorsement of history and the example of the foremost and the most enlightened whohave walked the ways of earth. It is the history of the WAY in contradistinction to themany ways.There is need for such books as this in the world today, for bridging books which allpeople can read, which can evoke their interest and lead them to a closer and a moreearnest search. This book should find immediately a real field of usefulness and serveand help many. The field of esoteric truth is so large and its departments so many andso varied that the neophyte is apt to be confused and bewildered by the extent of thehorizon which opens up before him and the many types of knowledge which presumablyhe is expected to master. Mysticism, occultism, esoteric psychology, astrology,numerology, theosophical doctrines, Kabbalistic lore, Rosicrucian truth, comparativereligion, symbolism and the conflicts between creeds all clamour for his attention. Weneed simple synthetic presentations, which eliminate the non-essentials and give aclear picture in clear outline and clear language. Such a book is this, and, as aforerunner of many more, I wish it Godspeed and a wide field of service.

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