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The User Guide to Life-Law of Karma

The User Guide to Life-Law of Karma

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Part 2 of the set
Part 2 of the set

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Published by: Fabian Frederick Blandford on Aug 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Following my life-changing ‘Eureka’ experience in October 1997, when I realisedthere is definitely a final entity in nature called the ‘ultimate truth’, I was given a clearperspective on the whole structure of life which I depict in the following illustration.With the above image, I would like to confirm the ultimate goal and duty wehave in our lives. The sole reason we are thrown into this world is for us to be a stepcloser to finding the truth about our real self. We have an important mission toaccomplish. It is impossible to find long lasting peace and happiness if we haven’t yetfound our true self embedded in the ultimate truth.Having had the above perspective, I was inspired to write a ‘User Guide’ or a ‘lifemap’ which is aimed at giving you a step-by-step guideline so that you have clear ideasas how to walk this spiritual path, finally reuniting you with your real self.To begin with, you have to climb up the moral ladder, a stage which will prepareyour mind to be right and ready for the subsequent phase: climbing the meditation ladder.Should you want to take part in this life journey in search of your true self and theultimate truth, there are five requirements in the moral ladder.1.
Observing the basic moral precepts2.
Observing simplicity4.
Having no fear of death5.
Believing in the law of karma
MoralladderMeditationladderKnowing the ultimate truth,our true self, eternal peace
Due to the lengthy contents of the 5
requirements, I decided to separate TheUser Guide to Life into two volumes instead of having one thick book like the previouspublication. Hence, this book is the sequel to The User Guide to Life…The Moral Diet.This book needs to be tackled with a very open-minded attitude especially if youare a non-Buddhist and not familiar with the karma and rebirth concepts. Please bear inmind that spiritual enlightenment and the nature of the ultimate truth (the innocentperception) are not subject to debate because you cannot talk about something that youhave never experienced before. This also applies to the karma and rebirth concepts whichare the knowledge results from having seen the ultimate truth. Furthermore, there are allkinds of possibilities out there in the cosmos which have yet been found, due to theabsence of the right tool for the right job, but those phenomena are certainly out there allright.In the same way that the law of gravity will not disappear into thin air justbecause you don’t believe it exists, neither will the law of karma and the cycle of rebirth.They won’t just go away or stop working only because you think they are total nonsense.We must admit that there are many unanswerable questions in the reality of life.Quite often, we don’t know why things go wrong as much as we don’t know why thingsgo right. We can hide behind the curtain of science and do our best to rationally explainboth natural phenomena and social events that may cause human catastrophe. But we alsoknow that those logical words are simply not enough and they don’t make any sense forbroken-hearted people.The truth is that we do need to ‘understand’ why certain event only happens to usand not to other people. Should we have the answers, they will, at least, allow us to let goand move on with our lives and above all for the sake of our own sanity. The trouble iswe are all potential victims to the casualties of life as we have no way of knowing what iswaiting for us beyond the calm and extraordinary placid corridor. One minute everythingis absolutely fine but the next minute life is everything but normal. Without thecomprehension of the root cause of our own tragedies, we may have to take the anger,hate and bitterness with us to the after life and I certainly do not wish this on anyone –spiritually unhealthy and unfriendly…that’s why?!For those reasons, I strongly believe that humanity urgently needs to know thekarma and rebirth concepts with the new approach I offer to you in this book. It will helpyou to understand the root cause of all the unexplainable events that you may comeacross. There is more harm in not to believe than to believe – at least for the benefit of your inner peace.One of the main reasons that causes mayhem in global society right now is thatpeople do not believe their good and bad actions will bear consequences. They don’tbelieve that their actions can lead them to either heaven or hell. If people have some faintidea what hell can do to them, maybe they would think twice before they want to doanything bad and hopefully we might be a bit closer to having a crime-free society.We are unfortunately living in the era where guilt, shame and conscience havebecome very thin in people’s hearts, the karma concept will make people take seriousresponsibility for their own actions. This seedling must be planted in children’s hearts sothat they can grow up into responsible adults who will think twice before they want to
step over the moral threshold. This is the only way we can retrieve moral conscience back to humanity – or am I just dreaming?!Well, I can confirm to you that heaven and hell will not disappear into thin air justbecause you or vocal famous people think they are total nonsense. You must becourageous to take a lead as far as climbing the moral ladder is concerned.I hope this book and its prequel will offer you clear enough guidelines so that youcan find your true self and the truth.I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jess Koffman, Roselyn Debhavalyaand Pamela O’Brian who have helped me with the editing of this book. I alone will takethe full responsibility for any errors or over-sights that may be contain in these pages.My gratitude also goes to all my Thai staffs who have belief in me and helped mein organising my work in Thailand. All their hard works are very much appreciated andhave enabled you to get hold of this book. I could not possibly do it without those kindpeople.Supawan Pipatpanawong Green30 May 2007Birmingham, UK

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